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    Seared Tuna

    First, let me start off by saying I searched on this topic, and could not find any results that would satisfy my query. I picked up somer really nice tuna today, and am planning on searing it...last time I made tuna, I did the pepper corn incrusted version, which was nice...I have also done the sesame crust, also nice... This time, I dont really want to crust it with anything, I was thinking something more along the line of a sauce/relish/salsa to acompany it... My idea thus far is some type of Cilantro/lime/thai chili 'dressing' to just drizzle over the tuna...maybe add some finely diced tomatoes... Then theres the regular old Lemon juice + good EVOO and s&p....meh Any ideas would be great. Cheers.
  2. Thats the one thing I *hate* about Pusateries...They have some really nice things there, good meats, nice fish, really nice olive oils etc...however, they are WAY too overpriced...
  3. sadistick

    Dinner! 2005

    Saturday had some seared veal scalopini in a red wine/tomato garlic sauce with asian style asparagus. Sunday had seared duck breast with a red wine/targaon reduction and ginger/garlic/caramalized leek mashed potatoes. Finished with a chipotle/asian salad.
  4. I tried Campari for the first time the other day...it tasted really good...until i swallowed...wow! what an evil bitter taste.. Eeeeeeeh!
  5. sadistick

    Fried Chicken

    I am thinking that this method may not stink up my house so much, since the drastically reduced frying times... Few questions Jin... How long would you estimate that you poach the chicken pieces? What do you use in your spice mixture? Cheers.
  6. Drooool This reminds me of when I was in france...and oh the cheese...the cheeese!!! I still remember packing a big empty tupperwear container going, and coming back with a full tupperwear of (mostly) soft unpasturized goats and sheeps milk cheeses...i know, naughty me. Ah, I must go back sooner or later! Amazing pictures, merci beau'coup.
  7. sadistick

    The wine dinner

    Hey Coop, Thanks for the reply, a very kind person messaged me telling me that people dont often reply to wine write ups, c'est la vie.... Too bad your on the other side of the country, feel free to come by Toronto and Ill gladly share some wine and food I picked a shiraz, and chose aussie for the new world style, to lighten up the palate before going on to the big wines...It went nice, but for $85/bottle I would of bought a Brunello or something italian.
  8. At Kensington last week I was amazed, I walked in to this south american store, and found soooo many varities of dried chillis I thought I died and went to heaven...and they had KEY LIMES....AND.....Tomatillos...I was in love.... Needless to say I made a grilled tomatillo and ancho chilli salsa that night
  9. sadistick

    The wine dinner

    I admit, I am quite new to this wine thing, and it appears my 'newbiness' has shown, and people dont care about this post...oh well...at least I can practice putting up a picture...lets hope this works!
  10. sadistick

    The wine dinner

    I must apologize, my uncle sent me the picture of the wines, and it is a '68 Taylors, no idea why I got them confused... I feel like a real idiot asking this, but how would I go about posting this picture?
  11. I hope my response did not come off as rude or snobby, that was nowhere near my intent. I simply wanted to point you out to another one of Toronto's fun and exciting markets, being Kensington, which is around Spadina and Dundas area (north of dundas, west side of spadina) which many are not aware of. It is much different than St Lawrence, as it is spread out over a few streets, with individual shops... Oh, another reason why I love it, is the Empinadas (sp) at one of the stores.....sooooo good!
  12. Great pictures!!! I must say though, I prefer kensington market vs St. Lawrence...dont know why, but I do... Oh, one big reason, global cheese! Mmm the samples!
  13. Good idea...double dipping...although my mom always taught me not to...but we wont tell I enjoy the smell WHILE cooking, but its after, when the oil smell kind of goes stale, and its just wafting around...There has to be something...maybe making some pop corn after...hmmmmmm
  14. I did Brook's recipe on Saturday night, after coming home from a long night of partyying, we just had a CRAVING for fried chicken, so I was in luck that last week I had stumbled on this thread. I did the baking soda/cold water thing, for about 20 minutes... I fried up, chanced it because I didnt have a thermometer, but I was keeping a CLOSE watch...It turned out GREAT...my only quiestion, while the crust was crunchy, and nice, it was not THICK enough for my liking, any suggestions? Also...one of my biggest problems with frying chicken... THE SMELL!!! That entire night, and the day after the house REEKED of frying, I had our big a$$ hood fan on high, the door open, but still, even after lighting incents...it still smelled... Anyyone have any any suggestions of how to combat that horrid fried stink?
  15. sadistick

    Dinner! 2005

    Friday nights dinner - Aunt's B-Day Country Sour Dough (ACE) with various herb butters and mushroom butters 3 Tarts: -Spanish Onion confit, wood oven tomatoes, marinated black olives -Caramalized leeks, thyme, asiago -Sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, rosemary Mushroom tastes: -Grilled shitake mushrooms w/thyme-rosemary-garlic-evoo marinade -Sauteed Maitake (sp) over grilled baguette -Sauteed porchini over grilled polenta Pepper rubbed Tuna seared on BBQ Seared Duck breast with a shallot, sage, port reduction. Cheese course (Peccorino, Petit Basque, Brie, Tallegio) 5 Layer cake - (from bottom to top) Sponge, marzipan, chocolate, hazelnut puree, meringue Was yummy.
  16. Hahaha, this is too funny... It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine only eats the top half of the muffins, tells the guy she knows of her idea, and he opens "Top o' the muffin" store and she freaks... I must admit though, most times I will easily eat the whole bagel (MMmmm warm Grifes bagels) but when I only want half, its ALWAYS the bottom...this bakery's bagels have a CRISP bottom, dont know how they do it, but its soooooo good.
  17. sadistick

    The wine dinner

    A while ago I had come here asking for food pairing suggestions, for our up coming wine dinner. I was asked to report back on one of the wines by Brad and others, so here I am. Brad, things changed, and we didnt have the margeaux, but I was very fortunate to be able to taste some other awesome contributions My somewhat sad contribution (compared to the rest) but really nice regardless 1999 Claredon Hillls Shiraz Very nice wine, reminded me of a young amarone, nice bouquet, very fruity and crisp, first tastes... rich deep plum, some blackberry, still a bit tannic, but not overwhelming. Nice body, very smooth and surprisingly long finish. (We paired this wine with 3 different tarts (See dinner thread in cooking forum for details) ) 1974 Recioto Valpolicella Amarone Decanted about 20 minutes before serving, amazingly complex/intense bouquet, I could literaly just sit there and smell this stuff...first tastes, I was having a really hard time describing the taste because I have not had many wines in my life (Only 22) of this quality, but it was outstanding. 1982 Chateau Cos d'Estournel St Estephe This one also blew me away. A much darker purple color than the Amarone. Very deep and complex nose, which kept evolving as I was enjoying it. It was a very rich wine. It had the 'Bordeaux' nose with rich deep sweet prunes, and cassis. Another wine beyond my level of explanation when it comes to taste. However I will not say I didnt try. 'Well structured body' was a comment which I heard, and agreed with, tastes of deep ripe plum, some cassis also came through in the taste. I would even venture to say this wine could still benefit from 5-10 more years of cellaring. We also had a '68 Taylors port, but I am not sure that would qualify being in the wine section. Regardless, that was something on its own level. It reminded me of a rich liquid chocolate, sweet, rich, some raisin as well. Went amazing with a selection of cheeses. We took a picture of the 'mugshots' as I dubbed it, all the bottles lined up post-dinner. I will hope to get that from my uncle soon, and If I ever learn how, I would post it. Cheers.
  18. I'm still waiting to hear more reviews of people who went...I know a few said they were going...so?
  19. sadistick

    Savory Tarts

    Thanks for the help ladies, I dont have MUCH experience in baking, but baking it 60% then putting on ingredients seemed more logical to me... I just spoke to my mushroom guy, apparently he got in some Black Trumpets and Hedgehog (never tried these!) mushrooms, may have to make a 4th tart now
  20. sadistick


    Depending on what you order (Wine mostly) You could do $100 per person at Splendido...Highly recommended...
  21. sadistick

    Savory Tarts

    OhOHhhh I have a question for you all! I am debating whether to partially bake the olive oil dough without the topings, for half the baking time, put the ingredients on, then finish baking, or bake the entier time with the ingredients on from the start... My only reason for asking this is I am thinking maybe if I leave the ingredients on from the start the crust will not be as nice, possibly a bit soggy... Opinions?
  22. sadistick

    Savory Tarts

    Francois, I absolutely love your idea for the tomatoe confit...I will be doing this instead of the oven dried tomatoes...Sounds amazing!!! Merci!
  23. sadistick

    Savory Tarts

    Hey Carolyn, Everyone will be bringing a bottle from their collection, I know my uncles and dad will be bring some older french and italian wines, unfortunetly being a new collector, and not willing to spend $500 on a bottle, I decided to go for something different, more 'new world' I read a review in wine spectator about the Claredon Hills Shiraz, which got a 93 , and the guy at Vintages recommended it as well, I tried to keep it under $100. Sorry to hear you cant eat tomatoes...What I do with both tomatoes is I will let some kosher salt sit on the halved tomatoes to get out some of the liquid, and removing the center seed core, thus taking a majority of the acidity out....as well as the slow roasting process in the wood oven helps to remove some acidity as well. I dont want the tarts to be cheesy (other than the leek one) simply because that will make people too full for the other 5 some odd courses... Mushrooms I was thinking about, but my cousin is doing wild mushrooms 3 ways for his course, so I dont want to get too shroomy... I like the idea of the spinach and roasted red peppers...maybe some roasted garlic as well...good idea for sure! Keep it coming...Thanks for the ideas Carolyn. Cheers.
  24. sadistick


    I am a purist when it comes to Guac...well...sorta First off, no offense, but adding sour cream or any cream product to an already creamy fruit/veg...Ick! I like to do similar to Jin and cross hatch the halves, scoop it out, and then in a bowl with lime juice add salt, a load of cilantro, and fresh chilli, let that maserate, then add to the avocado, and mix together... Yum!
  25. This post really makes me re-think my dinner reservations here....Maybe I should go for Vetri, or Lacroix instead....Hmm.... Anyone have a phone # for Vetri?
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