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    Savory Tarts

    Sounds like an idea....just have to be carefull not too much liquid content or else the crust wont be crisp. Come on people, 68 views and one reply! Put your culinary caps on and help me out!
  2. sadistick

    Savory Tarts

    Hey Folks, On Friday my family is going to be doing a wine dinner for my aunt's b-day. I have chosen to do 2-4 different tarts...This is going to be a long evening of eating and drinking, so there will be a lot of food, but spaced over the course of a night. I have some ideas in my head, but I respect the vast knowledge which congregates here at our beloved egullet, and would like any ideas or suggestions that any of you may have! I will be using my grandmothers famed olive oil dough for all these, and the following are ideas which I have thus far for my variety of tarts. 1, Wood oven roasted heirloom tomatoes, caramalized spanish onions, black olives. 2, Oven roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, rosemarry, sea salt 3, Sauteed Leeks, thyme, Granda padana sprinkling... One thing to note, we will be having a cheese course, so as much as I want to do some really yummy ones with cheese, I must refrain as I want to keep in minds everyone's arterial health. I would love to hear any comments/suggestions any of you may have... And I think the Savoury Tart concept is something I have not seen here for a while, so this may turn out to be an interesting topic. Cheers, -Justin
  3. You know what, there is such a slight difference between them its really a matter of what you can get, and what YOU prefer...there is no one or the other... I always used to the Arborio was #1, then I tried carnaroli, and it is also very nice, a tiny bit of a longer grain...both great. Made a wicked spinach risotto with carnaroli and it tasted great.
  4. I will Never....EVER eat Cottage Cheese...and probably never eat yogurt either.... ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have heard a lot of suggestions regarding Vetri, here is my issue, I do a lot of italian cooking, and there is an amazing italian place downtown Toronto (Romania Mia) that we go to, so shelling out the $$$ for Italian is somewhat difficult for me... Can anyone who has been there give me a few examples of favourite dishes, just so I can think of what I may expect, and see whether or not its worth shelling out the big bucks. Much appreciated. Thanks, -Justin edit* So far I have booked Stripped Bass for one night, and Plan on Django for another (arg can only reserve 1 month in advance)...2 slots left....so many choices! Eeeeek!
  6. Wow, some really....wierd...things on this thread... When I was younger (I was told) that our nanny who was from the phillipenes used to make me peanut butter and MAYO sandwiches, and apparently i LIked it...sounds revolting! My dad eats chopped liver and jam...i wont even go there!
  7. Katie, I will definetly be coming to your place for lunch one day, I will make sure to introduce myself...I will msg you closer to the date to see if fried clams are a possibility. Cheers, -Justin
  8. sadistick

    2 GREAT Wines

    The Black Label is actually the one I would personally consider purchasing. It's a fantastic wine. (Of course, I haven't actually had it in about 6 years, but it was damn tasty then) ← Sorry, but for that kind of money, I would take a nice Brunello, amarone, or whatnot...
  9. Hey All, Thank you so much for all the recommendations and whatnot, I cant tell you how much I appreciate it. We are going to be in Philly for 4 nights, so I figured 2 nights we will go to some fancy shmancy place, and 2 nights something a little more casual. I am thinking Stripped bass for one of the nights, but am still undecided on the second... Morimoto? Le Bec Fin? hmmm...what would you choose? I want to try out Django, and either Pod/Pasion! for another evenings... I plan on going to Katie's Sansom St Oyster house for lunch one day...maybe The SMoked Joint for lunch another date... If I am missing out on anything you would suggest as a place I MUST try, I'm all ears. Thanks again, -Justin
  10. sadistick

    2 GREAT Wines

    I actually saw a BLACK Label Wolf Blass which retailed for $99!! Now thats nuts!
  11. Hey Mr Big, Thats great, thanks... Do you have any other suggestions? I have heard that one of Gotham Bar and Grills past chefs has a restaraunt there...Stripped Bass is it called? Need.... more ......suggestions! Also, if possible, do you have a phone # for Django? Thanks again. -J
  12. Hey All, Thank you very much for the replies thus far... Greg, great suggestion...the main reason we are coming to Philly then is for the Dali exhibit, which is North Americas biggest ever exhibit of his work, with over 200 paintings, and other items, Im totally pumped! Katie, I would love to come to your place, any way we can arrange in advance to make sure you have some of those clams for my grams? Still looking for some upscale restaraunt suggestions please...I have read about Django, Studio Kitchen (Is it still open? Will we be able to go if theres only 3 of us?) and Lacroix...need some input here please! Much appreciated. -Justin
  13. I have never ordered their corned beef, its always a drier cut of meat, go for their pastrami...or montreal smoked meat....mmmmmm
  14. Ok, I know there are a few threads with this regard, but nothing covered what I am about to ask: Coming from Toronto, I am fortunate to have access to some really nice restaraunts. I am going to be going with my mom and gradmother to Philly in early May, and would like a few suggestions. 1, Your favourite (upscale) dinner restaraunts...we will be there for 4 nights, so top 3 suggestions would be appreciated...price is not that much of an issue, but REALLY good food is! 2, My grandmother is obsessed with Fried/baked clam sandwiches, I dont know if thats something available in Philly, but if so, can someone please stear me in the right direction. 3, I know this is off topic, but we will be going to the Dali Exhibit while we are there, and I was wondering from a touristy prespective, what other places MUST we visit while in the city of brotherly love? -Last but not least, Obviously lunch at least one day will be cheese steaks, I have been doing a bit of reading, and have come down to these choices (we will be at a hotel downtown FYI): -Jim's Steaks -Tony Lukes -Steve's Prince of steaks Any help is GREATLY appreciated folks, Thank you in advance. -Justin
  15. I recommend Splendido as well, I believe Bymark also has a tasting menu.
  16. jay: Zuppas is on Adelaid right off Peter, I believe....I may be wrong, but its right around there...please look it up to verify... I havent had their corned beef, I stick to their pastrami and montreal smoked meat...try a few
  17. YOu know what, I was at pancers a few weeks back, got a pastrami sandwich...and i had to slather on extra musterd because it was just too dry... I urge you all to go to Zuppas, there may be a bit of a line, but thats a good thing...You will thank me later
  18. 4 egg yolks for one person??? I feel bad for your arteries The method I use in order to not make the egg cook, is I just strain the pasta, take it off, let it cool for 30 seconds, then I add the egg/cheese on top of that, and sprinkle pancetta... I know, I know, mea culpa! I wasn't sure what gave that carbonara that silkiness in Rome - I figured a hint of cream or half and half. After doing some research, I saw recipes (granted, I should've done this BEFORE I make my first attempt but well, ya know... ) that called for the pasta and some pasta water to be added to pan that was used to fry up the pancetta/bacon/guanciale and then the egg/cheese combo added in. Another recipe did call for the egg whites. But wouldn't the egg whites make it curddle? Given that whites alone cook faster and the residual heat of the pasta is hot enough to cook the whites... And I should've mentioned that I used 4 egg yolks...for me. I guess that throws the ratio off, huh? Thanks, Susan! ←
  19. Ok, I will share a recent find... King Street 1 block east of Spadina - Thai restaraunt called Princess Thai... Their hot and sour soup thai style is amazing, so is their pad thai (which I love) amongst other things... Hows that?
  20. Hey Jake, CRAWFISH!?!?!? OH BOY OH BOY NOW IM EXCITED! I havent been able to find Crawfish anywhere in TO, but if you say they got them, then I will be visitng them promptly upon their re-opening! Glad you liked Lady York, they have some really neat things, I love their Cookie isle, as there are so many great italian yummies! They also have really good meats there, I must say. Let me know how you like Grande, I think you will enjoy Hmm gems...What were you looking for, anything specific? I would say Pusateris, but they arnt a gem, and are overpriced. Granted they have an amazing selection you wont find anywhere else, but by no means a Gem... -Justin
  21. Ok, I will try to put this in as nice a way possible.... Cream has no place in Carbonara...at least, NOT in mine! The way we do it here, which we have learned/refined over a few trips to Italy, was for every person who is eating 1 egg yolk, and for every 2 people, 1 egg white...this ratio really allows for the 'sauce' to adhere to the pasta, but thats about it, from my experiences you dont want a sauce for carbonara, you just want the egg/cheese/bacon fat to adhere to the pasta, which it does with all that cheese and starch... Carbonara is very basic, I have NEVER heard of or seen Onions/Garlic/Chili in a carbonara, but I am sure they would add flavour, and be quite tastey, but then it wouldnt be a Carbonara... One place in Tuscany deglazed their pan after frying the pancetta with some white wine, which works nicely with this dish, prior to adding the pasta and cheese mixture... Other than that, everything on here sounds right....but damn, do I ever want some Carbonara right now! -Justin
  22. I will put in a second for Splendido...it is not FRENCH, but there is a lot of classic french influence in his cooking... One of the best in the city IMO.
  23. I live not far from Pancers, and I must say Mark...Go....To....Zuppas! I can almost guarantee you will like it better...Everyone whom I have taken there was amazed at how juicey and tastey their meat is. Let me know if you do decide to try it out -Justin I actually prefer Centre Street to Schwartz's which I find too dry sometimes. For Corned Beef in Toronto, I still like Pancer's. My father likes the deli across from the Lawrence Plaza on the East side of Bathurst, Cooper's maybe?. I actually prefer the taste and texture of corned beef and pastrami to Montreal Smoked (the whole Toronto Jew vs. Montreal Jew thing I guess). There are fewer and fewer authentic deli's in T.O. these days. A real deli must also sell chopped liver, Knishes and Kishke, in my point of view. Mark ←
  24. Hey hey hey, who said anything about giving up?! I have only begun, but thank you for the suggestion regarding the Millers Gin, I think its the flavour that gets to me, something softer would be nice...
  25. Mmm andouille! Tell tell!!! Grande cheese is not so much a CHEESE store, as it is a pure italian 'supermarket' And if you enjoy proscuitto, I do recommend grande cheese, as it has a large selection of different proscuitto's, and they will let you taste before you buy!!! I do believe it is real montreal smoked meat, however, I usually will get their pastrami, as it just melts in your mouth!!! I remember my grandparents old golden loved to eat cheese too...better yet, she LOVED peanut butter! Hahaha. Cheers, -Justin
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