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  1. Heh, Thanks for the help guys, I will take all suggestions and continue my attempts in finding the perfect cocktail for me! Cheers, -Justin
  2. sadistick

    First Varietals

    Bad suggestion - Didnt see requirements! OOPS
  3. Any specific types you looking for? What comes to mind first are 2 italian grocery stores, both within reasonably small distances. First off is Grande Cheese, which is a 100% italian "supermarket" its on Orfus Road, right off of ...dufferin. The second is south of lawrence on Dufferin - Lady York Foods which is on the east side about 3 blocks south of lawrence...I dont know, just a guess... Oh, if you want to go in to amazing places to buy food from, give me some, heres one more of mine... City Fish SAME Plaza as Lady York - (directions above) - - These guys supply some of the better restaraunts in TO, and have great FRESH whole fishes, or they will filet for you (dont know why Cheers -Justin edit* Jake, I love the 2 Goldens and the G.ShepparD(?)
  4. sadistick

    First Varietals

    Where do I sign up for this class?!?! I am starting to collect wines, and would love to learn more!
  5. Hey slk, Hmm Orange Bitters...that may be harder to find, hopefully pusateris has that....This drink sounds like it will have a strong gin taste...am I using the wrong brand? (Gordons) Is that you in the pic? Getting an early start?
  6. I am very picky when it comes to eating, and I have made it my goal over the years to find the best deli, you know, pastrami, corned beef, montreal smoked meat sandwiches...and well....I HAVE! Zuppas Peter and Adelaid (I Believe) Oh, my, lord......melt in your mouth, juicey, moist, AMAZING deli sandwiches... If you love deli, and havent been....GO......NOW!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Kurt, Thanks for the reply...The Gin that I was using is Gordons...We actually had it on hand, so I didnt have to buy any, thus why I did not use Tanquery(sp) as was recommended by some other members. Once I added the blood orange juice, it was much better, for sure, but still nothing I would make again. I will try the pegu club as suggested, but does it really require 2 types of bitters? I have to buy some this weekend anyways.... Thanks for the different recipes, it appears as if I have some homework this weekend -Justin
  8. Ok, kind of a follow-up to my previous thread requesting '3 bottles of liquor' - - I decided it was time to plunge in and do some testing, for scientific reasons, of course! So I tried an aviation the first night...I dont know about this one, the taste of the Gin was just too overwhelming for the drink, and there was that aftertaste throughout...I added some blood orange juice to make this one drinkable Last night we tried the Sidecar made with Brandy, and boy oh boy was this one nice! All the ingredients really helped eachother in creating a smooth drink, typically I do not like Brandy, but I guess the cointreau and lemon juice really helped it go down nice. So that being said, knowing that Gin and I dont get along, I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions to point me in the right direction of finding the perfect drink, for me! Thanks in advance! -Justin
  9. sadistick

    2 GREAT Wines

    We had the Wolf Blass Gold label with a porter house, and it was great...we had the Grey Label with cheese, and was equally good. Hope this helps.
  10. sadistick

    2 GREAT Wines

    Ok, I have sometimes scoffed at Wolf Blass - but no more! Last night, we had a bottle of 2001 Wolf Blass Gold Label, which is a 91% Cab Sauv and 9% Cab Franc, which was really nice, fruity, good structure, long smooth finish, and for $29 CDN, you cant beat that. We then had it's big brother - 2001 Wolf Blass Grey Label, which is a "cassic shiraz" and all I can say about this wine is...BIG...Lots of fruit, still very tannic, I told my dad to wait another few years before opening, but he insisted, and who am I to argue! Another 2-3 years, and this wine will be amazing...and for $39 you can NOT go wrong!
  11. I can almost guarantee you that fresh lychees are available in the US right now, you just have to know where to look. My being spoiled with my location, living in Toronto and working right down the street from one of the biggest 'china towns' in NA, I can get all sorts of exotic fruit. I agree, the Soho brand is good, thats what we use in our Lychee martinis...mmm yummy.
  12. If Splendido is open on Sunday, go there.... If they have the grilled calamari salad as an App, GET IT...the best calamari I have ever had, melt in your mouth! Other than that, If you want THE BEST OF THE BEST here is my Top 3 in no particular Order Splendido Susur Scaramouche Hmm wierd, all start with S.....CONSPIRACY?!
  13. Thanks guys for all the ideas! It sounds like most people agree to get Gin, so thats on the list...any specific brands?? I dont want to spend too much money as I am not too familiar with Gin. I do enjoy lillet, and if i can make drinks with it other than on the rocks with lemon, im in, so a bottle of that as well! I dont like scotch, so thats out! It seems like many favourite drinks here include this maraschino, so Ill grab one of those as well Bitters...hmmm, do they sell that at the LCBO? Thanks again! -SS
  14. poutine: If you like steak, go to Mortons, and get their porter house...One of the best steaks I have had in years.
  15. I could hardly tell! Try Pate with marmalade, like I posted above!
  16. Mmmmm liver All this talk of liver has me jonesing for some liver and onions with a nice chianti Ok, you guys may think im nuts, but here goes... Ill make a liver pate with some caramalized onions, and then I will put the pate on a toasted bagel, and put marmalade on top.... Dont bash it till you try it! Its delicious!
  17. Hey Ladies, thanks for dropping in! Glad to see others out there love liver as I do, I dont about you gals, but I find a big difference in taste and texture when comparing chicken liver vs Calfs (sp) liver... The subject of sides...I find liver very rich, so granted some nice mashed tots are good, but I also like somewith with a little acid to cut through the richness, sometimes a home made cole slaw does the trick, or even my Cucumber and Dill salad, which is basically shaved cuces, which have been salved (to get out some water and strengthen flavour) then just add some nice white wine vinegar, dill, and mustard if you want... One thing I wanted to suggest which I did the other day with Calfs liver, was to make a really nice pan sauce with a black current jam, mmm it went so well with the liver! Keep the ideas rolling folks, I love this stuff!
  18. Let me start off by stating that I believe liver is truely an unsung hero in food...It can take so many different sauces because of its bold taste, and the texture of it is just amazing! I wanted to make a thread about Liver, because there are sooo many good and different ways of preparing it...I will post one of my favourites. For this recipe you use chicken livers, you can serve this as an appatizer on some grilled baguette, or as a main with some mashed potatoes... 1, Saute some onions till they are golden 2, Wash the liver, and heat a pan on high 3, Sear the liver on both sides, and reduce heat to continue cooking 4, Add some nice balsamic vinegar to deglaze/reduce and add the onions 5, Finish cooking, salt and pepper... So easy, so simple, sooo delicious (if i do say so myself!) Lets hear some of your liver treats! *edit* I must admit this thread was inspired by some current ones, but I believe Liver needs one all to itself!
  19. Thanks for the replies folks, sllkinsey: I have the basics, Vodka, kahluah, few others... I am a bit ashaimed to say, but what is Maraschino? As well, just curious sl - What would you say are 2 of your favorite drinks to make with the listed alchohols? Thanks -SS
  20. Ok, If you had to choose 3 bottles of liquor to be able to make your favourite drinks, which 3 bottles would it be, and what would you make with it? I only ask because my liquor cabinet is getting lonely, and I want to make it happy with 2-3 new bottles, and try some new drinks Thanks
  21. Ok let me address a few points. I never said Splendido was the favourite, but I would place it in Top 5. North 44, cant comment has I have not been there in ages, but last time Mark made us a great meal. Scaramouche, always solid... Im still sad that Jov Bistro is closed A few more recomendations... Rain Canoe Romania Mia (sp)
  22. Sorry, but the difference between Susur and Splendido, granted there are some, are not enough to warrant such a increase in price. As well, I must say, the service at Susur's is HORRIBLE, I once waited 45 minutes between courses in a bloody tasting menu, sorry, but that is unacceptable. If you are going to pay $500+ for a dinner for 4, it better well be amazing, and the service spectacular. The food is very good, some dishes are amazing, some are, sadly quite pathetic...I recall one course was some "Heirloom tomatoes in a tomatoe water and goat cheese" give me a break...Anyone can make this, and just as well.... I would take Splendido over Susur anyday, half the price, better service, larger plates, and more consistant.
  23. Not think of any places of good value in that area? 2 that are not CHEAP, but good value: Pangea, and Prego de la Piazza...both VERY close, and good.
  24. Sorry, but Susur is overrated - His prices do NOT justify what you get...The portions there are laughable...Taste is amazing, but NOT worth it. Perigee? Top in Toronto? What are you somking? Granted it is a nice place, but theres 5 I can run through which are far better... Someone suggested Splendido, I would definetly go there, or Scaramouche, or even North 44, or By Mark if you want to be downtown.
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