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  1. Stanley Fat Max wheelie box... Knife roll in the bottom, tools in the top. It's really tough, just don't weigh it down too much. I've burned through a few (when there was too much crap in them)
  2. OOOOh I'm goign to have to go with the simple combination of utter and shallots frying/ sweating....mmmm.
  3. Does anyone remember when you could go on a friday or saturday to somewhere like H.S.F and pick out items from a HUGE buffet and then cook them in hot pots? they also had stationary items too...it was like 25 bucks a person... Does anyone still do this???? somehow I doubt it... but I dream...
  4. you also need to name your restaurant, silly...so we can like, try it, and like, see for ourselves...and.... how about a link to the article?
  5. chinatown. live frogs = frogs legs in just a few quick minutes...
  6. I've been waiting for a report like this Weinoo... You know when you're waiting for a restaurant to ripen before trying it first? This was one that I been sharking since it opened. I'm glad it's kitchen's hit the stride..I've wanted to go by so badly, but not wanted to exist in disappointment. goodie.
  7. I hate air conditioning. you just gave me a short lis of places to check out. seriously. I'm tired of carrying around a cardigan around during the summer.
  8. Luckylies

    Baked Ziti

    don't use polly-o. that's a start. try a different brand or get your ricotta from a real dairy. Season the ricotta with salt. stir some mozerrella into the ricotta. then stir that into the marinara. then toss that with the noodles and bake...with more mozz on top...good luck.
  9. lord almighty!!!!! that lardo!!!!!!!
  10. You can't really seriously think anybody with standards is going to hire you after you ADMITTEDLY; Deceived YOUR customers with the old switcheroo (they are your customers too, even if it's not "your restaurant" and had the nerve and arrogance to enter a public forum with your pleas for ethical guidance, where clearly what you would like is, like, a job at say, West, La Gavaroche, or Bishops... Dude, you can only shit talk you boss for so long before you look bad, I mean really, If you're so well trained, what's the problem? If outing a bad boss is your deal, do it from another restaurant... If your issue is NOT that jobs are scarce where you are and that you're stuck with this shitty one, then using this forum to fluff your resume for when the time comes and you need an explanation for "why you worked in that shit hole hack job" for so long... I don't know, seems exceptionally flimsy. Who would hire you after reading this forum? you're clearly rallying for a better job and want the support of this community, but you need to have an attribute worth supporting...none of you're posts have suggested to me that you're DOING anything to change your situation (other than blowing the horn online and hiding the chicken powder) sounds like you're not doing anybody favors except for yourself. just callin' a spade a spade.
  11. If it helps, we (in our kitchen are eating the o%) and also have been eating it every day for 2 years..so yes, it' not the most dramatic difference, but it's noticeable to those of us who follow the yogurt closely.
  12. You shouldn't even need to ask. you're obviously uncomfortable, you should leave as soon as you can, it's weighing on you; and with good reason, the chefs sound like scumbags. leave with your integrity, or stay, and don't say we didn't tell you so... really though? after so many years in the industry is it that hard of a choice to make? good chefs don't lie to their customers...it's not like it will be impossible to find another kitchen without this nagging attribute...
  13. in the test kitchen where I work, we noticed the difference...but just figured our purveyor was improperly handling our yogurt...crap, bad news. chalky, gritty, watery and just not "creamy" say it aint so.
  14. In all likelihood, CG will still be open on the date of your meeting. They haven't actually confirmed that they're closing at all, and if it does happen, it won't be overnight.Any large dinner like that, you would normally be in frequent communication with the restaurant in the days preceding the event. It's not as if they'd give you the all-clear on Wednesday, and you show up on Thursday to find the place padlocked. CG isn't that kind of place. It would clearly be prudent to have a backup plan and to be in constant communication with the restaurant, but if they're closing, they'll tell you so. ← I can't believe how hasty I was with my reply. I agree with Oakapple. A restaurant of Cafe Gray's caliber is not going to give you the shaft on a party reservation. Besides, I have it on very good authority that they are NOT CLOSING. Please, rockandroller, communicate with the restaurant...
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