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  1. I second the dacquois idea. I made some Hazelnut Dacquoise (based on a Pierre Hermé recipe) that won a holiday cookie contest in my neighborhood. I think the texture is actually improved if they are frozen first and then carefully thawed before serving. You can also freeze them in ice cube trays for easy use later. 1 egg white ~= 30g. ← They work fine for pavlova. :-)
  2. Devon (bologna) wrapped around mashed potato and secured with a toothpick. If you were feeling really fancy, chopped parsley on the ends of the roll. I'm not sure if this is just an Aussie thing or not, but mum made these until well into the 80's. She was always a little bit resistant to change.
  3. I am glad you said this. Number 1 is exactly what I do.
  4. Syrah


    Soft boiled with toast soldiers is my ultimate home breakfast. ETA, you should check out the breakfast thread, lots of eggy inspiration there.
  5. Syrah

    Fairy Bread

    We have that too, but I don't know anyone who has it at home. It is on all cafe menus.
  6. You need one of these. http://www.tupperware.com.au/dir063%5Cwebt...ges/burgerpress I always wondered who would use it.
  7. I just re-read a dear old familiar Agatha Christie story in which the murder weapon was hundreds and thousands---I've always thought of them as "pink-fetti." Chris fondly remembers butter-and-sugar sandwiches from childhood, and the thought of that sandy crunch makes me cringe. Already cubed cheese, several flavors, mounded on a plate and stuck full of toothpicks. But I think Fairy Bread would be right at home at our house. ← Give it a go and let me know. Trust me, spreading the butter and then the hundreds and thousands is simple, but you have to use white bread. The more modern version involves nutella, but we never had that growing up.
  8. Absolute fact. We get a pound of yeast from King Arthur's, keep it in the freezer, (once for well over a year) with no loss of umph. We once worked out the savings over the .25 ounce packets and came up with the 20X cheaper formula too. ← The yeast I buy in a canister says right on the packet that you can put it in the fridge or freezer. It works just fine and I always have it.
  9. I agree with you. I aim to have a well stocked freezer, pantry with things like cans, condiments and meat. I found when I was writing my shopping lists prior, I would write things like "veggies - whatever looks good" "fruit - for snacking" and it was a total waste of my time. I buy fresh items based on the season and what is available on that day.
  10. fairy bread spread? I know I'll need to explain this childhood treat. Basically, it is white bread spread with butter and then "hundreds and thousands" spread on top of that. You make a sandwich, cut it into triangles and have Fairy Bread. It is a staple at children's birthday parties, but I have noted that you can buy margarine with the hundreds and thousands in it.
  11. If you are, I am too. I make it at work, so the microwave is really the only option. I do like adding dried fruit and a little honey, but I recently tried a few torn up dates added to the mixture before cooking. Comes out delicious.
  12. Pam, it really is just one of those things. I don't think anyone knows where it started, but I will have a poke around if you like. The beetroot is always pickled and tinned. Another popular addition is tinned pineapple, I am surprised you didn't get that. Apparently we are the only country in the world that eats the majority of our beetroot pickled. I'm not sure what you mean by sprouts, but I can't think of any that are standard. ETA link The pineapple and beetroot are standard. If you do not say "No beetroot or pineapple", you will certainly get them. The egg normally is requested as it is included in "with the lot", so is bacon.
  13. They are Sing-lin corporatation, also made in Taiwan.
  14. I may go check what brand I have. I bought carrot ones too, but these are the plain. ETA they are Zaru Soba a product of Taiwan.
  15. I am far from an expert but, having only recently gotten into the soba noodle world, I followed my packet instructions. They said to boil water, add noodle, stir until come to boil again and cook on low three minute. I did it, and the pickiest eater in the world loved them for his lunch. I tasted one and it was fine. I'm not sure what brand I have though.
  16. I'm random. I had braces and have only just recently decided that eating corn on the cob is worth all the messy annoyingness. Of course, I do still only eat the organic corn I get in my deliveries. That is always worth it.
  17. In that case, I think you are on a good thing.
  18. Can you stand the idea of eating your other ruts again? Have they been spoiled for you? Personally, I could not do what you do. The idea of eating the exact same thing for lunch everyday bores me too much. I cannot even manage to eat the same breakfast each day, although many people do. Also, I like to eat what's in season. Are you giving up some other fabulous fruit because of the apple?
  19. I use a variety of the fresh bags mentioned above. The brand I have is Tellfresh. They are a marvel, I have found that I can keep my lettuce 2 weeks longer than I used to be able to.
  20. I've always thought it was an excuse to sell stale bread.
  21. I used to eat those. I loved them! I still am heavy handed with the mayo, but I haven't had one of those in years.
  22. I maintain that Ann is very cruel. She taunts and taunts.
  23. This was my answer. Little girls like pink lemonade.
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