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  1. Syrah

    Dinner! 2007

    What sentiment. Do I you mind if I steal that for my signature on another site?
  2. There are times when you really only want just one apple.
  3. I don't like olives anymore. I used to, but one day I just stopped. I can still eat it in things if I have to but eating a whole one is a real struggle for me. Coriander.. tastes like what I think bugs should taste like. I also don't like to drink coffee anymore.. I am assuming that I still like my Tiramisu but I haven't made it in a while to test.
  4. Was it the Cherry one? As a non beer drinker, this is the closest I have found in beer that tastes like wine. I really really like it.
  5. I *gasp* used to make rice this way. I now make it using the absorption method in a pot (can't stand one function appliances). One thing I have noted is that rice cooked in the absorption method actually has taste, and I have discovered that I DO like rice. Won't be going back to the pasta method.
  6. I like Chris' better. ← Yeah Chris' is damn good but it has a fatty aftertaste/feeling on the palate which I don't appreciate. 10% fat content is just a touch too much for me for yogurt I think ! (not that I eat it by the tub at a time ) ← I hadn't noticed that, although my sister once exclaimed upon opening my fridge "You have full fat yoghurt and skinny milk.. what a contradiction!" I eat it in fairly small amounts usually. A spoonful or two with some fruit and honey is my ideal. I do cook with it too occasionally.
  7. Lamb is very traditional Australian fare. You could do wonders with roast leg of lamb. I wonder if you could crumb some chicken or fish using macadamias? Depending on how fancy your dinner is, you may consider the meat pie. Unfortunately our vast land and huge migrant influences mean that it is difficult to determine what is and what isn't Australian. Fortunately, it means we have a variety of choice in delicious food. While I know this is not what you want, if I was visiting, I would want to try Kenyan food, but I understand why this is not so for you.
  8. Anything sealed with a cork is vulnerable. Obviously, the older the wine, the more chance of spoilage.
  9. Syrah

    Broiling Fish

    If you want to try steaming, I have made a recipe for "tea steamed fish" that is very good. Basically, you get a two tiered steamer and in the bottom you have jasmine green tea, slices of ginger and strips of green onion (scallion). You let that get aromatic for about 10 minutes and then steam fish. It is served with a soy, ginger chilli sauce. Quite delicious and no added fat at all.
  10. Syrah

    Dinner! 2007

    Shortcut bacon is totally a supermarket thing. I have never seen it in a butcher or even a deli.
  11. Syrah

    Dinner! 2007

    Actually, here in Australia I've never seen bacon sold any other way! ← So is the big round bit called Canadian bacon? and the long skinny part is "streaky"? Am I confused? Tim, have you never seen Shortcut bacon (just the round bit)?
  12. The apples (left, second) (are they apples?) are 385 won per what? 10g? (Couldn't read it). I am wondering why they wouldn't make that per 1kg to make calculation easier. ← I think it is 100g, which is just as easy as 1kg, as long as it is consistent.
  13. Ah Leung! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have enjoyed it immensely, as well as all of your pictorials. A lady at work brought in a huge platter with biscuits (cookies) and other savoury cracker things. Just yummy. I loved these round ones that tasted very shortbready to me, but nutty at the same time.
  14. I don't know. When I roast tomatoes, I always add a pinch of sugar and salt, plus some dried herbs. I do this because it was in my MIL's recipe and it works. I also have no issue adding sugar to Thai dishes, that balance is very important. Chicken soup, however, I have never heard of. Will have to try that come winter.
  15. That sounds like an awesome breakfast. Did you heat the lentils but not the steak? Was the braise basic or something else? I am loving this as a concept.
  16. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.
  17. I took a beetroot risotto to work once for lunch and was informed by a picky eater (who is also a trained chef} that it made her feel sick, which made me feel It was a beautiful ruby red colour, just stunning, and it tasted awesome as well. There are also occasionally lunches from the two Asian ladies in our department that are greeted with hushed whispers and occasionally the opening of doors. Very rude in my opinion.
  18. I'm trying to like you really, but you're making it hard.
  19. Ann_T I don't know you, but I hated you for at least 10 seconds.
  20. So, if I was to try this one more time - what type of vermouth - ie what brand - are we talking about? Catherine ← I've used Noilly Prat in the past and found it just fine. At the moment I have a huge bottle of some Italian brand that someone else came home with. Can't say I prefer one over the other.
  21. Dare you to order one. I think you'll find it not as good as you remember. Personally, the battered sav still holds appeal for me. I probably haven't had one in ten years, but very occasionally the craving grabs me. ← would give either a bash but rural Somerset is thousands of miles from the nearest place I could ← Woops.. I didn't notice your location. I'd have one in your honour, but I wasn't mad about them in the first place.
  22. Dare you to order one. I think you'll find it not as good as you remember. Personally, the battered sav still holds appeal for me. I probably haven't had one in ten years, but very occasionally the craving grabs me.
  23. It is really good used in stirfries.. pork especially for some reason. I am just loving this blog C. sapidus!
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