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  1. This may be a useful resource http://www.foodtimeline.org/fooddecades.html#1950s
  2. Syrah

    What to to with dud wine?

    Can I be your wife's new girlfriend? We women , of course, know nothing about wine and are just thrilled to get free plonk that we can drink in the jacuzzi while we discuss our husband's performance. And lack of. It's a blast. Or just save it for cooking when the hoi polloi are coming for dinner. ← I assumed he meant after the first few bottles!
  3. As in sweetened condensed milk? or do you mean evaporated?
  4. Sherry and mushrooms make an awesome soup. SO mushrooms
  5. Using what's in season is the best idea. I like the idea of roasted pears. Orange is underrated as a fruit. I can imagine orange chunks, grand marnier, and a zabliogne as custard. Bit of mint maybe. Trifle means an insignificant thing, but it can be very elegant with a good combination of flavours. Good booze, good fruit. good cake, and cream.
  6. Your husband has the right approach, and he made me laugh. Double points.
  7. Makes for an awesome rocket pesto (or for the North Americans arugula)
  8. Brie melted on toast with dukkah.
  9. That's forgivable. I forget that in most of the world, beets are consumed fresh and not pickled most of the time.
  10. Should I be obscure? Pineapple and beetroot are traditional hamburger fillings in Australia. SO pickled BEETROOT (or BEETS) as you all seem to call them. ← Nobody EVER posts the same time as me! Early morning Monday for you?
  11. Should I be obscure? Pineapple and beetroot are traditional hamburger fillings in Australia. SO pickled BEETROOT (or BEETS) as you all seem to call them.
  12. Syrah

    Thanksgiving soups

    Jerusalem artichokes make a lovely, light creamy soup.
  13. Greek salad on a stick (cherry tomato, cucumber chunks, feta cubes) you could serve with a dressing or just brush with olive oil. Banana split on a stick (bananas coated in that marshmallow spread stuff, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in nuts. You could put one of those cherries on top) Minature Choc Ices from Delia Smith http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/miniatu...es,1408,RC.html You could go totally retro and do one of my mothers signature dishes from the 80's.. Cheese cube (cheddar or Tasty), cabanossi (I am now wondering what that translates to, oh click link , so a mild salami would work) and a gherkin (sweet pickle) slice on a toothpick. Grilled eggplant with proscuitto with some sort of cheesey mixture (maybe goat or something) spread on it and then threaded on the stick, so it sort of scrunches up. You could regrill it at that point to melt the cheese a little.
  14. What is the difference you mean by breakfast scone? I assume tea scone is what I think a scone is.
  15. Syrah

    Salad Dressings

    I make a herby salsa verde dressing that is delicious. I like it on crisp green beans with avocado. Salsa Verde 2 cups Italian parsley 2 cups basil leaves 1/4 cup mint leaves 3 cloves garlic 2 Tbs Dijon mustard 5 anchovy fillets (optional) 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbs red wine vinegar Blitz in a food processor or chop fine and combine.
  16. OK, tell us more about it! ← My thoughts exactly!
  17. Syrah

    Goat Heads for Dinner

    You captured my thoughts exactly. I do think I'd like it better as part of a whole goat. The heads seem to be floating eerily.
  18. LMAO.. Australian's don't drink Fosters. We export it for a reason. PCL.... I have never considered mushy peas to be an Australian or a NSW thing at all. You can get them from Harry's in a pie floater but other than that.. I cannot even think of where they would come in.
  19. Split pea soup is certainly a classic. It always reminds me of Christmas, when after the ham was gone we would be subjected to a weeks worth of soup in 40C heat. When I think of retro food, I reminded of what was considered the height of sophistication at my mothers gatherings. She would take pieces of devon (also known as bologna I believe in other parts of the world) and spread with mashed potato, roll up and secure with a toothpick. The toothpick was very important! I discovered this when helping her make them and forgot a few toothpicks.
  20. In my commonwealth country it's 10% fat content. I assume it's supposed to mean 1/2 milk, 1/2 cream . ← Half milk / half cream would be more than 10% fat, wouldn't it? ← That's something I've always wondered too.
  21. Following on from Ben's idea... Bush Tomato chutney is lovely. I buy it commercially and it is brilliant on a steak sandwich.
  22. I shop weekly.. but I can pickup some fresh things pretty easily throughout the week like bread, milk and other bits and bobs.
  23. Syrah

    Packaged Cookies

    Too funny! My boyfriend has just bought some that he is sending to an American friend right now. Since I never have them in the house, I did confirm that yes they have real sugar. Is it really that unusual in American products? I would have thought you would have a big sugar industry too.
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