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    Packaged Cookies

    Hands down... Mother's Flaky Flix. I can't get them here in Ohio so I have to beg my ex in California to mail them to me a couple of times a year. Sad. So sad, the things that I will do for Flaky Flix. Other favorites include: -E.L. Fudge, or even better the E.L. Fudge's that have the double filling. Num. -Double Stuff Oreos -Girl Scout Samoas
  2. Hilarious. Thanks for the great laugh. "Walk of shame..." Too damn funny.
  3. Carbonara. I'm always puzzled when I see it on a menu because it's the one thing that I can't screw up!
  4. Of all things... meatloaf. I do make meatloaf at home, but I can't seem to get it the way that I want it.
  5. Oh man, I forgot about beets. I've tried people, I really have. They're so pretty but I just can't eat them.
  6. Urk. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  7. You may be the first person to ever type those words.
  8. I'm a big fan of most frozen potato products. I cannot be trusted with turning raw potatoes into anything but a huge mess so I'm all about them. I can bake 'em, boil 'em, or mash 'em but I can't fry 'em to save my life. Frozen tater tots are my passion. My first love. I'm also a huge fan of the little potato cubes... hash browns, maybe? I also keep a bag of Rhodes frozen bread dough in my freezer. For shame.
  9. lesfen


    Bowl + Berries + Milk + Sugar = Pure Bliss If they make it past that point, I usually make a compote to put over ice cream or pancakes/waffles.
  10. You know, I can only eat a few bites, but there is something truly magical about the taste of buckwheat pancakes, maple syrup, and melty butter... especially the syrup and melty butter part!
  11. Never will I agree that Sierra Nevada is a cool beer. If I wanted to drink Pine Sol, I would. It would be cheaper anyway. Other than that, the list looks pretty good. I haven't had Young's Old Nick yet, but I'm gonna put it on my list of things to drink after I give birth in December.
  12. Went back to Texas in March and had the occasion to rekindle my love affair with "Shaaahner". I really do like the stuff. BUT... Just found out that I'm pregnant again so I guess those memories are going to have to carry me through until after Christmas. Sigh. Visions of Shiner Bock...
  13. Many years ago, my mom was in the hospital for about a week. The doctors told her she had to stop smoking while she stayed there. When she was released, she didn't pick it up again and has remained smoke-free for over 30 years. So this could be a very good beginning for you... Not that I'm advocating for everyone to get pregnant so they'll stop smoking. ← Kids... they're fun to make, and you can teach them to do stuff. Yeah, this time seems different. I think I was really ready to quit and this has been just what I needed. This is actually my second child and, so far, this time has been a lot easier. Oh, and my husband quit too. That makes a HUGE difference.
  14. I think I've heard them called "Eggs in a Basket"? Maybe? Ive always been tempted to make them... I don't know why I haven't. Next time I have some good bread I might give it a shot.
  15. Pie, every time. Sweet or savory, I don't care. A good flaky pie crust is a thing of beauty, especially if you get one that's got a little salt to it. Mmmmm... pie.
  16. Pregnant. I guess that's one way to quit, eh?
  17. Ick... ICK... ICK!! A few thoughts : 1... Alan Thicke is a maroon. What? Bob Saget wasn't available? 2... Who the hell is this Gail person? I don't feel like putting forth the effort to look it up but I trust that, despite the snazzy outfit, she is not a Captain? 3... If these are the "celebrities" that they put out there on the maiden voyage, I see no point in ever tuning in again. Not even for Tom Arnold. Oh lord, it was bad. Bad bad. So, so bad. Watching it through the afghan bad.
  18. Coffee. I could not deal with the smell of coffee when I was pregnant. Blegh. Oh, and beer. My husband went golfing one day and came home smelling of the stuff. He said he only had three but to me he smelled like he went swimming in it.
  19. Damn, you beat me to it. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for "celebrity" humiliation, so I'll probably tune in just to check it out.
  20. Does that include any wine? i have no problem eating 1400 calories or less a day, but how do you account for wine or alcohol in that? I especially need wine at a that time, just to ease the pain of course ← Oh shit, don't get me started. My diet allows A beer or A four ounce glass of wine as a snack. Are you kidding me? A snack?
  21. Mmm... grits. Butter, salt, lots of pepper, OE egg for company. Above. I think. Sometimes I wonder... Below that line, cute boys call me "ma'am" and I love it. My mom always told me that they were "gross" so I didn't even try them until about 6 months ago. She said the same thing about lamb. I'm not listening to her anymore.
  22. My husband said "cheeseburger!!" before I even finished the question.
  23. I'm so glad this thread exists, if for no other reason than to show it to my friend who swears that I'm going to get myself killed because I always invite strangers to eat or drink with me. "See! It's not just me!!" I wouldn't call myself a loner, per se, but if I want to do something and my husband, friends, or relatives are busy or just aren't interested, it doesn't stop me from going. I love seeing a movie by myself. I have no problem sitting at a bar alone but I do have to admit that I don't like sitting at a table alone. I love the fact that we have a couple of local joints that employ the "communal table". That always turns out to be an interesting experience.
  24. Looking forward to it... WVIZ Cooks is my favorite way to spend a Sunday morning. That little round guy cracks me up. I've been dropping hints to my husband about Sarava but you know how that goes. I'm just going to have to get him in the car and start driving.
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