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    Too many eggs

    Do you have any parties coming up? Super Bowl get-together? Deviled Eggs are my favorite way to use up eggs and I never have to worry about waste because they get snarfed up before I know it.
  2. I had a royal nightmare of a day at work yesterday too. Don't you love it when you really #@*& something up good and, try as you may, can't even begin to blame anyone else for it? Nope, all my fault. Anyway... I went home, informed my husband that I would not be cooking and ordered Chinese. Shrimp eggroll, wonton soup, and steamed dumplings. I stuffed my face, apologized to my husband and daughter for being such an evil snag, and went to bed. Today is a new day and I have leftovers for breakfast. Sweet.
  3. Good job guys! As cliche as it sounds, it really is one day at a time. One day soon you're gonna notice that you're not "hacking" anymore. Then you're going to notice a lack of sensation in your chest when you inhale deeply. You'll sleep better. You'll wake up refreshed. It's so worth it. Keep up the good work and look forward to good health. Kick ass.
  4. Fantastic idea. My husband and I quit, together, last month and it's been a lot easier than either of us expected. I will tell you that we've both packed on a few pounds but I'm confident that it's a temporary situation. We were both pack-a-day smokers and I shamefully admit that the $$ was the biggest issue for us. We figured that by quitting, we'd save about $220-$250 a month. That's huge. The other thing that really kicked the message home was seeing our daughter (age 2) pick up a cigarette butt off the ground and putting it in her mouth. BAD MOMMY!! BAD DADDY!! I didn't really notice food tasting better, which is odd because the one thing that I DID notice was that my sense of smell ramped up. That's really the best deterrent because you realize how bad cigarettes smell! We have a handfull of smokers here at my office and I can smell them coming a mile away. I have noticed that ice cream has made a comeback at our house. Hardest part? Drinking. Drinking without smoking has been... strange. Tempting.
  5. So stupid, but Smarties candy always makes me feel better. Must be a "kid again" thing. When I have a day that's that bad, I usually don't feel like eating. Other than that, bad days call for red wine and an evening to get re-acquainted with your CD collection.
  6. Jason, you are the king of food porn.
  7. lesfen

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Wendy's chili and a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger w/ Wendy's chili packet sauce stuff on it. Mmmm. So bad.
  8. WOW! Those are gorgeous!! I'm always so impressed by homemade bagels!!
  9. We went to the "Taste of Cleveland" back in '03. July or August, if memory serves. A lot of restaurants came out but it was really expensive! You paid for tickets and then each restaurant charged a few tickets for a taste of their wares. Hubby and I figured it out and it came out to be about $6-8 per taste, depending on what you were tasting. Now, I don't care how good they are... $6 for a pierogi is a little steep. If it weren't for George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, I probably would have left. The concert was GREAT... the rest of the show wasn't all that.
  10. Mmmm... seconds on that as well.
  11. I second a great cup of French Onion... but it's gotta be great. Not to sound too low rent, but I love it when a pub offers up a nice basket or cone of fresh potato chips with sea salt and malt vinegar. Mmmmm...
  12. Given the unending stream of friends and family that I have flowing into my house around mealtime, I should start charging... but then I couldn't call them "freeloaders" anymore and I'd miss breaking their balls about it.
  13. At one of our potluck lunches, one of the fine folks here made a big ol' crockpot full of sauerkraut and Amish smoked sausages. They were really delicious but about an hour after the luncheon we were all slipping outside to catch a breath of fresh air and step on some ducks.
  14. Dinner with David Rosengarten... drinks and dessert with Bourdain.
  15. My husband and I are getting ready to start trying for our second and I have to say that I cannot wait for the pregnancy buffet to begin!!
  16. I'm on a food bender this today. So far, I have already eaten the following: Slice of leftover wild mushroom pizza w/pine nuts (bland, but the crust rocked), slice of spicy sausage and hot pepper pizza (kicked ass), some kind of peppermint patty knock off, Arby's mozzerella sticks (yuk!), and an Arby's Chicken Club Salad (eh.). It's not quite 12:30 in the afternoon. I need a nap and some Midol.
  17. I agree... but that doesn't mean that if I can't find a decent avocado around here that I won't slum it and buy a bag at Sam's Club and eat it out of said bag with the icebox door still open.
  18. lesfen

    slummin' it!

    My mother used to keep a supply of the meat-and-gravy-frozen-in-a-bag things in our freezer. Beef or turkey, served on toast. They were probably the closest thing that we had to an after school snack. I kinda want one now.
  19. Bruce, baby... my thoughts are with you and I'm sure that there is an excellent meal in your near future.
  20. I've never been a fan but I can't put my finger on the reason why that is. I usually make myself drink a glass a couple of times a year, you know, to ward off the scurvy. It just seems like if I buy a carton of it, I end up throwing half of it away. If we go out for breakfast, which isn't often, I'll usually get a small glass and that'll usually hold me until the next time. I love grapefruit juice, but my husband and daughter won't touch it so I don't buy that either. Sigh.
  21. I like my own pancakes, but I do keep a box of ready made around... just in case I'm missing something or I can't remember how old my baking powder is.
  22. lesfen

    Through a straw?

    Just seeing this topic just made me laugh out loud so I'm going to share. When I was in high school, my best friend had to have her jaw wired shut for just under eight weeks. She was fine with the broths, protein shakes, and pureed soups for the first two... after that she bought one of those very small chopper/food processors and started experimenting. I swear, nothing was safe from her, her food processor, and a straw. Most unusual? That would be pork roast, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes.
  23. Oh, also check out page 3 for a sandwich that is actually named "The Stroke". THE STROKE….………………...…….. 6.99 4 Over hard eggs, your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, choice of American, Swiss or Mozzarella, positioned neatly on every 3rd day on a bed of mayo and lettuce on a large bun. Chest paddles not included!
  24. Heh... no, but they DO have a Roman themed banquet hall, located in a strip mall down the road. THAT'S where I got married. It was craptastic. ANYWAY... I finally found it! They revamped their website and posted their menu. Six pages! Check out page 5 for the infamous "Dump Breakfast" and the "Lost Amigo Rock Gut Omlette". Click! It's actually hilarious, if not nauseating. Edited to fix link.
  25. I wonder if it was Ensure pudding, or a fascimile thereof. I worked my way through college doing scutwork in a hospital kitchen. I can tell you now that you never want to have liver failure and have to live on Hepat Aid. ← No no... if it would have said "Ensure", I wouldn't have eaten it.
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