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  1. The Chef - Ex-boyfriend's mother... a.k.a. "The Helper Queen". If it's in a box marked "convenient", she was all about it. The Drink - Buttermilk and Eggnog. Oh god, my throat is tightening up just typing the words!!! The Food - Coleslaw, all kinds of coleslaw. Church social coleslaw... coleslaw that's been trapped in a boxed chicken meal for 20 minutes... nothing but coleslaw!!!! The Company - My grandmother and one of my exes, for the same reason... nasty eaters! Example... they strip everything to the bone and then suck the bones! They're both the kind of people that will eat chicken on the bone, to the bone, and then take the chicken off of your plate because you're "wasting it". (Shudder) IN PUBLIC!!!
  2. I will never start to bake anything and ASSUME that I have all of the ingredients needed. Oddly enough, veggie oil from your deep fryer will make brownies taste like chicken, even if it's only been used once. Hmmmm... who'da thunk it?
  3. lesfen

    Favorite condiment

    "Bacon and butter are pretty much all the condiments you need to perk up any dull dish or add more enjoyment to a favorite. " My mother used to add both to veggies so that we would eat them. The first time I ate spinach at someone else's house I looked up and said, "Uummmm... where's the bacon?" My favorites are guacamole, butter, and cocktail sauce.
  4. That guy is hilarious. The beggin strip B.L.T. had me in tears.
  5. Two that I miss deeply are Cool Britannia (strawberry ice cream with chocolate-covered shortbread) and Tuskegee Chunk (peanut butter ice cream with huge dark chocolate chunks). Oohhh... Cool Britannia. Thanks for reminding me!! Dairy Queen used to make a "Rocky Road" Blizzard that had little chocolate-covered marshmallows in it... but they were crunchy marshmallows, like Lucky Charms marshmallows!! I wish I could get my hands on a few of those little treasures!
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