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  1. Thanks guys! I'll definitely give the ong choy and pork recipes a try. The bottle won't sit at the back of my refrigerator anymore!
  2. Gul_Dekar

    Pasta water

    Funny that you mention it, but I was actually thinking of seeing what stuff would grow too. Did some Microbiology course last year myself. Maybe I'm just too bored... I dumped the water tho, but maybe could get a disposable container if I want to do the 'what microorganims like pasta water' experiment...
  3. Is the one north of Dundas, West side of Spadina that Librarian Chef is referring to Bright Pearl? There's a dumpling shop along Spadina as well. I also frequent House of Gourmet (on Dundas) and Swatow (on Spadina). I saw Susur Lee at Swatow once, so it must be good!
  4. Gul_Dekar

    Wine for Cooking

    I'd like to try using vermouth, but I don't think I've ever bought it, let alone cooked with it. Therefore some dumb questions: 1. What kind should I look for for cooking? 2. Can you use it as a 1:1 substitute for white wine? 3. Will it keep after opening (unrefrigerated)? ← 1. I usually use white (as opposed to red vermouth) cuz it's dry. 2. I think so. I read somewhere that vermouth is just moscato wine infused with various herbs & spices*, which I guess explains why it's so good in cooking. 3. I keep mine in the fridge, probably safer cuz I think it will eventually go bad if not. *edit* It was on an episode of Thirsty Traveler about Vermouth! It's from the new season I think.
  5. Gul_Dekar

    Pasta water

    I guess for cooking more pasta. Just seemd like a waste of a lot of water to just dump it if I'm gonna cook pasta again 2 days later. (trying to be eco-friendly) And cant use it to water my plants since it'll salt the soil...which probably isnt a good thing.
  6. Gul_Dekar

    Pasta water

    I'm just curious...after boiling pasta in a big pot of water, does any1 keep the water? As in for more than a day or two.
  7. I was looking for shrimp brain paste a while ago and accidentally bought something else - salted shrimp paste. It's purple in colour and the label says in Chinese "Famous Product of China" . Since I don't want to let it go to waste, I was wondering how does one use it? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thnx!
  8. I was there today. They do actually sell chef whites, albeit those you see chefs at chinese restaurants wearing. The ones with the short sleeves. And they have all the other items mentioned besides the burr grinder (at least I didnt see it there). The quality is mostly ok IMO, altho it has more Asian (Chinese/Viet) kitchenware than anything.
  9. I'll probably be going! It's going to be a book signing and reading. http://www.bloomsbury.com/WritersArea/grap...ition=us&id=102 Scroll down to December for details (not a lot tho).
  10. I've been craving for this too!!! Will have a go at it soon. Thanks Laksa for the recipe!
  11. I'm a college student, and sometimes when the exams I sit for don't go too well... I go home and cook something nice. No particular dish, as long as I get to stay in the kitchen for a while. I guess it's 'pain' in a sense. Then again, I go home and cook when an exam goes well too... *edited to delete smiley cuz it seems a bit insensitive for this thread*
  12. Isn't that food poisoning waiting to happen? I once had a stir-fry of chinese greens (something called "Tin Chat"). They became slimier with every chew until I eventually barfed. Never ordered it again.
  13. I have to say this is probably the most exciting section of eGullet at the moment! Reading about all the developments for Alinea has made me feel vicariously exhilarated about it. ChefG: All the best and hope to see how the dried creme brulee turns out!
  14. Just went to Niagara Falls today and visited a couple of Niagara on the Lake wineries too. Had no idea which ones were good when going. So was just wondering what are everyone's favourite wineries for the Niagara region?
  15. Hi, my friend was using my metal cocktail shaker one night and the top part of the cap is stuck to the mid section where the strainer is. Was wondering if anyone knows any tips on how to get it off (if that's possible). Thanks!
  16. My friend and I were trying out a sorbet recipe, and put the sorbet mixture in the ice cream maker to churn. Problem is, it didnt freeze up like it should but remained liquid even after extended churning time. The freezer bowl was chilled as per instructions from the manufacturer. The ice cream maker is a Cuisinart ICE-20C. Was wondering if some has any idea what went wrong. Thanks!
  17. Thanks guys! My friend also found this site too, which I think it is pretty good in explaining it: Shiokadelicious Yu Shang
  18. I was talking to a friend here in Toronto about what "yu sang" (chinese raw fish salad?) is cuz he was wondering what it was. I tried looking up some recipes online but the ingredients list dont look very similar to what I have at home back in Malaysia. So was wondering if you guys know what ingredients are usually included...and maybe the dressing for it as well. Thanks!
  19. Where I come from in South East Asia, our 'sam sang' is roast pork, chicken and duck instead of fish. Also have chinese pastries, but also includes some other pastries that I think are of S.E. Asian origin.
  20. When did you start wearing them? They look pretty cool...where can I find a pair?
  21. Hmmm...I remember my brother mentioning that there IS a mamak (or at least mamak-style shop since it probably can't be done by the roadside and open air during the winter months) in Melbourne when he was living there...I could ask him. Unless you know about it already. *typo*
  22. There used to be one in Brickfield's near the YMCA. Not sure if the guy is still there anymore tho. Also go to Malacca to have it, in Tanjong Kling if I remember correctly.
  23. I like to make bread once in a while just for fun. Just plain simple recipes, so I was wondering if you will be having an episode of Good Eats on making bread anytime soon? Love your show btw!
  24. I tried making assam laksa with some friends the other day. But tried my best to look for hae kou (black shrimp paste)...I'm in Toronto right now, and don't really know where they sell it (or if they sell it at all). Assam laksa just doesnt taste the same without it. Was wondering if anyone knows how to get it here...
  25. My parents got me the "At Home with Amy Beh" cookbook and it has the recipe for pandan chicken as follows: 400g deboned chicken meat large pandan leaves for wrapping 1/2 cup thick coconut milk oil for deep frying To Blend: 3 shallots 2cm young ginger 2 cloves garlic 1 stalk lemon grass 3 dried chilies, soaked 1 tsp chopped coriander root Seasoning: 2 tsp light soy sauce 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tsp fish sauce (Nampla) 1/2 tsp ground turmeric 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp pepper 1 tbsp corn starch Cut chicken into bite-size pieces. Combine ground ingredients with seasoning and marinate chicken pieces with it for 2-3 hours. Wrap 2 slices of chciken with a pandan leaf. Fold neatly into a triangular shape, tuck in the ends and secure with a toothpick. (the book has pictures of how to go about doing this... but unfortunately cant show it here) Deep fry pandan-wrapped chicken in hot oil until pandan leaf is slightly burnt and chicken is cooked. Pandan is also used a lot in many Malaysian desserts. A lot of times it's crushed to release the juices from the leaves (kinda like extract).
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