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  1. it was something crazy like 95+F in Seattle yesterday so dinner was as much no cook as possible! Mint Julep for TallDrinkOfWater and a Test Pilot for me served with homemade hummus and pita chips then it was so hot we decided a 2nd cocktail was in order! mai tai's grilled corn, garlic bread (not pictured) and fresh dungies from my fish market earlier in the day!
  2. very impressive first post!! so what is the pizza to the side? looks beautiful also!
  3. yes i do!! the heat has fried my brain! hi soba, nice to see you again!
  4. just baked them off with no brushing and they are perfect- they look exactly like when I brush them!!! I think the egg farmers might be in cahouts! lol!
  5. oh thanks for that recipe!! your dinner looks awesome!
  6. thanks all! the straws already have soppreseta and pecorino in them so I don't need to do anything for flavor- it just says to brush them before baking with an egg yolk and since I'm out I was trying to think if water, milk or something else would work
  7. Shelby which place in the market did you order from?? we usually buy from Fresh Fish when we are down there, they do have the BEST smoked salmon!!!
  8. I'm in the middle of making cheese straw type of bread sticks with puff pastry and just realized that the last of the eggs got used this morning- now I don't have an egg yolk to brush the pastry with. Can I use something else or do I really need to run to the store??
  9. Klary can you not even order it?? This is the brand we used to order online but now my grocery carries it!! LaTienda
  10. YUM!!! that is so right up my alley!!! wattecetti your food looks wonderful and your commentary made me laugh!!! last night we started with TallDrinkOfWater's special mojitos- these aren't your ordinary sweet drinks! then he made spicy shrimp with chorizo, grilled broccoli and a nice salad
  11. We just used pink salt for the first time while making venison sausage from Charcuterie. Pink salt (I just learned!) is a flourescent pink color not for consumption but for actually curing meat. This would never be found on a salt bar as it is only to be used in curing. We got ours from a friend but I know they had to special order it.
  12. hadn't heard this but I do know that one of the owners has MS or a similarly disabilitating disease. I hope this doesn't mean things have turned worse for her. ← From yesterday's Taste of the Town in the Times: Sad. ← very sad- now I do remember it was Lou Gehrig's- I hadn't heard that she had passed away though
  13. I love your write up on wine! I wish I could pop open a bottle of wine inthe parking lot of my grocery- they frown on that here! And great minds.... i made salad nicoise last night! ours are different of course which is fun to see!
  14. thanks Shelby! Shaya- happy anniversary!!! wonderful looking meals
  15. I'm interested in the answer, too, but let's remember that in Chufi's latest blog, she made an American-style cheesecake with Philadelphia cream cheese manufactured in the Netherlands that did not include guar gum or any other kind of gum as an ingredient. So if Philadelphia cream cheese is sold in France (and I believe it is), it may be different from and better than the version sold in the U.S. ← i've never found philly while visiting my friend in paris but end up using fromage fraiche as a substitute. i agree- your house is awesome! exactly how i'd want my french farmhouse to look!!!
  16. wow you guys, all the mexican food has me craving enchiladas!! nice work all! we went to a bbq on tuesday and brought these deviled food cupcakes with espresso merengue frosting (crazy i know but i did actually BAKE these- and they didn't suck! ) then today we started with cherry caipirinha's thanks to eG'er Della bringing us fresh cherries off her tree the other day! served with the last of our Acme bread we picked up in San Fran on sunday- toasted with evoo and a big slice of fresh mozzerella on top, more evoo, s&p and garden basil. followed by salad nicoise and a white burgandy enjoyed out on our deck
  17. hadn't heard this but I do know that one of the owners has MS or a similarly disabilitating disease. I hope this doesn't mean things have turned worse for her.
  18. shaya I have the same pasta board but need help with those pastas!! tonight we did pork chops on the grill that i marinated in oj, evoo, fresh oregano and parsley and garlic, s&p- i drizzled them with some aged balsamic when they came off the grill also grilled corn and served with butter and parsley and some ricotta gnocchi I had in the freezer with brown butter and sage
  19. I love french country cooking!!! this will be quite a treat. Did the sausage come from one of your market venders? I think that clamp thing hold the bone end of a leg of lamb for carving purposes............
  20. haven't been back in a while but glad to see the thread continues to get new info! I generally stay at either the Peabody or the Doubletree right there so it's nice to have things in walking distance!
  21. a favorite salad of mine is blanched green beans tossed with quartered radishes, fresh torn basil leaves in a shallot sherry vinaigrette and parmesean shavings on top!
  22. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! The pastrami spiced gravlax was really good. I linked to the recipe I used in my post (it's from F&W). I thought it was a little too hot spicy to really taste like pastrami, but it was a good flavor. I only got a couple of slices of it, actually, as my guests devoured most of it. There were almost no leftovers of anything. ← perfect- that is the one I had clipped out!!
  23. Bruce we have that same Kaffir tree! It is awesome and very pretty!! Shaya that dinner looks awesome! I want greek food!!
  24. We like making schnitzel in our cast iron- very easy and quick! also bacon wrapped trout is a favorite and so is paella! it really benefits from the smokey fire and everyone can get involved by being in charge of a particular ingrediant. and fun to eat it straight fromthe pan on a table of newspaper! other ideas here!
  25. spatchcock is the preparation of taking the backbone out of poultry so that you can lay it flat, like an open book, on the cooking surfice
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