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  1. a few recent meals.... fig, goat cheese, proscuitto and basil pizza (also a pizza of soppreseta, mozz and fresh oregano not pictured) St Germaine cocktail
  2. I haven't seen GUS but am a big fan of DRY soda and also like Izzy Soda's- I'll have to look at Met Market as I shop their regularly (BTW hummingbirdkiss I don't find them snooty at all- the one on top and the bottom of Queen Anne are the one's I frequent. I don't find them even close in price to whole paycheck!)
  3. probably already mentioned but the old Sapphire on Queen Anne has reopened as a lounge
  4. Brenda that looks wonderful! Did you cut up the squid yourself?? It's still something I haven't tackeled. Tonight's cocktail was made using Clement Creole Shrub which we picked up in New Orleans during Tales of the Cocktail Creole Love Call recipe by bostonapothecary then in honor of TallDrinkOfWater's bday week I made his favorite ribs- tuscan style with grilled summer squash and carrot cabbage slaw
  5. Another of the bartenders told me the same thing (about not being code) but was actually quite disappointed that they couldn't do it anymore. We absolutely LOVED Swizzle Stick and the staff their. absolutely our favorite bar during our week visit to NOLA
  6. we all got a copy of Imbibe in which the recipes are printed. We shipped all our swag home just as you suggested so as soon as said box arrives we can post a few if others haven't. VERY fun meeting you again Ms. Loeb, do look us up if you ever find yourself in Seattle!
  7. Our absinthe loucher arrived yesterday- it's like the one in the picture! The seminar covered the history of absinthe and the Pernod family and then discussed all the advertising- how it went from pro to con. Ted talked a lot about the misconceptions of absinthe and what makes it up, etc. Then we tried two different ones. He also showed pictures of his distillary which has lots of iron work by Gustaf Eiffle in it! This article actually covers a lot of what he talked with us about. I'm going to map it so that we we are in Gadagne next year maybe we can visit it!
  8. Dulcinea use to be a client of mine and they told me that if the fruit got stressed during growing they would produce seeds so no one is allowed in the fields until harvest!
  9. Here are a few that we took: Charlotte and LaNell in the Spirited Women seminar from the Food and Drink from New Orleans- Ti Martin, Poppy Tooker Joe Fee and Chuck Taggart in the Lost Ingrediants seminar the whole bunch of them! from the (10am!) Absinthe seminar Kacy co owner of Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle with awards for both Best Drink Selection & Best Cocktail Bar!!
  10. thanks Ling, we are planning to head out to Walla Walla soon, you liked you b&b I take it? would recommend it?
  11. I really enjoyed all of the seminars and events that we attended, starting at 10am on the first day with a gin fizz and LaNell and Charlotte Voisey in period costumes talking about women in cocktails was a kick! Loved all the enthusiasm and attandance of the Tiki and Forgotten Ingrediants courses. And I learned a lot in Ted's Absinthe course. The cocktail party was amazing and the spirited dinner we attended at Commanders Palace was so much fun! Best of all were all the fantastic people we had a chance to meet! And of course being in New Orleans!
  12. Last night we had grilled lamb kabobs that I had coated with cumin, garlic, olive oil, s&p. served with grilled pita and a cucumber yogurt salad. aussie shiraz in the glass
  13. oohhh! we had a fantastic dinner at 4 Leoni also! It took us 2 nights to get in- they are very popular for good reason! I am also inspired to make the squash blossom pizza! I love them and that looks amazing!
  14. Burgers here too! We ground our own chuck and put on some Tillamook Cheddar and smokey bacon. I made a little quick french potato salad to go with and we had a nice merlot in the glass.
  15. I am saddened by your news, you are indeed a very talented person with drive and passion. I am confident that those traits will help you to kick this. stay strong and do what they say!
  16. Oh go to Union!! perfectly cooked seafood, less expensive than Waterfront and much better IMHO. But Waterfront does have a wonderful view and I have been there for many occasions so it is for sure not a bad idea. Brunch I would go to Volterra in Ballard. Again great prices and will also take you to an area that is well worth exploring!! Or you could do dim sum in the ID if Chinese sounds good??
  17. LMF, this picture set off a major Pavlovian response for me. I love a lamb shoulder whole or in chop form. Those morels look very appealing - where they fresh? I have only ever seen them dry in the stores. One day I'd love to go foraging for them, under experienced supervision. If I tried on my own I would probably wind up hallucinating or in a coma. ← Peter yes the morels are fresh- we are very lucky to have a forager at our farmers market!
  18. that looks beautiful shengcai! nicely done!! tonight we put some lamb shoulder chops that had been marinated in EVOO, rosemary and lemon juice on the grill with summer squash done also with EVOO and fresh orangano. then I sauteed some morels in butter and cream and put it on toast cause I was reading Roots & Grub and it just sounded so damn good!! Both last night and tonights meals were over 80% from our farmers market. I love that!! tomorrow we are off to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail!
  19. Hog Island's clam chowder is the best chowder (and possibly the best food item) I've ever had. Were you pleased with your results? Would you mind sharing your preparation? ←
  20. thanks Stephanie! tonight we started with raspberry caprihina's (sp) and some of the left over crab spread. then we grilled some oysters and topped them with butter, lemon and hot sauce I also made a rustic clam chowder similar to one I saw at Hog Island Oyster in San Fran a few weekends ago. there were potatoes, corn, onion and bacon in the chowder.
  21. wow you guys!! crab linguini, larb, roast chicken, lobster chowder...and on and on!! everything looks wonderful!! I hosted a bridal shower on saturday for 17- not technically dinner but here was the buffet: Potted Crab with Melba toast Chive Blini with Tarragon Creme Fraiche, Quail Egg & Caviar Mini BLT Canapes Cheese plate- Beechers Flagship (in back), Papillon Roquefort & Delice Bourgonge Cucumber & Feta dip with baked pita chips Melon with Proscuitto and Basil and EVOO not pictured were Sopresseta Cheese Sticks, Champagne Punch and Raspberry Tiramisu
  22. I love this area and go at least once a year. Some of the more interesting IMHO are JKCarrier- very small quantities produced by someone who is extremely passionate. Domaine Drouhin- one of the original wine makers in the area from the family in France. Patricia Green- she makes WONDERFUL wines and has some fantastic single vineyard bottlings. Scott Paul- only a few years old and making waves. Bethel Heights, Cristom and Witness Tree- amazing views and really different soil give a lot of body to these wines. Lange- wonderful family, dry whites and reds. there are soooo many but these are the tried and true with us. Dinner at Tina's and Bistrot Maison are also very nice.
  23. dejah- these were about 1.5-2 lbs each which is perfect size for these crabs. bigger and they tend to have a little different taste, not as sweet. mine were also $7.99 lb! it was quite cute but I still don't want any rats in my kitchen! it kind of creeped me out at times !!
  24. ooohh those zucchini look great! I never think to make them into sticks like that! tonight for cocktails we tried out a champagne punch recipe I'll be serving at a wedding shower for eG'er Della on Sat! I'm glad we tested it as it did need some joojing! then dayne grilled as I was making things for said shower- flank steak marinated in evoo, balsamic, rosemary, garlic, shallots &b s&p; asparagus and pan con tomate- WA Lemberger in the glass. espressos after and now off to see Ratattoui (sp)
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