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  1. I wondered about freezing some, thanks for posting that monavano! I also am cutting corn off- save the cobs too! simmering them in the milk/cream gives it even more corn flavor!
  2. gorgeous! our corn season is late here but it is in full swing now- 10 ears for $5! last night was a green salad, herb and garlic bread and the best corn & bacon chowder!! served with a very pretty WA Chardonnay
  3. my dinner a couple of weeks ago at Lark was perhaps the best I have had there to date. I would absolutely go there and have cocktails next door at Licorous while you wait. Since you've been to Le Pichet in the past why not try their new restaurant Cafe Presse?? I would not go to Purple with so many fabulous places in town- Union, Tavolata, Sitka & Spruce, all come to mind. I also like Volterra, Lola, Palace Kitchen.... drinks at Vessel in addition to Zig Zag are wonderful! have fun!
  4. I've also taken pictures at Taillevant, Le Bristol, Arzak, Petrus, etc discreetly without flash and have never had a problem. Actually at Le Bristol the chef came out and talked to us as the waiter told him how interested in the food we were and at Petrus (London vs Paris) they grabbed us and took us into the kitchen to meet chef Waring when they noticed the camera. I think discrete and no flash are the keys, and if in doubt ask the restaurant if they mind. Happy Blogging Abra! p.s. taking pictures on the new iPhone is actually really quite nice
  5. Haven't had time to post lately and then my computer was in the shop! Last night was a farmers market dinner! cornbread with ricotta and zebra tomatoes then pork shoulder chops with blackberry sauce and warm chanterelle salad with frisee
  6. ours in Seattle is nice, we had some nibbles and a flight before a flight recently I am assuming you mean the fast food joint and not my house where we serve very nice bar food and cocktails!
  7. There is a sign posted in Inn Bin that the new Chinese restaurant going in has applied for a liquor license on 9/7.
  8. little ms foodie

    red rice

    we buy red rice and cook it in butter, it is awesome! it just says himalyan red rice on the bag - i think ours is from Bobs.
  9. just saw this.... Kurrent Restaurant + Bar 600 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122 http://www.kurrentseattle.com/
  10. Not to hijack this thread, but where is Kurrant? I did a google search and couldn't find it. Nice picture in the PI, by the way! ← LOL! I pm'd him the same question! we are so easy.......
  11. ...and for mexican La Carta Oaxca (sp) in Ballard is absolutely awesome!
  12. I was going to recommend ES also. i didn't eat there last time I was in late for cocktails but it was very busy with others who were .
  13. Clyde Commons had a few nice drinks but was definately geared towards the vodka lovers. Teardrop Lounge was fabulous and the guys there are truly passionate and having a great time! Thatch Tiki Bar was quite fun, good happy hour from 5-6:30 nightly. Doug Fir was more attitude than good drink!
  14. 6 of my girlfriends and I just ate at Davidburke earlier this month and LOVED it! I had eaten at davidburke & Donatella in nyc which is why we decided to check it out. From the decor to the excellently priced wine menu, flawless service (even making us the signature nyc dish that was not on the menu, of ostrich scrambled eggs with lobster served back in the huge egg shell with creme fraiche and caviar). Since we were a large group we decided to order5 starters, 3 salads and 4 entress plus the cheesecake lolipop tree for dessert. add 1 bottle of white burgandy and 2 bottles of very nice CdP and we each paid $145 including tax and tip. I would absolutely go back, I can't imagine why your friend would be so turned off about it.
  15. I love Union and use to parttake in the tasting menus but Ethan changed that and I don't think they are available anymore. The menu is designed however that you can make your own tasting menu. someone correct me if this isn't right (rocky??) Union and Lark are my 2 fav restaurants in Seattle, we always take out of towners to at least one and they are always thrilled. Crush is up next for me. I haven't been to Lampria or Mistral as of yet so I can't compare how my favs stack up. Have fun! and I highly recommend a nice "baby free" cocktail at either Vessel or Zig Zag (or both!) during your date night!
  16. bumping this up for any new or updated info for a trip next weekend!
  17. vessel is working out fantastically- the cocktails are very nice as is the decor. ZigZag on the Pike Place hill climb is another top notch place for cocktails. Since you are already going to Dahlia for dinner maybe try something different for brunch? Cafe Campagne in the market, Steelhead Diner, Le Pichet, etc will give you a change of pace from Tom Douglas. (but I like Dahlia so don't get me wrong)
  18. I just whisked together some mayo, lemon juice, tomato paste, cayenne, parsley, minced and smashed garlic and Crystal hot sauce. Like frite sauce with a kick!
  19. I love lobster bisque! and the chicken dinner looks just perfect percyn!! the other night we had some very refreshing Pimm's Cups before ordering our favorite pizza last night I made seafood fritters with spicy mayo dipping sauce. the fritters had clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp and scallops in them. there was a side green salad with peaches and blueberry vinaigrette and a rose in the glass.
  20. I know!! but there were cocktails, wine, lots of chatting and legos!! I think Shaya has pictures but she is moving so it may be a while! tonight we started with a Swordfighter Swizzle thanks to Cocktail Chronicles Paul Clarke (yum!) with swizzle sticks from Cafe Adelaide in NOLA with some Beechers Flagship, olives and soppressata dinner was grilled Italian sausages that eG'er Della made for us with grilled red onions and summer squash and salad with blueberry vinaigrette all thanks to our CSE box not pictured were peaches with sweeted masarpone from our neighbors mom's orchard!
  21. this is probably mentioned in here somewhere but Via Trib on Galer is open now- the space is quite nice but I haven't had the pie yet
  22. The Blissful Glutton all your pictures look beautiful! and everyone with all your corn- yum!!!! Klary I love leeks done that way! steal away!! We had a fabulous dinner last week when Shaya and her fabulous husband and sons came to dinner! Unfortunately such a good time was had that I only took a picture of the dessert as it came out of the oven- yes I baked, momentous eh? plum tart with brandy custard (plums from the neighbors tree!) also served were a fig and goat cheese salad, slow roasted side of wild king salmon with roumelade, herbed gnocchi with brown butter and sage. lots of wine! Leftovers the next day also included asparagus with soft boiled egg and breadcrumbs last night we had a big hunk of manchego with quince and a pitcher of sangria that we enjoyed outside and shared with one of our neighbors who spied out pretty snacks! then grilled chicken breast with green bean and crispy proscuitto salad
  23. great report! thanks so much for letting us know what you did and what you liked. You really made the most of your time in the area!
  24. andyb what is watermelon caviar??
  25. oh maybe check out Goosecross and Miner! those could both be right up your ally!
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