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  1. le pichet is great morning, noon or night. I also like Vessel for cocktails. Eating at the bar at Union will get you a great cocktail and happy hour food menu until 7. For a Seattle take on pizza try Serious Pie. for late night - loud and brass and possibly the best burger go to Palace Kitchen. Or head to the ID for dim sum (not sure where you are from but it's good unless you are use to top notch like in vancouver). You can also get salumi at DeLaurenti market in Pike Place- slice and eat as you walk have fun!
  2. I think jackal has hit it head on, I also thought "where is the cheese?". An interesting presentation of cheese is very important I think. Too many soft courses find me wanting. It does read a bit like Alinea's menu but I'm sure many other restaurants have the same verbage going. Love the name J'ai- I find it bold, sexy, alluring, confident!
  3. hi kiteless, mackerel is a very oily, fishy fish...it's kind of like anchovy or sardine - a very distinctive flavor. i love it, but it's very strong and definitely not for everyone. mmm...raw mackerel... ← yep - it is way too fishy for me- I've never had it raw but I've had it otherwise and I just am not a fan edited to add that I don't think Union is particularly expensive
  4. I drove by today and didn't see a sign or anything? are they open or still building
  5. Hi Bruce!! Thanks for the info. I don't actually like Brussel sprouts but my husband does and they were in our csa box so I thought I'd give them a try. Della was nice enough to read me the recipe from her AAB book. I did fry up some of Della's great bacon first and left that grease in the pan- then followed the directions and topped it with the crumbled bacon. It was good- I ate all of mine so thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Did you finish these with a bit of bacon? what are the crispy looking bits?
  7. IMHO A tray of these being passed (with a napkin!) would be an hors d'oeuvre as you would take one 1 or 2 on a small dish at the beginning of the meal, sitting down would be an amuse 2-3 before the soup or salad course would be the app or first course
  8. I know you said your date isn't excited about Union but I would agree with DRC that it is by far the best food of all the places you have named. If not Union I would go to Matt's in the Market, Chez Shea, Cafe Campagne or Il Bistro (but I have not eaten here in years)
  9. Our dinner at August last July was hit and miss but we'll try another of his places next time we go. we LOVED Cochon! and don't miss the Swizzle Stick Lounge in the Lowes Hotel
  10. I so agree that a restaurant not need be a Michelin starred attraction to be named your best experiences! A very bland dinner set outside in Kruger National Park listening to the sounds of wild animals on Christmas Eve is definitely on my list! Others in no particular order include: Lunch on a gorgeous sunny afternoon of oysters and a bottle of white wine at Hog Island Oysters in San Francisco Gary Danko, San Francisco Cochon, New Orleans Paired cocktail dinner at Commanders Palace in New Orleans hosted by Ti Martin during Tales of the Cocktail Champagne & Lobsters at Scales & Shells in Newport RI Le Pigeon in Portland, OR- foie gras profiteroles, need I say more? ha! Incanto, San Francisco- lots of offal at dinner, not usually our MO- we were brave and it was great!
  11. We also just got back! ellenesk we were probably there at the same time! We had a nice dinner at one.waterfront in the Cape Grace Hotel, we really loved our lunch of tapas with a SA twist at Fork on Long Street and by far our best meal was at Savoy Cabbage- really excellent food and service. We became fans of Nando's peri peri chicken and chips. We ate at Bo Kaap Koptam (not sure if that name is completely correct) and had good but not outstanding curry and butter chicken. A dinner in Blouberg one night at One the Rocks was spectacular for the setting but all dishes were very overcooked. In Franschhoek we loved our dinner at Topsi. Ici was just ok with some things being overcooked. Rueben's for dinner was also good. Lunch at Haute Cabriere was excellent! We also had some tapas style bites at Bouillabaisse which we enjoyed and a very good lunch at the French Connection.
  12. How is Shel handling all the women power that is going on? Or is he just keeping mum as to enjoy everything you are making? You are really bringing back memories of the fun cook togethers on Bainbridge Abra!! I look forward to when you are both back and we can do more!
  13. I'm just catching up ladies but am enjoying this very much- especially since I know 2 of you and follow the writings of the other. And I can tell you are having a hell of a time! Great job.
  14. One of Forest's friends have suggested we eat at a place called the Butcher Shop, anyone know of it?
  15. I was thinking about this last night and what is hard to get in your neck of the woods.... mexican? then a trip to La Carta Oxaca in Ballard is a must. And a croissant (or 3) at Besalu before hand aint bad either!
  16. check with teardrop lounge, they seem to be on quite good terms with the distillers!
  17. Well of course for cocktails you must hit up Zig Zag and meet Murray and also Vessel to meet Jamie. Other notable bars around town but not right downtown would be Sambar, Hazlewood and Copper Gate - all in Ballard neighborhood (lucky for me! ha!) Also Licorous on Capital Hill next to Lark (great PNW food btw).
  18. not a chef but I'd say the Le Pigeon is pushing the limits by using offal most prominently. Also Teardrop Lounge in the cocktail arena as they make a lot of their own bitters, tonic, etc. Will look forward to getting your take on things as you eat and drink around town!
  19. We buy ours from Thundering Hooves or at the farmer's markets.....
  20. Oh I am also very interested in any recommendations as we will be there for new years this year!
  21. we went last weekend while in town and just loved the space and the cocktails. the drink menu is very thoughtfully put together and I really liked the whole vibe of the place. we didn't eat there as were having dinner elsewhere.
  22. I've got a bunch of apples so have decided to make turnovers, I want to have them available in the freezer for breakfasts but am not sure if I should bake them and then freeze them (and then bake again when I'm ready for one?). or should I be freezing them unbaked? thanks from the novice baker
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