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  1. I don't know anything about turkeys, but I really like Amazon Fresh. Their prices don't seem any higher than those at the QFC or Safeway, they package everything carefully, and they have some things (Malt-o-meal brand raisin bran!) that I have a hard time finding other places.
  2. I don't have any of those problems with Mastercook. I ignore 'My Cookbook,' and have made separate cookbooks for 'Salads,' 'Puds,' 'Main Dishes,' etc. If I want to look at more than onme recipe, I open more windows and can have as many as I like going simultaneously. Searching works well and easily....
  3. I have that Staub pan, and I like it for eggplants and things like that. The ridges are closer together than on most of those stripy pans, and it seems to cook my veg pretty well.
  4. I make mine similarly, except that I fill my plastic bag with brine in case it somehow springs a leak. I do it in gallon jars, too, so that I can see its bubbling. The big advantage of doing it this way, I think is not having to check the sauerkraut and skim its scum.
  5. My family doesn't like straight mincemeat except as a cookie filling (I use a dryish kind I can myself), but likes a pie made with about 3/4 of a pint of mincemeat mixed with a drained can of pie cherries.
  6. If you're going to boiling-water-bathe the finished product it's not really any trouble to sterilise your jars--just boil them in your canner. For something that's not going to be canned it would seem even more crucial that the jars be clean, so I'd boil them then, too (I don't have a dishwasher, but running them through one would probably be sufficient).
  7. beccaboo

    Pasta Dough recipes

    I make one with flour, chickpea flour, and water--no egg--that's very tender.
  8. Most winter squashes seem to require peeling, though I've made kabocha slices with the peels left on for contrast. I think they have particularly thin/tender skins.
  9. I made pizza last night with, as its base 'sauce,' sautéed onion, garlic, walnuts, Aleppo pepper flakes, oregano, and pomegranate molasses. Over that I scattered pomegranate arils, chopped mint and coriander, and blobs of some sort of semi-hard dutch goat cheese. It was really tasty, and not as peculiar as it sounds.
  10. beccaboo

    Strawberry vinegar

    I've made strawberry vinegar, and flavour-wise it lasted a long time (months, till it was used up) but quickly faded to an ugly tannish colour.
  11. I make the one in The Italian Baker, and it's always worked well for me.
  12. I keep my starter stiff--at about 60% hydration--which helps it last longer between feedings. If I don't use it for a couple of months it does okay in the refrigerator, and then I refresh it a couple of times and it's all set.
  13. According to my grandma, fresh bread gives you worms!
  14. beccaboo

    Barley Miso

    Everyone will probably think this is disgusting, but I use Miso Master's chickpea miso in place of parmesan in my pesto. We all like it at my house--one time I made it the regular way, at my daughter's request, and she said she like it better with miso.
  15. I've made mulberry jam, with lots of lemon, and it's pretty good. Tastes kind of like figs.
  16. I always think that the ones with seeds are more watermelony-tasting, but it could be all in my head. Plus they have the seeds, which I like to eat--they taste kind of like pumpkin seeds. Around here (Seattle) it's hard to find seedy ones.
  17. I've read somewhere that King Arthur's organic 'artisan' flour is even better for baguettes, but I haven't tried it as I already have too many different flours taking up too much room.
  18. beccaboo

    Soaking Rice

    I always soak basmati--it makes the grains longer, like little fingers.
  19. I once made a vegan, hypoallergenic chocolate pudding with avocado as its base, sweetened with agave nectar. I don't remember where the recipe was from, but it turned out really well--it was a lot better than those tofu chocolate puddings.
  20. One of my favorite late summer/autumn salads, which I thought I invented, is rucola selvatica and lamb's lettuce with candied walnuts, shaved parmesan, and sliced pears tossed in lemon juice, walnut oil, and pepper. Even if it's such a cliché I like it....
  21. I started mine from seed--I planted a lot of seed, and ended up with three plants. The angelica I've seen at nurseries is usually a different genus, not 'archangelica.' They're supposed to be biennial, but I've managed to keep mine around for 9 years so far by vigilantly cutting the flowers off whenever they appear.
  22. I grow angelica to candy it so I can decorate my Lebkuchen with it. I make them flower-shaped, with a candied cherry half in the center and blanched almonds and angelica diamonds for the petals. Of course, Lebkuchen time is a ways away....
  23. You can hard-boil your eggs in a pressure cooker and they'll be easy to peel. Just cover with cold water, seal, bring to high pressure, cook five minutes, quick-release. Just be sure to do a couple of extra eggs in case some of them explode.
  24. Is yours one of those fuzzy logic rice cookers? If I were to make my stuff in my regular, cheap rice cooker I'd do it like brown rice but with more water (my package did have decipherable instructions about rice-water ratios), with no presoaking or anything. For your rice cooker I'd guess the porridge setting would be good, but I don't really know anything about it. My rice cooker will never break, enabling my to get a fancy new one!
  25. I have a similar product (it has red beans but no other beans, and includes yam), and I cook it in my pressure cooker--without soaking--just like I'd cook plain brown rice and it comes out fine.
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