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    Flavored brines: What's the point?

    So we all know that salt brines work wonders on chicken, pork, turkey etc. The salt is dissolved in the water and is absorbed into the meat...no argument there. My argument is with "flavored" brines that use herbs and spices. Isn't it true that the flavors in herbs and spices are oil based compounds? And therefore isn't it true that these oil based flavor compounds would float on the surface of the brine? If that is the case, how could they get absorbed with the salt, as they are not in the solution. I postulate that adding these spices and herbs to brines is a waste of money. Thoughts?
  2. It feels almost as though this type of conversation has been had before over certain subjects over the last couple years...i can't quite put my finger on it though.....
  3. jmolinari

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Well, the long stem italian artichokes are discontinued...shame, they were amazing
  4. I read 7 or 8 issues and the only one that had any true value was #1, so it's no real surprise that it's going for good $. I did not enjoy any of the others. It was too esoteric for my taste. I do find their articles online generally interesting...and i do feel terrible for all the writers.
  5. jmolinari

    Salted Pasta Water: How Much Salt.

    Scientific trials found here: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/how-salty-should-pasta-water-be.html apparently 1-2% max. OCean is 3.5% and gross. I just go by eye. And no salt at all ends up with lifeless sad pasta, no matter how salty the condiment is.
  6. jmolinari

    Cuisinart Recall

    Submitted 12/16. immediate email confirming request. No blade yet. Just called them, and it sounds like they are being inundated with calls asking for status as she asked me right awya "status or new claim" when i said "status" she gave me a predetermined message about how they're working as fast as possible to manufacture blades and have no ETA/updates to provide.
  7. i've been following the Spinzall and do hope it gets made, if only to reward Dave for his hard work... however, i fail to see how extending the funding time at an increased price will lead to it being funded, if it didn't fund at the lower price. This is especially true since people are not pre-paying for it, meaning having the funds now isn't required anyhow. If you wanted it in a week from now, you'd want it now at a lower price.
  8. thanks for the reply...and very interesting. Both my friend and I have noticed the difference when quick releasing meat on a stovetop PC...but, we haven't done side by sides so we might be deceived!
  9. Someone suggested starting a topic to discuss dishes made from this book. I think it's a good idea. I got the book a couple weeks ago and read through it. It's fantastic. While i have Dunlop's other books and have cooked from them A LOT, this one seems more streamlined for weeknight dinners with dishes that don't require 8-10 marinade or sauce ingredients. I've cooked a couple meals from it and everything has been awesome. Last week it was chicken with black bean sauce and spinach with fermented tofu. Both were delicious. Last night it was pork tenderloin with chinese chives (not a recipe in the book, but i took the recipe for the chicken livers with chives and subbed pork tenderloin), stir fried cabbage with dry shrimp and bok choy with shiitake (i used dry, rehydrated). Everything was delicious. I really liked the baby bok choy. The flavors were clean and light. Wife thought it was kind of bland, but i liked it. The cabbage was also delicious, though wife and daughter didn't agree I thought it was funny that my purple cabbage turned my yellow/orange tiny dry shrimp green. Forgot to take pictures of the dishes. What is everyone else making?
  10. jmolinari

    Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    Catching fish from the tank before consuming them!
  11. i guess it's not really that big of a deal, and for $68 vs the revile $225 not worth the difference! Question, i thought i had noticed with my stovetop PC that if i quick release meats they tend to be much drier, and from a physics standpoint it makes sense. When it's under pressure the liquids in the meat are in liquid form. When you quick release the liquid instantly boils, including the liquid in the meat itself and would tend to "blow out" of the meat pieces. Has anyone noticed this quick releasing stews and chicken and stuff?
  12. Just got my IP, is it me, or is it pretty dumb that the electronic display doesn't show if the pot is under pressure after the cook cycle is completed? Clearly the sensor is there, it could just display "Hi" rather than me having to walk over to see if the metal weight dropped. am i missing something?
  13. It's very easy. Add a tablespoon of yogurt to a quart of milk and put in warm water bath. I forget the temp. Google it.
  14. Oh well, in that case I should have ordered 2, after all it's like I'm making $7.98 on each purchase!
  15. I cancelled my lux60 order placed yesterday and ordered the duo60 for $10 more.
  16. Thats exactly what I was thinking.
  17. Seemed like the only real differences were the yogurt function and he ability to do 1/2 pressure, which I've never used on my stove PC, so I'm hoping I don't need it.
  18. the instant pot LUX60 is $58 on amazon. Seems very good to me. Bought this over the DUO60 which is $120.
  19. jmolinari

    Superfoods are bollocks

    very, and irrelevant to this topic:)
  20. jmolinari

    Superfoods are bollocks

    according to this it has : http://www.wired.com/2010/03/icy-hot/
  21. jmolinari

    Superfoods are bollocks

    That's not a myth, it's called the Mpemba effect.
  22. jmolinari

    eG Cook-Off #72: Ramen

    I followed the lead from a guy on Reddit, Ramen_lord. Without him, i'd still be scratching my head about ramen in general. Making the noodles is actually not that hard, if you have an electric pasta machine. First, make some baked soda ala Harold McGee by baking baking soda for 1 hours at 250 degrees. For the rest, i recommend you read this guy on reddit. Rather than me re-type it all. https://www.reddit.com/r/ramen/comments/3i3afd/next_up_on_my_tour_of_ramen_styles_chicken_paitan/
  23. jmolinari

    eG Cook-Off #72: Ramen

    I've been working on my ramen for a little while now, so i'm interested to see what people come up with. This is my creation. XO Ramen. The idea was to get the flavors of XO sauce into a ramen dish. The broth is a combination of country ham, ham hocks, dry scallops, dry shrimp, dry cuttlefish, anchovies and kombu The tare (seasoning liquid) was regular and usukuchi soy, dry shrimp, dry scallops, kombu, katsuobushi sake and mirin The aroma oil was lard based with garlic, green onion, shrimp shells and dry shirmp Noodles were homemade with 1.3% gluten and 1.3% alkali salts, and 2% shrimp powder If you want more details, like exact quantities, i'm happy to share.
  24. jmolinari

    The Searzall by Dave Arnold

    MAP gas will burn out your screens, per Dave Arnold.