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    Taco Mix

    Down the street from this place there were these two women selling all sorts of really good looking food.. They were making lots of different kinds of quesadillas, they were making these masa boats called picaditas, and they were making gorditas that reminded me of Papusas.. Here is just the quesadilla menu printed: Here she is pressing the fresh corn tortilla. On the grill you see three mushroom quesadillas and my chicharonnes masa boat. Best salsa verde I have ever had..
  2. We have gone a few times in the last couple of months.. It never has disappointed..Great tacos.. A little table in the back, the place is a small rectangle.. Counter running across the length where you can stand and eat your taco.. Free guacamole, free radish, free salsa verde.. Taco pastor, carnitas, pollo, cecina, lengue, they have it all..A couple of really interesting sandwiches.. The last time I was there these two guys ordered chorizo and cheese sandwiches.. It came with with lettuce, tomato, and some sauce.. Looked pretty awesome.. The tacos are $2.50 instead of the standard $2 bucks at most Mexican Places catering to Mexican's.. But you get a lot more meat then most places.. Really nice lettuce and salsa added on too.. Spinning wheels of meat are always a good sign:
  3. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    I made a turkey last night through poaching first and then cooking in a super hot oven.. The results were awesome.. The turkey had been brined for two days and cooked in a pretty intense broth... Made a gravy, potato puree and roasted acorn squash. Miss A made this cake with a pound of chocolate and 9 separated eggs. I have so much turkey soup and turkey leftover.. Perfect way to welcome the cold weather.
  4. Tried it tonight with a 10 pounder.. Brined the turkey for 2 days. I took 4 large carrots, a whole stalk of celery, garlic, leeks, 3 onions, thyme, sage, white pepper, black pepper corns, and salt.. Made a broth and cooked the turkey for an hour and 20 minutes at 160 degrees in the water.. Then let dry for a little bit and lathered the bird in a mixture of butter, salt, and mashed up garlic.. Cooked at 500 with onions, and giblets.. Roasted squash with brown sugar, nutmeg, butter.. Made mashed potato puree, and made a wonderful gravy out of the pan drippings, wondra, and turkey stock.. We now have a ton of turkey stock that we will make into various soups through out the week.. Poached: Roasted: Put the wings in for longer as they were added after the bird was poached. Plated: Serving number one gravy was crazy good.. Can't wait for sandwiches tomorrow. Miss A made this chocolate cake with a pound of chocolate and 9 eggs separated.. Folded in all the egg whites.. It was like a mousse cake.. Thanks for the help Paul R.. Followed your procedure not the recipe by the letter.. The bird came out amazingly.. The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked.. I also like the fact that it was quicker then just roasting the turkey.. Not to mention the wonderful soup I have leftover.. Its a ton..
  5. Daniel

    Broccoli Caesar

    Sounds great project.. Will have to do this soon.
  6. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Quick dinner for the little one.. Cooked two little chicken thighs for her, (a little oil in heavy cast iron) wondra, flour, white pepper, salt, and pepper. Steamed carrots with butter and fresh squeezed oj.. She is starting to use hot sauce!
  7. Not to mention they most likely freeze perfectly.
  8. I dont think you can get better for the price.. A Bahn Mi and Vietnam Bahn Mi So #1.. I think it can't be more then 3 dollars.
  9. I have had jerk food in many places in Jamaica and often times it is incredibly hot.. I have also had it cooked out of garbage cans to pretty extensive grill set ups..
  10. If the festival was too dense then you probably got it right! Looks awesome Chris.. You need to get yourself some canned ackee... I made jerk chicken the other day.. It was actually jerk cornish game hen.. I marinated it for two days and then pressed it down on a cast iron grill pan in my apartment.. Served with coconut rice.. The rice was wonderful.. Cooked the rice in the milk of a few coconuts and some red beans.. Added scallions and fresh grated coconut.. It was really good.
  11. At this restaurant in New Orleans they made this fried rabbit liver served with a pepper jelly sauce and lots of fresh mint.. Its actually wonderful..
  12. Doc what a wonderful report.. Thanks soooo much for showing this..
  13. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Hey, thanks.. The creamed spinach was shallots cooked up with butter.. Cream is then added.. Toss in spinach and cook for a bit.. Added some wondra to thicken.. A little mustard a little worchesterchire, salt and white pepper..
  14. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Sable and poached egg sitting on rye toast round.. Sherry vinegar. Got these dry aged steaks from what I think is the best butcher in Manhattan.. Ottomanelli's... They were sitting there in a beautiful crust.. We got 2 1.5 pound NY Strips.. Made a simple creamed spinach and baked potatoes with cheddar, creme fraiche and caviar... Steak was amazing. Dessert before caramel sauce:
  15. Frontera has a nice lunch/brunch.. I would definitely go there for Rick Bayless.. Hot Doug's is a great hot dog spot.. Really like the Patio for Chicago Beef... These are just a few that come to my mind.
  16. Awesome photos. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time..
  17. Escoffier is about 3000 recipes. I dont know if you would want to go through the whole book making each thing.. It would be cool to see you document the 160 or so egg recipes..
  18. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Shay-freaking-ya... Wow that looks perfect.. I am always so tempted to make my own pork buns but, then I just take a taxi to the source.. Haha.. Looks fantastic..
  19. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Korean-ish the other night.. Simple and inexpensive Really pretty mackeral: Banchan we purchased at the supermarket down on 32nd? Mackeral I dried out, salted, rubbed in garlic, used a little soy and a little butter at the end.. Cooked on the plancha, it was perfect..
  20. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    So many wonderful dinners.. David I havent made BBQ Shrimp in a year or so.. I was house hunting the other day and the owner of the home we were touring was making NO BBQ Shrimp.. With the way that smelled and yours looks, I have to make this soon. A few red snappers. $5.99 a pound: Made a tomato sauce with paprika, thyme,a ton of onions, san marzano, garlic, and chicken stock.. Friends don't drink Baked with more onions and potatoes. Simple salad with sherry vinegar and olive oil.. Added the leftover thyme..
  21. Daniel

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Made some brocolli rabe and kale last night.. Steamed with some garlic, vinegar, red pepper.. Used this wonderful freshly made Portuegese Cheese that I bought for 1.49 a button.. Lightly toasted these wonderful, wonderful Portuegese Rolls.. They are so light and airy with a crisp outside, they are amazing.. Cheese was wonderul.. At the office, so I microwaved the greens. Added this crush red pepper we made from dried peppers from this ladies garden.. Mixture of habeneros and such. Added hot sauce to one side, added sichuan chili oil to the other..
  22. Bouchon is a great Bistro and one of the most pretty I have been to.. However,it's a bistro and you seem like you are looking for a high end exerpience.. Bouchon is great for breakfast or brunch. My favorite place I went to this last trip was Cut.. It was outstanding.. I had this crab appetizer that was probably the best dish I have had in a long time.. Joel Robuchon is another favorite of mine in Vegas.. Cut is a steakhouse but has some really wonderful dishes besides steak..
  23. Its always a little harder.. But as long as you can size up the situation before you start, its alot easier.. The best way to not be frustrated is to go in knowing the limitations of a kitchen.. Then plan a realistic menu. Or if you need to make certain dishes, bring all the supplies yourself.. But as someone who cooks multi-course menus for 30 people at a time in a small new york kitchen, with the right planning and prep. anything can be done.
  24. Bottle of Johnny Walker.. Whenever I need an adult cup of coffee.
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