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  1. YES! My girlfriend and I had it both times we've been there, and we can't stop talking about it- it's delicious! Does anyone know what the base for that soup is? Well that is the basis for my question about the other grand sichuan locations.. At the grand sichuan on 54th street i believe it is a fish stock that makes the base for the soup.. However, when i ordered the same soup at the grand sichuan on 34 and lex, it was clearly a chicken stock base.. I noticed there was chicken fat floating in the soup. And it was really horrible to have the chicken stock fighting all the other flavors.
  2. This sunday i ordered in from the grand sichuan over on 34 and lexington. I was really disappointed, i normally order from the one on 54th and 2nd, but i decided to switch it up. The food was so greasy, that if this would have been my first experience with grand sichuan, i would not have gone back. Has anyone seen such a large variation from restaurant to restaurant.
  3. I would have to go with big mac fries and a beer as the best way to cure a hangover.. I think there is a formula for curing the hangover. You need two parts grease, one part bread, and one part beer.
  4. Buttered popcorn jelly beans
  5. I think the best way to visit grimaldis is to walk over the brooklyn bridge and go to grimaldis.. I then like to take the pizza out of the store and sit under the brooklyn bridge and eat it.. It is too stuffy in there and think its a great view to be under the bridge.. I then take the water taxi back to south steet sea port..
  6. Daniel


    But are there any other places that do have something similar to aquavit's tasting menu in the city?
  7. I dont know if all chefs are equal in the eyes of the ingrediants. Cause you know those cows are more partial to vegetarians. Those judgemental bastard cows like to hold a grudge.
  8. Does this mean that they are not going to keep on the original iron chef as well? I dont mind them trying a new one, as long as they keep the old one on too.. I also think it would be a wise decision to keep todd english's scary mug off the tv too.. He looked like a b actor psycho killer.
  9. I think it was.. I am pretty sure it was S64 on the menu. It came with tofu, chives, and these blossums.. Which almost tasted like soy nuts or sunflower seeds. The dish was pretty spicy in a red pepper sauce, but so good. It was thicker and held together better then the spring water sauce.
  10. I like their chinese vinegar potatoes there too. What dish did you have off the menu by request? I had the beef with something blossoms yesterday.. Terrific.
  11. Its on the regular menu under soups. Its one of the first non spicy dishy i have gotten there, and i was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was one of the best things i have gotten there. Highly suggest it.
  12. I order from the Grand Sichuan on 2nd ave in the mid-50's often.. I really enjoy alot of dishes there and last night was no exception. One dish I had was the sliced fish with sour cabbage soup I was very impressed.. Has anyone had this?
  13. Does anyone have an address and a phone number. Has anyone had a chance to look at the menu or any reviews? Thanks
  14. I just had Carls and i dont understand how they were able to maintain a greasy film on the outside of the sandwich while extracting all the flavor from the meat.. The meat was dry and tasteless. The french fries were absolutely terrible. Big fan of philly cheesesteaks especially in philadelphia, but Carls i feel is probably one of the poorer attempts i have seen to recreate this sandwich outside of philly.
  15. Daniel


    I am surprised in this day of extreme PCness that a restaurant would be capable of not allowing anyone in, includng a child. Wether i agree with it or not. the case for ageism could be argued.
  16. Daniel


    Went to Riingo last night and had an enjoyable meal. The place had been opened for 16 days so i would say any judgement would be premature. The space itself is suprisingly small. However i think the make good use of the space. Most impressive part of the space is its huge cielings and pretty wood work. The staff was very eager, knowledgable and helpfull. In fact i think it worked out to be a one to one ratio between customers and staff. We started out with drinks. I had a sake margarita and she had a cucumber sake drink which she enjoyed and i disliked. I also thought the margarita was too tart, so we switched to sake and beer. The menu is divided into several different parts, and its pretty similar to the one that is on menu pages. Before you order you are given a bamboo bread holder that has a few pieces of sour dough bread, and some flattened rice sheets with either wasabi or red pepper in it that adds a little bite. There is also a chick pea, edamame, olive oil dip that accompanies it. (Very good). She had the miso soup with oysters and clams in it. It was a simple light broth that was really good. I ordered the tuna ceasar salad with sea urchin dressing. It was very interesting and the sea urchin provided the fishy taste that the anchovy normaly does. The only problem was it was a little underdressed. (Glad i tried it wouldnt get it again) We then ordered the kobe carpaccio with eel and mushrooms, as well as seared mackeral with nori wrapped fois gras and seared water melon. The carpaccio was nothing special. The nori wrapped fois gras was deep fried. The seared mackeral and water mellon was to be eaten together. And was refreshing after eating the piece of fois gras. All in all it was pretty good ,but was more inventive then satisfying. It was served on a wave shaped plate that had a little cut out square on the far left that held one of the pieces of mackeral and watermelon. We then had a sushi omakase which they screwed up. We were supposed to get a sashimi omakase each, but once the sushi chef came out to present and explain all the pieces, i felt bad sending it back so we ate it anyway. There was toro, and sardine, tuna eel rolls, squid, horse mackeral, fried sardine spine, sable.. All very good, but nothing spectacular. By the end of dinner we didnt feel like getting dessert. All in all i would say that the restaurant has promise. (Glad i went, am not going back for awhile)I would suggest to anyone going to get more of the cooked food, liked to try the braised ribs, i would suggest the mackeral with melon. I wanted to try the whole snapper for two. Which seems to be presented like the fish at morimotos. Where the meat is taken off the bones and then the bones are deep fried twice so you can eat them
  17. So you are saying that every chef prepares these dishes exactly the same and there is no variation of dishes from place to place. Doesnt that by definition make a food critic redundant
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