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  1. I was at BLT Burger less then a month ago.. I found the burger to be average, on par with the BLT Burger in NYC.. The burger was cooked to order, the bacon was crispy, the special sauce is kind of bland and boring.. But the burger wasnt anything memorable.. I can't see what would distinguish it from a burger they would be serving at the diner there.. I also tried the regular fries and the waffle fries.. Waffle fries were my favorite of the two.Actually pepped up the burger by placing a waffle fry in the burger. On my latest trip to Vegas I went to three different burger places at different times of day.. I went to Fatburger at 2 in the morning and had a horrible bun. I went to BLT Burger in the morning and was the first person to be seated.. Here I found the bun to be good but, wondered what it would be like later on in the day.. I wonder if they have to take special measures to ensure the desert heat doesnt destroy the bread.. The best part about BLT Burger for me was the milkshakes.. I tried a twinkie which was incredibly too sweet and sugary.. However, the berry shake was awesome. All in all, I am not a fan of this classy "burger bar" trend.. It ends up being expensive and often disappointing.. For 20 plus dollars for a burger,fries and a shake, you would expect a better experience.. Room is nice and the waitresses are cute.
  2. Daniel

    Olive Garden

    Mmmmm.. Olive Garden, I almost forgot about this meal.. I have been posting on here for a long time..
  3. Daniel

    Panda Express

    I am waiting for someone to start a Sabarros is really good Italian Food thread.
  4. Thats cool. Thanks for posting that..
  5. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    I just have a simple plancha in my apartment.. But I also just heat up the cast iron pan and throw a little oil down... Takes longer to heat up the pan then it does to cook.
  6. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Well, you certainly get points for trying.. I think anchovies work best for marinating.. For sardines, I just grill them with some salt, maybe throw some herbs on the inside.. Sardines dont need much help they are amazing grilled.
  7. Daniel


    Went there a few weeks ago.. The place is ok.. It was my first time going.. It was cramped and some of the food was good.. I would go to sakagura before this place.
  8. Wow phila I am just seeing this thread now.. What wonderful photos.. Looks like you had a great time.. I need to get back there quickly..
  9. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    The other Miss A made some Mexican Food last night.. The other Miss A is officially nuts.. I asked her to make a soup and turkey mole for dinner last night. I dont think she knows how to do a simple dinner.. Beans stewed with avacado leaves, some chiles, some other stuff... Served with queso fresco. Also served some guacamole.. Top right you can see the masa boats she mades.. She called the chalupitas.. Turkey Mole: The mole here is fantastic.. The turkey was falling apart and still on the bone. Able to suck the marrow from the bones.. Fantastic. Chicken enchiladas with mole sauce.. Cecina tacos: It's important that everything she uses be Kosher. Here are the chalupitas. She makes a masa boat, puts down some of the beans, adds a swirl of creama, some salsa, and then the chicken..The chicken is boiled in very salty water. Then she tops with cabbage and queso fresco.. Love how the boat is crisp enough to stand up to the toppings and has a nice dense chew to it.. Here grandmother's recipe.. Spicy tamarind jelly on white toast squares.. I also brought various desserts from the Portuegese Bakery in Elizabeth.. Lots of dulce de leche and guava..
  10. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Nothing crazy.. Hung out and had a really nice Pouilly-Fuisse.. Bought these oysters from Canada.. The name escapes me.. Small and buttery.. Citarella had some really nice fresh Sardines.. A little salt, a little Olive Oil a shot of Chili Oil..Would have been great with a little spaghetti and some toasted bread crumbs.. However, the seafood was just there for the wine.
  11. I strictly use charcoal.. If I wanted to use a gas grill, I would just cook on a cast iron on the stove top... I have a bunch of grills but, my go to is the Big Green Egg.. I use an electric charcoal starter that I paid 15 bucks for.. The grill is up and going in 15 minutes..
  12. Daniel


    Celeste was on last night.. One thing I will say about this place, the fritto has remained perfect.. I have never ordered a plate of Fritto Misto, or Fried Ricotta, or anything fried that did not come out perfectly cooked.. Last night was no exception.. A plate of Fried Zucchini Blossoms and Grilled Shrimp.. Perhaps the most perfectly fried versions I have ever had.. This or Batalli's place in Vegas.. Having not been here in awhile, I was kind of looking forward to having the shrimp and cabbage dish.. The pasta last night was cooked perfectly. Chewy, perfectly dressed, a real wonderful dish.. Super thin sliced of filet over arugala lightly dressed in lemon juice, with some thinly sliced Parm.. Hazelnut Gelato.. Big fan... Miss K ordered the 3 second Mousse Cake.. Rumor has it, the cake was terrific.. The picture is the only evidence it existed.. Just happy my hands werent around the cake too long..
  13. I noticed on the translated menu that there was website.. It was something like silapaahan.com.. However the website is down.. Do you know if guy still has a website up?
  14. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Hey thanks Chufi and Kim.. It was a great bday weekend.. Reality quickly hit when I had to wake up at 600 am to get to the airport and work a 12 hour day on my bday,..
  15. So I have been in Chicago for two days and each night I find myself at Siam House.. I have been thinking about the wonderful thai salad since I had first tried it.. Though, I have had it at a few other places, Siam House might be my favorite.. In fact, Siam House might be my favorite Thai Restaurant.. It amazes me that this restaurant is not packed.. Sadly enough, the only people that seem to frequent this restaurant are Thai People.. Place has been open for 18 yeaars and In fact, I have read and heard that the majority of there customers are from the small surrounding Thai Community.. From local Thai restaurant owners to Thai families driving hours to come here, the weekends are the only time its busy.. I have found that there is a translation for the Thai Menu.. And if you asks, they will provide you with this menu.. Though, the last time it was translated was in 05... Side one of page one Side two of page one: Sadly enough, I did not bring my camera tonight so, I only have photos from last nights adventure... Crispy Catfish Salad.. The catfish is cooked and then shredded and fried in the wok.. Served with chili peppers, scallions, basil, peanuts, fish sauce, lime juice, red onion and lettuce.. A crime not to order at this place.. Pork satay.. Served with a wonderful chili sauce.. This is not something from a jar mind you.. Angel wing.. A chicken leg stuffed with, you guessed it, pork.. Really interesting.. Pork shoulder with another completely different yet, wonderful sauce.. The pork shoulder was bbq'd over there charcoal grill.. It was sweet and complex.. Homemade noodles with greens and chicken.. Another type of pork served over rice.. This too was outstanding.. Really, just beyond good.. I bet you are seeing that there is a lot of pork during this meal.. It turns out that the owners son happens to work on Monday's.. He is a little socially ackward and not very helpful..Also very young.. We had ordered other things and had asked about others.. He kind of just wrote down things during parts of the conversation and gave us what he wanted.. I normally wouldnt order this heavy of a meal but, I certainly know what to get next time.. I am glad I tried each of these dishes and would re-order them invdividually whenever. Dessert: Coconut, taro, egg custard.. Easily the best Thai Dessert I have ever had.. Tonight I went alone and ordered the house made thai sausage.. It was with fermented rice and pork.. An absolutely fantastic sausage.. I also had the catfish salad again, and some other pork dish with sticky rice.. A couple of beers and I am a happy man.. Next time people come here, ask to see the translated Thai Menu.. If anyone wants to try authentic, expertly made Thai Food this is the spot. This place should be packed 24/7
  16. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Todays my bday, miss A made me a red velvet cake with lemon peels.. The under bite scared off evil spirits.
  17. I have had gout since I have been 25.. Both my G.P's had it... Take some pills and do what you want.. That has been my moto.
  18. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Miss A's Pa made some chicken.. Marinated in a citrus, garlic blend.. And smoked some ribbers.
  19. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Pizza with speck
  20. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Very pretty..
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    I am sitting at my desk when I am told that Christine from Montesquieu Wines is on the phone..I dont take a lot of calls but, for a wine person, I am down.. She has said that she got my name from a visit I must have done to a recent Vineyard out in Nappa.. Which is pretty shady that they are selling my name.. So her first question was"What kind of wine do you drink" My first question was "Who are you and what is Montesquieu".. Seems like they are importers who have the same philsophy as Rosenthal. Small batch places from around the world.. They are based in Bordeaux.. The whole thing seemed really telemarketerish.. I am a saleman and I know when someone is bringing the hard sell.. I got of the phone with this chick and dont want her calling me back.. Anyone ever had this experience..
  22. Ok well this isnt exacly Elizabeth but, what are you going to do.. I think this does say something about the proximity of Elizabeth to the forgotten Borough.. And hell, if New Yorkers don't want to claim it, Jerzy will be happy to.. Shoalin Island.. Joe & Pat Pizzeria 1758 Victory Blvd Staten Island, NY 10314 (718) 981-0887 The pizza here is seriously thin.. The sauce is some of the sweetest I have had.. It tasted very much like San Marzano to me.. I dont know what kind of tomatoes they use but, if I had to bet, it would be San Marzano.. The sauce is fairly simple and really is there to highlight the tomatoes.. For me, the slice was over sauced. The crust is some of the thinnest I have had.. At the end of the pizza they do not really form the fold over crust.. It kind of just ends flattly.. I think I could eat 6 or seven slices of the regular slice before getting a little full.. I just wish I had back up so I could have tried the clam or scungilli pizzas.. Next time I am bringing the warehouse manager.Not fresh mozz, surprised to see cubes.. Though the cheese was fine.. Sorry for the crappy photos.. I am having camera issues lately.. Next up the Sicilian.. This happens to be my favorite out of the two types of slices.. I felt the bread really helped mellow out some of the sweetness from the sauce.. Like the addition off grated cheese on top in addition to the mozzeralla.. I got a corner slice.. Some of the better Sicilian I have had recently..There is a lot of cheese under that sauce.. So from door to door it was like 11 miles.. Including eating, running around looking for an Atm, and walking into some average looking Pork Store, it took me 45 minutes.. Next trip to WU-ville, I am hitting up Denino's Pizzeria Tavern..
  23. Happy Birthday Shaya.. I have not made any of the recipes you are speaking about but, I knows about the Beurre Monte.. Its really such a simple thing.. Dont worry about it.. Its adding a few drops of water and then melting butter into it creating an emulsion.. Just make it and the morning or day of.. If it breaks, fix it.. Its pretty simple.. In terms of the curry emulsion, if you have a hand blender, I think a few spins around would bring it back to normal.. In terms of when to make a toast for the Whipped Brie de Meaux en Feuillete.. Just throw some toasts in the oven 10 minutes before.. I have played around with how to serve toasts and its always better moments before.. Good luck, happy birthday and lets see some photos!
  24. Hey thanks for your kind words.. I really appreciate the fact that so many people read this.. Anyone have any questions or whatever, I will try to answer.. New Orleans is so special to us and we are glad to not only share but, TO have this to look back on..
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