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  1. Since the last posting - We have added three more bottles of Single malt to our list. As mentioned in the Slate article, a Talisker in January, Stillmans Dram in Feburary and Strathisla last week. Thanks for reminding about this event.
  2. How do Bhodroloks incorporate 'bhairer-mai' in this ritual ?
  3. John Powers, Blackbush, Tullamore Dew and ofcourse Knappogue. Look Here for more information on Irish Whiskey
  4. Was in BOM for a few days last month A few new finds Urban Tadka a pseudo punjabi dhaba style restaurant in North Mumbai (actually North of JWM near Lokhandwalla maybe ....) Then there is a new trend - Winebar,Coffee bar with sandwiches - "Mocha" - One in Churchgate, one in Bandra, and one in Juhu Beach.
  5. Fascinating and illuminating - I knew about "samosa" / Sumusa etc. originating from Central Asia/Persia. Some would say that it probably came from Beduins in Northern Africa to Persia ... oh well !!!
  6. Yes - It (50th & 9th ) is Hell's Kitchen - bt really Clinton. It is safe - they (Westies) never bothered locals - only folks from Queens and the Island Westies are long gone - busted and put away.
  7. How much $ ? Did not find it on the website.
  8. Yup What are the damages ? and how many days ? and can ordinary folks join the tour group ?
  9. anil

    Spice Market

    Is this the one by the meat packing dist. ?
  10. Folks from Terri Garhwal and Paudri Garwhal and called Garwhalis. Lansdowne is a major town - and Moosuri isthe gateway. Yes, they are within the Indo-European linguistic framework. [Just at the foothills of Garwal nowon a slow as mollases link]
  11. sounds so delicious.. thanks Anu and waiting to read your report on the local finds in NYC You meant DEL not NYC,right ?
  12. kathal is not just used in Bengal. It is used in most of Northern India to denote Jackfruit.
  13. If I'm not mistaken "Knappouge Castle" is Irish Single-Malt. On a regular basis I have Jamesons on the rocks - I think probably half of Marriott's & Hyatts bars worldwide know to stock it :)
  14. I agree -CR is a culinary wasteland. In SJO (San Jose) people drink cerveza and eat pollo. For breakfast rice-and-beans. However it does have goodt fresh fruits. Most people go there for "Pure Vida". I do However of late, many international chains have begun to pay attention to food and brought in good chefs. Much of this has to do with many MNCs opening lots of manufacturing plants in Herraderia (sp?) area. The Sol Melia chain and Herradura have focused on cultivating Japanese, by getting some really nnovative chefs (or did as of 05/03), while Marriott was planning something like Fusion Latin fare. Then there is the famous Tin-Jo (sp?)
  15. To give one an idea of how big this steak is - It is bigger than my head - and it cost only 11 pesos... maybe (2.83pesos=1USD) In due time I will write more about places we ate,drank and ofcourse steaks. The paper tag provided the essential details about the steak - The cut and how it was cooked (medium rare) Yes the women in Buenos Aires are still very beautiful
  16. Rushina, I guess you should get invited to a Bawa wedding (I gather it is becoming a rarity in Mumbai) or befriend a Parsi.
  17. anil


    As others have mentioned, there are thousands of versions of Rasam - Growing up I could only say that there twere two things they had in common - Tangy and too much Mirchi.. Each famiy had a different variation - Some added drumsticks, some added kacha aam in season - The Kanadigga dfferent from the Andhraite different from Tamalian .. all very wonderful and spicy Mullaghatawny Soup is not really Rasam: This classic gets served on international flights from time-to-time by ofCourse non-AI airlines I wonder weather this soup had its popularity in the canntonements or in Mess Halls of Colonial India ?
  18. Dada, Jaa khichu apni korchen, Cherra din, aur ekta choto khoti-restaurant ta khule din
  19. I guess we would have to disagree on this one Olive is just sub-par.
  20. Great pics. You know that breadsandwich pakoras have not changed a bit - There used to be variations of it along with side accompaniments in the small stalls in the outer rng of Cannaught Place some 25 years ago. I gather some are still there. The AndaParatha walas near IIT & JNU vicinity were famous for feeding hungover folks. and not to mention the Tibetian Dhabas by the Bus Station feeding DU crowd..... Just got back from South Am, and heading for India this coming week - My only vacation in a year
  21. anil

    Arthur Avenue

    Dominic's - Family style, No menu per say, Cash only, and closed Tuesdays. Their Pork Chops, or Sausages are excellent.
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