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  1. The indian Chinese served in most cities in India is run by non-chinese. Hence once can not really distinguish. The old-fashion Chinese restaurants in tangra,Kolkatta did not serve kheer (this was ofcourse in mid-70s) On the other hand, In HKG(Hong Kong), many restarants liberaly use condenced-milk in many dishes specialy during YumCha /Dim Sum
  2. In many ways Sea Grill is better than Comme Chez Soi - Highly recommended.
  3. anil


    Have you been to his first ? Which I think is a very classy place
  4. Percy, a feast for a good cause is always welcome.
  5. Agora Modiano in Thessaloniki - It is one of the most exciting open markets in the region. You can wine and dine open air taverna style. It is actually a very good food market, just like Boqueria, off ramblas in Barcelona.
  6. Si Si Senor/Senorita I agree - Bhutta are not available in in the Stn. In fact it used to be more fun getting bhutta's during rainy season, when the make-shift plastic overhead cover kept collapsing in the wind-swept showers :( - Oh! Well !
  7. Where in Bs As are you now living in ? Each Barrios/neighborhood has a bunch of places that serve most of what its residents need. Ask your local parilla (sp?)
  8. With my Solaris 9 shippment came a CD full of all open source programs. You can also go to sunsolve site and ask, and finsally do not forget that Univ. of Oregon has a very comprehensive set of Solaris repositories starting from 2.5
  9. Isn't that what one get's in any Rly Stn outfits ? I remember many a time makng a lunch out of it in Bandra St., Andheri or whereever I was stuck :)
  10. Very tempting -Unfortunately I cannot make the APA in HNL later this month.
  11. I drink based on occasion and circumstances. Last visit to Keen's was during Spring - Had Oban after a heavy mutton-chop dinner. Had Glenmorangie coming back from AMS during the flight. I have a bottle of Clynelish open at home. But Belvenie 15 yr is my go-to single malt.
  12. BPO - Son of Y2k and Infosys :) In my building (multi-tenant highrise) I have seen in the past year and a half, many Outsourced-insource consultants who are in search of pure veg. establishments - There is a pent up demand tha is now being translated into new south indian restaurants. In NYC the pioneers in SI have focussed on getting Kosher certs.
  13. Rotterdam - This is a city belittled by many and mostly clueless - it a happening place - In terms of food,music and nightlife. Between 35-40% of Rotterdam's population is diverse (a.k.a non-native-dutch) We were there earlier this week and had an excellent rijstaffel which rivals the best in AMS - But then what do I know :) I follow the advice of the natives (many of them geeky academics in search of good grub).
  14. When is Suvir's book coming out ? He's a punj
  15. Al Gatto Nero Burano A hidden gem off the beaten path. very homely feel to the place. If you sit in the front portion of the restaurant you can see right into the kitchen which is behind the bar. Their risotto is excellent, and so is seafood antipasto. The dessert is not that great.
  16. In VCE Sri Ganesh S.Polo 2426, Venezia, IT It started off catering to offbeat locals and hidden food helpers from the sub-continent who work in the tonier and upscale Italian eateries in city It is really off the beaten path and not so easily idenitfiable. The Lunch menu is simple fixed rice and a non-veg dish, or ar rice and a vegetarian dish. Now a days it has started seeing ''desi's" come by in large numbers thanks to BPOs and CCs It does satisfy a desires of many who only want to eat vegetarian and be asured that no animal fat went into its preparation.
  17. Isnt Julie Sahni a punj ?
  18. 011 506 [506 is the country code]
  19. Excellent writing. LOL
  20. anil


    Punjabi Samosa are indeed big, while Bengali singara are small - The rest ar in between in size. I'd say Morrocan samusa are mid-range with leeks and ground beef fillings.
  21. At least once/twice a year if not more. However I'll miss this year's Jazz (last weekend in May normally)
  22. I miss Bombay It is Mumbai my dear Get used to it. NO WAY !!! NO WAY IS RIGHT I love Bombay I loved Bombay and I will always love BOMBAY... Mumbai for those who want the politically and geographically correct name Slowly whisper mumbai, then increase the tempo and pitch. The word will grow on you. You'll get used to it. There was a time (before you'll were even born ) the edge of the metroarea was Juhu and my grandaunt's house was surrounded by koliwadi fisherfolks who always called it Mumba -- BTW, Dev Anand's bungalow was considered the end of Mumbai a.k.a. Bombay. There was only one airport and it was called "SantaCruz Aerodrome" and "bhelpuri in a thonga" was 10paise in Juhubeach.
  23. Or you could shop at the Asian market in a street opposite the Stock Exchange (a few blocks from Marriot BRU) I forget the name of the Street off hand
  24. How long is this Italian-Daal-bhat gonna last ? Few months ? Can we expect pasta to get along with jyoti-basu style manshoer-jhool On the topic of Indo-French Cuisine, look for it in SGN (Saigon; the venerable Curry BanMi) - curried meat sandwitch [sorry no photos ]
  25. In GIG - I'd cross over the Avenue Atlantico and get a fresh coconut water to start (also called Daab in bengali and narial pani in Mumbai) because it is easily available late night and a good antidote for caiparinhia hangover. In IST - I'd cross walk over to Itsikalal (sp?) off Taksim Sq. for a good hot soup (also available in any late night Irani restaurants in Byculla area - I wonder what they call it now ) an antidote to a long night with Raki [With KLSaigal's Devdas hat-on] Should I go on about my many hangovers in strange places 'hick 'hick bevdabazi ???
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