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  1. You could then try some Italian restaurants in Belgrano. El Gato in Puerto Madero, Parilla 1880 in San Telmo, or try Katmandu, Indian restaurant. If you want more specifics please do not hesitate or you can look up Clarin for reviews.
  2. Along with nuts,tea{scented sometimes} and other nibbles. However in many restaurants in the Kowloon/HKG-Island area have started quietly adding per person charge to cover these nibbles. This tradition is tollerated by some, and not by others. It has become less prevlant in the top end restaurants associated with 5-star hotels; but has creeped into restaurants in New Territories and other outer islands which did not have this in the '80s. If you have dim-sum at City Hall, the server will add the condiments appropriate to the dish your ordered in a small container. Small yum-cha places along Canton Rd. have done away with adding extras and have two soys and a container of hot-chilli-oil in the table.... One has to keep in mind, Hong Kong is a very fast adapter of eating traditions and innovations - both from the main-land as well as outside the Chinese realm. Nothing is sacred while everything is revered in terms of eating. A truely great city for constant dining 24hours a day :) "Did you eat yet ? "
  3. Hey, If your friend is going to be in Mumbai/Bombay starting tomorrow - Send me a PM, as I'm gonna fly in to BOM from DEL for a few days.
  4. anil


    I went there (I forget when) and did enjoy the dessert and the yogurt dish whose greek name escapes me - yummy
  5. Any mumbaiker should know A common sight at Dadar West; below the Rly Stn. bridge ... oh ! the good old days.
  6. Unlike Copacabana beach, eating from Kiosks/stalls in Ipanema beach is going to be difficult. There are hardly any. Whereas in Copa there are tons of 'em. The most well known churrascaria is on the other side of Copacabana beach, called Marius - It has one which is primarily meat and other which is seafood.
  7. Rio during the Carnival becomes another city altogether. everything becomes 3times more expensive, and craziness reaches a cresendo. 1. Make sure you have your visas in order before you go. Since this seems like yoiur first visit to GIG, make sure you have a airport pickup to take you to the hotel. 2. Whatever precautions you take while strolling in unfamiliar cities; apply same thing here with hightened vigilance. In absence of specifics about hotels I cannot speak about restaurants.
  8. Very nice - If it wasn't for the fact that I have a ticket booked for Feburary; I'd have been intensely envious. Grand Maratha @ Sahar Airport had a fairly decent free buffet breakfast for guests. I remember it to be good when it opened. With exception to clubs/gymkhana's 5* hotels still have fairly decent restaurants and 24 hour coffeshops.
  9. anil

    My India trip

    They are - Thank you -
  10. anil

    My India trip

    Take your time. I know it is a horrible tragedy.
  11. My favourite congee is frogs; or sometime chicken - A plain congee will do too. I did notice than they have red coin ? dumplings; the pancakes were not what I expected in terms of crispiness on the exterior. I do like dough with condenced milk (I think its in the dumpling section)
  12. You are going there for dinner -I've only been there for congee and dumplings - then crossover to LilI for some canolies and are back home before noon :)
  13. Aaram Cafe in mahim - Vegetarian gujurati Food Mahesh Lunch home (there are two - One by JW Marriott in Juhu and another in South Bombay) Gajali - malvani food - nothing fancy, great Malvani Food. Pritam's in Dadar for Punjabi Food Dumphukt (not as good as New Delhi) in Sheraton Maratha (by the Int. Airport) Gokul - Chruchgate - Mughlai non-veg Thali Mela - Punjabi/Mughlai - Worli Naka Trishna - Seafood /Crabs - Kala Ghoda - Fort you want old world Irani/Parsi food (a dying breed) Britannia and Picadilly in Fort area. There are lots of Udipi restaurants in every neighborhood for south indian fare. Most restaurants also serve chinese- Indian Chinese that is :) Most Five-star hotels have atleast one or two fairly upscale restaurants that serve a whole array of regional cuisines of india.
  14. There is a pedestarian St. by Florida; and there is a Mall that anchors it. There used to be Harrod's there too - It closed long long ago but the space still remains vacant. To answer your question - Recoletta is preferable :)
  15. Recoleta is not exactly downtown Last few times I stayed at Hotel Etoile Right next to the recoleta cemeteria - A must see place. This is a nice hotel (I knew the magic word) Check out the general description of Bs As food scene at the beginning of this section. Sepcifics: Apart from small cafes in San Telmo, there are restaurants in Puerto Madero. Cabana las Lilas is the more renowned steakhouse. For other information on Bs As and EZE and travel checkout online Clarin or Ubbi (in Spanish) or Buenos Aires Herald in English - Enjoy EZE
  16. anil


    yetty - All those photos make me soo hungry that I have to go eat leftovers in the refrigerator
  17. Yes me too on the kamal-kakdi (Lotus root) another favourite of mine is bamboo picklr baans ka Aachar, made in Haridwar by this store who go back few generations doing aachar and other spice related stuff.
  18. Definitely go and have a drink at Felix, and then check out the bathroom - Great view of HKG Island. By the night market at Temple Street, there are many Hawker Stalls that serve very inexpensive great food. Hyatt Regency on Kowloon has a fairly decent restaurant called "Chinese Restaurant" For desserts, tea etc. take the escalator and get off in the middle and visits some of the wine bars for the ambiance of passing traffic. Do avoid the floating restaurants in Aberdeen. There are some very inexpensive hawker food stalls in the Stanley Market. Try the indo-chinese breakfast, Tea with condensed Milk and hot steaming buns (mostly stuffed with Pork)
  19. I thought that the Asian store opposite Marriott carried beers from all over Asia ? but then I may have not paid too much attention to indian beer - Come to think of it, Belgium is known for its beers worldwide -
  20. Try Hanamura AN (sp?) - Just Below Houston.
  21. Try a Gujurati Thali in any of the Lunch Homes or Dining Halls. My memory is really foggy with respects to name. Ask a local to take you to one.
  22. Personally I'd pick Baroda.
  23. Tel her to regularly check Makansutra a magazine devoted to just that
  24. Cabanas Las Lilas - in Puerto Madero - also try Parilla 1880 in San Telmo.
  25. Parilla 1880 in San Telmo is a hidden gem - A small restaurant that is open only for dinner.
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