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  1. Remind me to update Louis XV,Hotel de Paris, Cannes & Nice experience in early March :) By then my early '02 mileage run would have taken a break, and I'd be back from my second trip in as many years. Life stories and sob stories -- all narrated in details.
  2. I thought we were in a kid-friendly site :) On the main floor of the casino, to the left hand side, is the slot machines and the tourist gulch. If you are a high-roller and local FF and left your RR coonvertible by the steps - then women will be like in the Bond movies :)
  3. I'm the first to admit that French language and I have agreed to not get along :-) Spelling,pronunciations,syntax.... Anyway, I was invited to sup at Louis XV located at Hotel de Paris. With companions leading the way, my three course meal - Soup de jour, Game and dessert were superb. I could not say what I was eating - Needless to say later on I was told that this is Ducaise's Michlien(sp?) rated restaurant - If so, I'm impressed. However, I was not impressed with the casino :) No Bond,No Goldfinger,No martini,no nothing.
  4. Felix bar, Hotel Peninsula; Kowloon, HongKong I'm surprised no one mentioned it. As you stand in front of the Urinal, you can see the skyline of HongKong Island. In the ladies bathroom I understand, its it the mirror. So as you adjust your makeup - The skyline yonder.
  5. After 9/11 - zero. Before that two - three a week.
  6. Between 7:45 - 8:00. I do not carry a watch. We were too self absorbed in ourselves, and I had come from a cocktail hour else where :)
  7. FG wrote "All this talk of Grand Sichuan motivated me to head there last night for an inspection...." Hmmm, we were there too same night. This was our first Chinese meal in NYC after a nine-night 3-1/2 meals a day, feasting in HKG/MAC (HongKong & Macau). So we ordered the spiciest with a vengence - DanDan Noodles, Spicy Crabs,Marinated Cabbage with Chili,Spinach with ginger&garlic (This is No: 1 on the list the special menu in the back, and No: 4, Diced Chicken with chilli and scallion) We talked a bit about a few dishes I had in HKG and the waitperson said that next time I wanted that - I should call in the morning in advance to have it ready by dinner.
  8. More general comments on food in BOM (Mumbai) 1. Avoid non-bottled water if you have been away from the country. Bottled water should be fine. Drink sode,beer or drink without ice. 2. Mumbai is know for its comfort food on the run -- Paw Bhaji (meaning bun and veggie). There are literally hundred of stalls in Downtown Mumbai in Churchgate,VT and near Colaba. Some of the best eating splurges and variety can still be found at weddings. A Parsi wedding invite is a time to enjoy the rare spread of parsi dishes. Mumbai has thousands of Udipi (south indian) restaurants. These are super efficient in handling lunch-style thalis, dosas, and usual SI fare. Tea, cups and cups of it seems to be consumed at all times of the day by indians everyday. Just like HKG, BOM has best chefs associated with either 5Star hotels or Clubs. Very few of the old colonial era restaurants, run by generations of same family survive -- Of those existing, a few of the signature dishes still attract folks from far and wide. All imported alcohol is awfully expensive; So try indian whiskys,rums and beer. Finally, the executive dining room of a few Corporate companies are also worthwhile - AirIndia used to be good, now I hear it to be down. IndianExpress Towers had a great vegetarian kitchen.
  9. This is amazing :) I take a double miles run and there is a big disussion on Mumbai, a city I grew up till my youth. Some comments though: Indian Chinese in Mumbai ? Does not exist. Nearly every restaurant in the last decade or so makes Chinese - or what they think is Chinese. The distinct Indian Chinese existed in my early Youth in Calcutta, or current Kolkatta. The only city that had/has a Chinatown. Was is spicy ? No, more like a fusion of ChiuChow and Cantonese style. Specifically, a passably good Chinese restaurnat in BOM (based on my last two visits to BOM) is in Holiday Inn, Juhu Beach. The second, again in a 5star hotel in Bandra called Regent. The last trip to BOM, I had a very good meal at Trishna in Kalaghoda near the Stock-exchange. This is known for its seafood. IN general get invited by Indians who have membership to Clubs where good meals are had in the dining room - Breach Candy, NSCI, Juhu Club ........ There are a few restaurants - holdovers from era gone by -- Purohits,Aaram for Gujurati-style thali's. You could get good kababs in Mahim, an Irani Restaurant off Crawford Market for Biryani and beer :)
  10. Stuffed Sea Cucumber in Singapore SG. Crayfish Hor Fun in Singapore SG. Garlic Fried Chicken pieces at Impenema beach, Rio BR. Sea Bass Cerviche at a roadside shack to Punterenas CR. Reshami Kebabs outside Mahim Church Mumbai IN. Donner Kebab by a stand at an open air Market in Berlin. DE Ghoghoni served in a container made of leaves in Siliguri IN Jerk Chicken in the middle-of-no-where stand between Montego Bay and Fisherman Bay JM. This I could go on and on :-) Spore is the place for street food and Hawker stall side food. Closer to home, Beef Empenadas -- Washington Heights.
  11. I would propose that there is "no" authentic indian curry. The spices that go into many indian dishes vary. The "garam masala" or hot mixture as it translates, is a ground combination of various herbs/spices and these vary from region to region. Many households also vary their grindings of masala to suit household preferences. Having said all that - So of the basic ingredients are the same. Curry ingredients in "curry rice" @ Sapporo are different from green curry @ Sriphai (sp?). The same with malay cooking - I've enjoyed them all. My latest was -- Mussels with Curry in a small Belgian, Petite ABeille - 400W 14th. It had a tad bit extra turmeric (Haldi) which gave it a strong yellow color, very similar to the time-honored Bruxelles. The only time I was confused was tasting "Macher Jhole" at Tabla - I recollection of the above dish in West Bengal is too dated to compare with now, so I have to await a preparation of macherjhole in NYC before I comment further.
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