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  1. It is indeed a very strange restaurant . But in other ways not : In a moment of weakness, we misjudged the geographic mishmash that the restaurant presented to be a fad. It turned out to be surprisingly decent meal.
  2. Puffed Rice with onions,diced mangos,green chillies and mustard oil a.k.a 'Jhaal Moori' as it is known in 'Sealdah'
  3. anil


    I love them anywhichway Whether it is the traditional soft,white idlies served across the restaurants, plateforms of train stations in the south, many my friends houses - or the not-so-common but authentic nonetheless, or how about these pieces of idly cooked with onions and tamarind sauce, served with three chutneys and sambhar ? [so identify where were these two served ? skchai is disqualified ]
  4. Much of what is cooked in various homes across diverse regions and ethnicities do not use colour. Many of the colors you see in restaurants in the US is unfortunate force-of-habit cooking by many non-traditional cooks An Upscale Indian restaurant in India serving a buffet will not attempt to put colour if the clientele is predominantly locals. BTW that's "mutton Saag, Chatpate Aloo, Bhindi Achari and Chicken do-pyaja" which is Mutton with mustard greens,sour&spicy potatos, Okra cooked in indian pickles and chicken cookid in two onions. Much of the colour one would find in dishes cooked in dhabas and fairly decent restaurants are by products of chilis,mustard oil,turmeric, and/or other natural spices.
  5. anil


    Rajma and Chawal are the 'soul-food' of the punjs. Among other things, you eat mukke-piaz (raw onion smashed with the fiist) with rajma - While some families put chunks of ginger in the rajma, many have forgotten the importance of ginger in rajma for reasons unknown.
  6. anil


    In Mumbai, the folks at Gajali,Trishna,Mahesh Lunch Home have brought a live crab and then asked how one wanted it cooked - Ofcourse my favourite is malvani. Another is just cooked , rather steamed and the sauteed with garlic and black pepper. On the other hand, I have tasted soft-shell crabs fast fried as bhajjia (but that's not something I've had in recent years) Now, those King Crab legs in Seattle -- YummYumm !!!!
  7. Terrible - I understand what you mean
  8. Are you sure ? maybe they cooked to make you squirm ? It happens, when people are mean.
  9. I browsed around DEL & BOM listings - I have come to realize that it is now time to come to-terms-with-my-old-age Many of the classic places are missing or gone. The reviews of some of the pubs/bars in BOM (one owned by my cousins, and another close friends) are so hyped, they read like shills (no my cuzs don't write such stuff )
  10. I gather the quality of local wines will improve as the awareness towards wine increases (courtsey BPO,Call-center expendable moolas) - Still long way to go before it competes with beer and rum as favorite libations. On a slightly serious note, much of ancient reference to 'soma' would probably also include blanco colored toddy,arrack,tharra and other non-grape libations which have a ancient history too. The notion of red wine and related imagery has been imported with the mughals. It is quite surpising that none of Megisthese folks use it when they settled in the Indus Valley, after Alexander departed.... hmmm Vikram: Your cell-phone was turned ff when I was in BOM :(
  11. It is also common in some regions of india, where water chestnut is readily available
  12. All I can say, that since I started imbibin the foresaid libations, Indian wines have been ahem! ahem ! terrible.
  13. It a 404 buddy meaning File not found
  14. In all fairness, much of the effort of new restaurants (non-5star) is focussed outside of New Delhi - It's in Gurgaon - the home of many outsourcing outfits. The master plan calls for opening of many SuperMall+Office Complexes in the coming years. The discreationary and disposable income of the folks who work in many of the multinational s is geared towards spending. The GEs,AMexs etc. are all there. Ericsson has a space age building in the middle of nowhere DLF - Within five minutes of the Airport and so is Raddison
  15. Apart from what mongo listed try "chore Bazare", for south indian fare try Woodlands., Go to Sunder Nagar's Sweets Corner for sweets or maybe order Chole Bhature. Go to South Extension or Kailash Colong for "chaat" [tasty evening appetisers, that one normally used to eat standing on the sidewalk outside the shop...]
  16. No, You attribute too much to my curosity. It's just miles and FF. 11 generations is < 15th century.
  17. It is not heart of palm.
  18. We go 11 generations in Haridwar - (add two generations more as my nephew recently became a father )
  19. When those indians start picking up bagel with cream cheese and coffee to go, every day during the work week from the carts outside their offices bldg. or the corner - Or is it doughnut Move to New York mongo
  20. Did Paris Cafe close ? It is by the Fulton Fish market. You'd get a lobster old-fashioned style.
  21. I must admit that in all my extensive travels over the decades, I have not seen dhuan method as described in action. Either this technique died around the time Pinky came to UK as a new bride; or I wasn't travelling extensively for years on end Simply put is it not similar to the smokers one sees at bbqs ?
  22. When are you going and where would you be staying ?
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