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  1. I make coffee with mine. But the best use, IMO, is for risotto. I put a blob of chicken stock reduction in the pot after sauteing the onion and rice. No need for a pot of stock. I just add a TB or so right from the spigot and presto.
  2. Peter the Eater has it right. I will assume that the martinis are made with gin. Mine is in the freezer.
  3. I get to the city once or twice a year and I have no idea where Aquavit is. But when I hear bar and midtown east I become fixated on the Four Seasons.
  4. I'm having trouble with this. 30" is standard table height. You should just be looking for chairs, no?
  5. I now can recall that my father and grandfather visited the Catholic church a few blocks from my grandparents home in the east side of Joliet, Illinois on lenten Friday evenings to return with deep fried fish. They were small and the color of mahogany with accompanying mayo-pickle sauce. Thanks for this thread. It was at least 65-70 years ago.
  6. We recently upgraded our cable and now get the cooking channel. IMO, Jamie Oliver is now about the best on TV. He's informal, explains things, has good knife skills and enjoys himself. Oh, and the stuff he produces looks eminently edible.
  7. I use parchment paper under the dough, too. You can forget about stretching if you top the dough with plastic wrap and roll it out with a rolling pin. Works every time and I really get a thin crust.
  8. FWIW, I have recently upgraded my TV reception to get, among others, the cooking channel. And I've been watching Jamie Oliver for the past few weeks and am truly impressed with his off hand manner and creative assembly of very appetizing foods. I believe that he is the best "chef" on the tube right now.
  9. I fail to see the "either/or" aspect. Basic cooking education can surely coexist with MC in this world, to everyone's benefit.
  10. Having, of course, gone through gallons of ice cream in lo, those many years, I came upon gelato in Italy a dozen or so years ago. Unbelievable! Although, now that I think about it, there was a similar reaction to my first taste of porchetta, too.
  11. Slightly off topic, I guess, but... About fifty years ago, while working in Chicago I used to frequent the Knoll and Herman Miller showrooms at the Merchandise Mart on lunchtime sometimes. One or the other (maybe both) had a Keiller marmalade jar on a table. I assume as a "homey" conrast with the severe furniture. Any way, I bought several jars over the years. I still have a jar next to me holding a bunch of art markers. Probably thirty years old.
  12. DaleJ

    Wine Wisdoms

    "Water keeps the world apart, wine brings the world together."
  13. Both my parents were born and raised in Joliet. And, BTW, I've been to Nerbone several times. Boiled beef in a bun and dunk it! What else does one have there?
  14. I was having trouble with this topic until the last post. Also, in Joliet, Illinois, I can recall my grandparents taking me to lunch at the restaurant below the Rialto Theatre (an early mixed use development) before the afternoon movie and OD'ing on my favorites: black olives and blueberry pie desert. This was in the forties and a movie at the Rialto was an event with organ music and a changing color curtain.
  15. Anson Mills has a website. Don't remember the cost, but they come in little paper bags in plastic bags in a box. It seems like a small scale operation.
  16. My grits come from Anson Mills, Columbia, SC. So does Thomas Keller's.
  17. Surprised you have no replies. One of my favorites is Hess, at the top of Mt. Veeder in southern Napa. Its an old monastery with a large art gallery upstairs. Among others, there's a huge Frank Stella metal collage that must be worth millions. Pretty good wine, too.
  18. Two martinis every evening since 1969. I am "cleansed" already.
  19. No mention of Babbo? Also, the $29 lunch at Del Posto was excellent.
  20. Strange. My pizza making changed for the better a few yeaars ago after Food Illustrated told me how to make the dough thin. I don't remember if the tip was in the mag or on TV, but it allowed me to perfect a thin crust. The secret is to place the dough ball on parchment paper, top with film and roll out with a rolling pin. Trim the paper with a scissors, remove the film, add toppings and its ready for the oven. I've read this month's mag and don't know why they've abandoned the rolling pin method. It works for me.
  21. "DEMI199" fine. Where does one enter this code?
  22. FWIW, I received an email from McCrady's yesterday announcing the opening next week of "Husk". No further information.
  23. DaleJ


    Visited Eataly a week ago, mid afternoon. Crushing crowds verging on mayhem. I wish it was more like the original in Turin. More "rooms", less "open" ambiance. (I guess everything B&B touch turns to gold.)
  24. We visited Riverpark a week ago. Talk about a remote location! The cab driver had to go around several blocks before finding the correct street and we walked the block east to the building. However, very worthwhile. Without reservations, we were seated at a twotop at the window in the bar. All in all an exceptional evening. Good drinks, good food and a very pleasant room.
  25. I'll be in the city next week for a few days. Where is Riverpark? Please publish a review. Thanks.
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