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  1. My friend had a freak reaction to gold leaf (in Hundred Acre wine) but fortunately it can only happen once in one's life. I'll see if I can find out what it's called.
  2. i've heard a LOT about this producer and have yet to try some...time to give the donnhoff's a break i suppose. the 04's are supposed to be top and as for the g-max...hopefully i'll be able to get my paws on some soon.
  3. Who says he will be teaching in English??? Ferber teaches in French. I know; I translated for her on her last day in 2004.
  4. alanamoana is right really though: it must be bleached to support the tremendous ratios of sugar/fat/liquid that are introduced to American recipes in France they were astounded to hear me say that "one can not make a cake without bleached flour..." it is not legal in France to add chlorine to flour.
  5. I recently hosted an Eisele vineyard tasting where we tasted a 77 Norman Mini Eisele ("garagiste") that was laden with VA. It was the first wine that I had experienced significant VA in, but I was able to see beyond and the fruit was really glorious. I actually rated it very highly. Almost everyone else at the table, including Doug Eisele and Walter Schug, remarked that it was too much and rated it last. Mr. Schug did say that with the right "roast beef" he could drink it! As the tasting was blind and my notes had been written, I was married to my positive judgement. I am not a very experienced taster and I could not detect this "fault" of sorts but after this experience I think I am better suited to identify VA and assess accordingly. We did taste, later on, a wine in which Tor Kenward identified acetone. It was one of the 90's era Araujos I think. At any rate, sounds like there are various forms that VA can manifest itself, but I think I would prefer that all of it be filtered out whenever possible.
  6. The "bread sommelier" (hahah) allocate the different breads because it is less wasteful on their end...at least that's the way I see it. room temp butter all the way!
  7. I am excited about next year's roster of Guest Chefs! The schedule should be emailed out in the next few weeks... (Pierre Herme is on the books) you pastry people should check it out
  8. I saw that and regretfully have never been. Must be an honor. The pix looked great.
  9. i'm pretty sure my colleague ordered some perfect puree via amazon.com
  10. To my friends and colleagues: I have recently signed on to lead the bakery program for an organic grocery store based in Chattanooga, TN called Greenlife Grocery. I am looking to increase my sources of organic bakery ingredients. If any of you have a moment to send any information my way or post it then I would be most appreciative. Warm regards, Rob Alexander roba@greenlifegrocery.com
  11. depending on how great of an opportunity it is to work at your establishment, the skill level you are looking for, advancement opportunities, and other variables... 15-21/hr in my opinion
  12. we brought some good wine/food and just did the family r&r thing. the family whom I work for own a cabin up there so it's a nice getaway. can't recommend the pastry shop in old truckee and the wine shop on the lake was closed sundays. most of the good stories that i tell about the trip involve my initiation to snow chain installation.
  13. Fresh Blumheim apricot on a plate. Get them while the eatin's good. Have a great weekend everyone!
  14. last time I had one was last Epiphany...oops wrong subject...
  15. Warning: rhetorical question follows... We have tradition to protect?
  16. Re: burger. it's good but the bread that it's served on leaves something to be desir... disclosure: I make a competing product.
  17. Brush with syrup when 95 percent baked and return to the oven until it shines with brilliance. happy baking
  18. I can confidently recommend the pork belly at REDD. It hit the spot last week. I like to vote with some dollars in Richard's direction. Consensus is very positive about ad hoc. Skip Napa Valley Grill. Etoile at Chandon was nothing short of outstanding in terms of food and service a couple months ago. Ask Mateo for Suzanne serve you; she's been there for over 20 years! Disclosure: my wife worked there when we ate there. The terrace at Auberge is one of the most romantic spots in the Valley. Try calling Pride Mountain Vineyards and picnic at their summit tables: charcuterie from the Fatted Calf with some newly released Pride wines are a great match. Get the charcuterie at the Copia farmers market on Tuesday AM. You might even be able to track down some decent bread... Sonoma: lots of good reports about Mirepoix in Windsor...can't vouch.
  19. Yes, don't forget the sugar glaze. I like to brush them with sirop and then return them to set the glaze. Otherwise it risks getting sticky after cooling. The glaze makes it very attractive.
  20. Start with great flour and butter. Make an excellent puff pastry. Wait til fall arrives and buy the finest quality apples you can get. Peel and core them. Slice them thinly and cook them in a heavy bottom pot until a thick puree arrives. Very lightly sweeten. Adjust acid with lemon juice. Stamp puff ovals, dose the filling well, egg wash the edge to seal. Egg wash the top and using the back of a knife make a decorative design. Bake in a very hot oven and reduce the heat to medium to finsh the bake. The puff pastry must be baked DRY. That way, you have the crisp pastry and the perfectly textured filling. having fun with my new moto Q, R
  21. haha, carmine coloring...beetlejuice anyone? thanks
  22. small companies: more volatile smaller workforce (harder to get time off sometimes) less benefits less beaucracy usually more tight nit sometimes you have to be able to wear different hats to succeed larger companies: can sometimes be better organised better benefits more corporate feel usually change happens slowly sometimes in the end you follow your vision, and if you don't have a vision then i suggest varying your experiences with different companies so that you are an easily adaptable employee. your next step must come from you; i am responsible for my career success (not the culinary school i attended or didn't attend). that's what i value and what has helped me.
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