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  1. I most often assemble all the parts to the puzzle before hand. Andie's suggestion about the muffin tin was fantastic! It got me thinking about assembling my recipes for the different masala blends I've been doing. How simple is it to plop the cupcake papers in there, portion out the spices (even different colors for the different recipes!) and then get on with heating, grinding, cooling. WOW! Thanks! And I am an obsessive clean as you go-er. Makes it very nice to finish the chore and the pleasure at the same time.
  2. I thought it boded weird for the vegetarian daughter wanting to cook the Thanksgiving dinner Please don't shoot me. I realize vegetarian Thanksgivings are acceptable to some folks. Just none of the ones I know.
  3. How very strange that Pascal Aussinac basically says the same thing I said about raising geese without gavage. It does take more time, but I already said the same thing. And what is to say that the extra nutrition by supplimenting all the natural feed they got, such as bugs, grasses, seeds, grain, oyster shell, with a big trough of cooked buttered noodles every evening as they were penned for the night did not make for "fat enough" livers?
  4. In my experience, dogs locked up with dead "parents" will go for their livers after a short length of time, while I do not recall a single infant with a deceased parent resorting to cannibalism. I think perhaps touregsand was pointing to the difference of the species. Touch my child- you will regret your short lifespan. Touch my dog, I'll get you through the law.There is a DIFFERENCE.
  5. Those who open a can of Whupass may have reason to regret the can opener they were usin'.
  6. I just finished reading a 1970 book called "The Cooking of Bagdad" by Daisy Iny, in which she wrote marvelous descriptions of days past in Bagdad, Persia (she did not refer to it as Iran) and Lebanon. There were evidently truffles to be obtained very easily, for her recipes had the same ingredients: truffles to be cut into 1" cubes. She was Jewish, and had moved to California eventually, in stages. A very nice read, if you can find it.
  7. fish taco and a sleeping giant beer. happy.
  8. sparrowgrass, that made me think of what armadillo was called down by the bayouque in Carrizo Springs TX. They qued a lot of them and called them pork in a box (it does taste like pork).
  9. Gary, you have my sympathy. People seem to have a nearly pathological fear of fat. I can just suggest one thing past divorce and disowning. If you've got the bucks, get your wife's cholesterol done. She might be surprised. Ingestion of fats are just as necessary as ingestion of fibers, minerals, the dreaded carb word, and water. Those who only eat vegs, in my experience, have had no stamina, as well as low disease resistance. As well as complexions like pasteboard. Without healthy fat, as well as a balance of the other necessary foods, the nails, skin, and hair are pretty well doomed to dryness and a brittle state. Does your wife smoke, drink coffee, etc.? I would throw them out of the kitchen and not cook special shit till they got hungry enougfh to try something. I realize that's a hard thing to do nowadays. When I was raised, and my kids were raised, you ate the meal set out, or you went hungry. And you did not make a bowl of cereal or something not already part of the family meal. Olive oil? Man, she is crazy!! I bet she only wants lemon juice on stuff.
  10. I got the "Sopranos Family Cookbook" from my niece for Christmas a few years ago, when it came out. Nothing but a big hype for the show.
  11. No problemo. I frequently answer faster than I should.
  12. I do not argue against anyone. My reply was in response to the "all animals are raised for slaughter" comment and the basic truth underlying that statement. If it costs you 900 bucks a year supposing nothing untoward happens to raise one steer, but you receive 1750 for his butt when he goes across the ring, you have a considerable attachment. If everyone quit eating domestically raised animals tomorrow morning, I will guarantee you'd see a bigger dieoff of species then the Roman Coliseums were responsible for.
  13. Those animals we specically raise for food or other purposes would not survive on their own. Sorry, but that's a fact. Feral hogs and goats aside, what'ya think the Average Suburbanite would do when they woke up to a herd of cows on their front yard. Call the animal catcher. And if you turn them out, there are plenty of freerange predators out there to get the excess. Coyotes and pumas abound outside cities. They will eat joggers. You are going to tell me that if these animals who've been protected and raised by humankind for --what: 7 or 8000 years? are turned out, you think they are gonna live? Just look at a pet dog caught on a freeway. Brain freeze. Do you really think within two decades these animals would be thriving? Give me a break. They have been raised and their entire being is wake up, eat, sleep all protected, wake up again.
  14. There would be no animals outside of zoos if they were not raised for a purpose. Especially if they are a pain in the ass animal, which anyone who raises cattle sheep goats poultry fowl etc. will surely tell you. Horses will break your heart. They up and die after 11 months of coddling them through a very carefully planned breeding. Not getting off topic- truly- but if wolf were a privileged gourmet item, they would be covered on all their bases.
  15. I wish I could remember what the Africans call those those big ole skewered rats they sell. And the Indian thread had quite a few euphemisms for liquor and beef. Salve, salve, salve to the conscience, I reckon. I love Mountain chicken for toad, though. I'll bet Ellen Shapiro could tell 100's of those. Check out her excellent threads about Mongolia, Tibet< China, WHEREVER.
  16. Does anyone wonder whether CT has taken some sort of pay to make those statements(About the inhumane raising)? Because the silly ass comment about RT just don't add up. Especially---especially--after his little Charity Shindig. Don't tell me a chef of his importance can't make the menu. Or was it just some asinine screwup that coincided with the article. It just smacks weird all over it. By the way--Rotator cuff surgery is very painful, and the dude's gonna have his arm trussed up next to his chest like one of Jacques Pepin's fowl for at least a month. My sympathy to him.
  17. Jello definitely runs and catches and scores!
  18. Here's another one from my old book.Hough for the shin bone meat of beef. I have not ever heard that, and I'm an old farm bat.
  19. OOOOOHHH, but boiling chitlins are just plain nasty! Gack. But good later.
  20. Sounds like somethin the folks down in Brooks' hood call "Having Your Alligator Mouth overload your Hummingbird Ass ." sorry. fucked up.
  21. I have a very old cookbook from Pioneer families in Washington State and in a recipe for Haggis (yep!) it says: "Procure the large stomach bag of a sheep, as well as one of the smaller bags, known as "King's Hood",together with the pluck,which is the lights, liver, and heart." Farther down:"You will now boil the small bag along with the pluck; in boiling,leave the windpipe attached and let the end of it hang over the edge of the pot,so that impurities pass out." Haggis anyone? Cajones are sounding pretty good right about now.
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