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  1. Just two quick observations; it's been a long time, and I reread the whole thread, and two bug out at me. If your cornbread's sweetened and cake-y, it's what we always called johnnycake. I know I'll get fried for this farmed catfish used for fried. GAWD, PUHLEEZE. It has no resemblance to a good, fresh, trotline cat, cut,frozen the right way, then thawed and fried the way cats were invented for. And the next time I hear someone carry on about catfish "being bottom feeders", learn about them. There are many different species of cats, and blues in particular will not usually touch dead baits. The thermocline in water also keeps many fish off bottom in hot weather, as there's no oxygen there.Speaking of bottomfeeders, whatcha think a lobster is? The fact that catfish will carry the taste of the waste in their water is more an indicator of a larger problem, the way a mine canary would. Ahem. Sorry. carry on.
  2. Thanks. So that makes a beer and apple fritters for breakfast. Will scotch with a large and decadent napoleon count? Caught myself eating hot (and I mean HOT) pork rinds with cream cheese yesterday when I got home from the hospital. It just had to have flavor!!
  3. Holy onionoli, they've found onions in Egyptian tombs! What's the matter with reconstituted onions. There are certainly a lot of recipes (particularly from cultures that used these ingredients pre-refrigeration) where re-usable onions fit the recipe.
  4. I am sorry, I grew up with the quintessential cheerleader, my little sister. This chick creeps me because there's no layer underneath. If you covered her mouth with some good ol' Duct tape, she could not teach a thing. She's 99.94% fake. Sorry. If you can't find out how to cook without that bullshit, and without going to a library, for, cryin' out loud, starve motherf4756839s!!!
  5. I don't think I've ever had soy-meat substitutes that ever tasted real. I will eat soyburgers, tvp, etc. as what it is, but don't expect me to agree that it tastes "just like meat". Not in my reality. Tofu can and does taste like meat, or mushrooms, or whatever it's substituting for though, so I guess I just nulified my other post. Nevermind.
  6. Thanks, Miz fifi! Good enchiladas are the counter to the old saying about the outsides of a horse being so good for the insides of a man. Enchiladas are good for everyone, inside and out!! They sure can cure what's ailin' ya!
  7. You all have been reading my mind! (I know, sort of like perusing a blank journal--but nevermind ) This morning I started some EXCELLENT boneless pork ribs in slower than a snail in a coma oven of 225*, and only had to hobble out every 45 minutes-with timer- to turn and check on. Had some thick bacon ends on the pork so that it wouldn't dry too bad. Made my spices a mixture of fresh "game" masala and mex. Once meat was gettting on with it, added a 4oz'er can of green chiles and a can of Stokes brand Green chile Enchilada sauce along with a can of cream and back into the oven. When everything was excellently tender, dipped some fresh corn totillas in hot oil, laid out in baking pan, worked one at a time and rolled those puppies up with a tortilla-length strip of Swiss cheese in each. Covered right down the middle with the cooked sauce. Hiked the oven to 300* for 20 minutes. Worked in a super way! Tastes very good with "hot" green salsa and sour cream. Ah, for the love of mex in your tum!!!!!!!!!!!! Made me forget about my splint friggin' thingy, my nasty weather, and nearly all the past week's UGGHs.
  8. Billings is a University town, with a very large and accepted gay population. There's places like Q (fine dining) 11 (rock food pub) and the Loft are all either owned by and/or patronised by the gay folks here. You know it doesn't really matter what you are as long as your heart is good.
  9. Although it never seems like it, you will shed the memory like a bad rash. After 20 years of a marriage that crashed in 3 MONTHS, I went crazy. The only reason I went for food was for my cat and Miss Lucybelle, my Basset Hound. I had a case of Vodka, and I am not a Vodka drinker. It sucked. You can eat fish, good for the nervous system. WALK. I walked that rotten doubledealin' bastard out of my life. But a quick fix for me--and MS Lucy and Sneaker: a top-drawer Porterhouse, good Scotch, and the most suave companion of your persuasion. It's very hard to think about that s%$t if you are with company who makes you feel like the top of the world. Best wishes, darlin, I know you'll be alright.
  10. Miz fifi and Elie--both those look absolutely gorgeous. Those red enchiladas look too beautiful to eat - who am I kidding? fifi, I know you commited blendercide! Planned obsolescence, indeed! I am not foooooled, girlfriend!!
  11. Smithy, I have still not figured my little digital camera out yet in order to post photos, but it's funny, the other day I determined to seriously apply myself to read up and try all the advice from the eG tutorial about photos (where is the ashamed hang your head-down emoticon when you need it?). But I shall have some photo montages when I gather up all my ducks and get them goose-stepping. No, I sure didn't take pictures of my effort, but it was mostly because I am staying off my leg. You were pretty much right on about your perception about the old days and sheepraising. A lot of the animosity had deeper underlying causes, such as the 'bobwire', sectioning off open-range, land-grabbing by the bigtime outfits, small landholders trying to raise something the bigtime outfits bruited as range destroyers--browse feeders versus grazers. Nowadays, for the most part, most of the land's spoken for, or leased, and if not actually fenced, you are in deep trouble if you attempt to use anyone's without paying in one of several ways. Trying to not go severely offtopic and although my answer is simplistic...the folks I spoke about will run sheep and cattle in different areas at different times. There is no longer an onus attached to raisin' woolies. I'll pm you if you want me to. Oh, one last question: are your casseroles old ? They are beauties.
  12. AzRael, I am just so proud that you persisted, and ultimately enjoyed yourself!! How cool is that? Now you can speak with a perceivable knowledge of where all your fellow oyster lovers were coming from! Damn those are GREAT oyster prices!! I wish I could get away to partake of coldwater oysters...sigh Another high priority of my wish for very hard list is meeting Miz Katie and trying to cause a serious dent in her bar's oyster stocks...yep. Very much so.
  13. I am just knocked out by the beauty of everybody's efforts. I am definitely going with Rachel's method of treating the eggplant cutlet-style --it's apparent that no joke, you'd want to knosh those straight from the oven. Smithy, those pics are beautiful, and I adore those casseroles. Nullo's looks like it's very " happy tummy stuff"! I am glad I made mine, as well. DH took the leftovers with him for the other guys at the station tonight; we have 6-12" of snow coming in fast, and that always makes for busy time. The venison mixed with some pork sausage worked well. It's quite funny about the cattle-sheep thing; I reckon what goes around, comes around--for these days, many cattle ranchers run sheep as well--to clear an alien invasive plant called leafy spurge--sheep can and will clear it up; cattle hate it for it burns their mouth (s?). I used venison basically because I am needing to make freezer room for a piggy we are welcoming the end of this month--should be right about breakin' the Q- fasting time.Happy dance
  14. I feel as if the truly factual investigations never make it to the public. The ones available to the public are either in the vein of "Total Scare of the Week" vein, or the blase "Pass it Off" attitude. If we ever get real knowledge, we become dangerous, ya know?
  15. I use alfalfa pellets and sugar beet as a supplemental feed, as well as winter hays of timothy grass and alfalfa. There's no question what are in those. I have been to the mills here in Billings that produce both. There's nothing else added. Dairy cattle typically get a blended product, either loose ("chop") or cakes. These feeds are the suspected culprits. Until someone can prove a difference that is safe to me, they don't go into any of my animals. I changed the rabbit's food because the mixture was dicey-sounding. He now gets a diet that's safer, I feel.
  16. I am really interested in what influences you feel are leftover from the Persian Empire. I just got through with an interesting book about the newest discoveries in archaeology, which are changing a load of perceptions. Sometimes I think this whole world is one big ole mongrel amalgam that has traditions so old that they are lost.
  17. Husband just got home with 2 eggplants (for 5$!!!!YIKES!) and they got sliced, salted and I have them draining off for 45 mins.
  18. I have sent Devoted Sweet Husband for eggplants. I hope he remembers what he's been tutored about such. Am hobbling around after having a horse skid to a halt and plop down with my right leg under him---major bummer since I only get to ride a few times a year. But no matter. I am thinking of using some thinly sliced cabbage as a potato substitute. Quick question??? How many of youall slice, salt, then rise and drain your eggies? Aw, I forgot to mention that I'll be using ground venison with spicy sausage mixed in for a lamb sub as well. I find it can have the same mouthfeel if you pay attention to your mixing.
  19. Such a sad article. I have no problem with women who for any reason choose not to indulge in culinary joy. If you catch Sheer Dallas on TLC, you will see the shining examples of such. Pathetic. One mom bought her daughter about 40G's worth of a diamond jewelry ensemble just so she wouldn't wear her veil over her face coming down the aisle. But in her defense, they did show her making sandwiches, and eating out. But I digress. People are very ready to criticize those that do not fit their pattern. But to each their own. Their life is their business. I find women like diva's mom much more interesting. But that's me.
  20. I don't mean to sound as if I don't care about people's safety, or that this country does things safer than that country, but I really protest which news makes it to the public. If you are concerned about your food's safety, go to your ag. sites--Universities, schools of vet. medicine, or plant biology. Just for myself, I think our Sec. of Agriculture is an uninformed idiot, or possibly a paidoff menace. But don't quote me. The large ag. factories are virtually bulletproof here, thanks to the money they can throw in front of lobbyists. Look at the fights over the rights to patented plants on the growers' sides. The era of the man who can stand and think for himself is drawing to a close. You paddle as hard as you can, then someone opens another spillway.
  21. carswell, I appreciate that fact, and all I can say is that the reluctance to make any statements by anyone with a cattle stature is directly commesurate with how much you rely on the US Gov for your leases, etc. The people who speak out are paid in kind, one way or another. I too lived in the SW and worked for MCElhaney's and Spur Industries. Till I quit. Because I loved raising beef.
  22. An old guy I know said if you looked up suppliers in the dictionary, " You'll find 'em between syphilis and sh*t." worked for me. The people in the plants have no say. Way back, the workers at Moncrief in Colorado attempted a strike. Their employer, a former governor of Colorado, said he'd fire every striker. He did. Imported a whole new alien workforce. How do you fight Unca Sam??? He wins.
  23. Okay, I am sure that I was never in danger of any direct attack for my stance, but sometimes the 'Big Picture' loses the fine details. Yes, there's been a massive, industrialized attempt to sell folks feed of the most questionable origin at a low cost. Those who aren't big time could back off from it if it creeped them (and it did, even in my AG classes in 1978). However the problem now appears to be large volume raisers to whom the law is squat. And be that as it may, we still have cattle comin' up pos. after the cutoff for the feed restrictions, and they came from Canada. I for one would like to hear more about why there is not parity between cattle from the North yonder and the cattle we pay out more to grow and sell. What's up with that? And of course I don't want anyone gettin' sick. What do you take me for? Cargill? Okay, so I'm a big mouth, and I put my foot squarely in it 99.9% of the time. But I do what I do with the best of intentions, the way I was raised. I do not see any reason under the sun for good cattle to sell for 15$, especially given your market demand for excellent beef. And finally, does anyone realise that Japan, ever ready to deny our beef, has had 15 cases of native cattle that were pos.?I don't have the years to hand, but this is far worse than what our presses were chewing on. And recent.
  24. I have never posted about this because I have beef cattle. Mine are breeding stock, and go into private sales as such. They are stringently raised, and tested. I have not replied for the simple reason that I have no desire to argue with the entire Canadian contingent. Our border is closed. You all have just bought a US packing plant and are moving it lock, stock, and rendering tubs up to Canada. Good for you. Our ranchers down here primarily hate the packers, who are clearing approximately $450 US more by obtaining you all's cattle. I ain't arguing, so don't expect me to answer you back. My cattle are good enough for my family, my tribe, and the Native School I donate them to, to be eaten.Think what you want.
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