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  1. Marlena, my dear, you simply have to let these folks have a link to your story about Shakespeare, the elderlies, and the buffet. I think it'd be appreciated.
  2. This may not help anyone, and indeed may be from left field, but when I worked wheat harvest in Colorado, we would make very good extra money by hauling potatoes to the enormous potato "sheds". All of the potatoes that were not suitable for certain markets were rail-shipped to Mexico. There was a very good market for sizes that were usually giveaway there.There being CO.
  3. DRINK LIKE A FISH EAT LIKE A HOG IF A MAN WERE FORTUNATE HE'D COME BACK AS A DOG Sorry. Actually, my favorite is an old toast that I cannot find to save my life. It was basically," blessings on my friends, and may God inflict my ill-wishers with a limp. That way, I'll see them coming."
  4. WOW, youall have some sort of patience! I think these are some of the funniest yet 'cringe factor' parties (did I really say parties?) I've read in a while. I guess it could be turned into a positive by thanking Providence that you did not have any sword displays mounted on your walls!
  5. I like WHT's answer, as well as room temp, with everything else heated ala Jamie Maw's. It always seems if it's too warm in room temp to keep it in a pantry, and ends up refrigerated, then cold sliced tastes best.
  6. Um, the horsey cutlets were a reference to the other thread, by the lady who bought some horsemeat and her hub's reaction to it. Sorry, today's one of my obtuse days, I reckon.
  7. What size of chainsaw will you use to part that baby out? It is surely the food of the gods. Looks good enough to make someone cheat on their burger!
  8. Nullo, you all know there was a multiple-page thread about that very same thing. Although scrapple's a long way from horsey cutlets, folks oughta know what it is (and nobody ever said that you couldn't change it's pedigree with creative euphemisms 101!).
  9. I have to thank Holly and restate my desk clerk as well. When Lady Jaymes was here last summer, I recommended a wonderful and reasonable casual fine dining spot called George Henry's, because I could not make it out to dine with her. It was closed that night, and the desk clerks sent her to the Rex, which is over in every criteria: Overpriced, Overrated, Overcooked, BLAH. Actually, the inhouse cafe was better, at a third the price
  10. mizducky, I certainly agree with your Indian Taco choice, but I know a major reason it couldn't be included; namely, it is a very different food, depending where it's consumed and which tribe cooks it. I have 17 different recipes for the frybreads. It usually depends on when the tribe started getting commodities, and who it was taught them their recipe. When tribes got motorized and able to go very far for the PowWows, rendevous, and stomp dances, they got exposed to "way different" frybread tacos. When I was in school on one reservation in AZ, Navajo (Dineh), Hopi, and Papago (Tahono O'odham)
  11. I have to say that I'm surprised you did not get ahold of some locals and ask them. If I had to, I'd quiz the desk folks at your lodging, and then go to a convenience store or even a big grocery and ask some random folks who live there. When you do that, I've always found that one name will usually stick out. And in rural places, a lot of times the best food's often well-hidden in a building you'd never judge is a restaurant at first glance. Hope you all enjoyed your camping. Your kids sound very perceptive about dining already. Look upon that as a blessing.
  12. How 'bout red as a beet? Faster than quick-rise bread? Greatest whatever since sliced bread? Okay, this one stretches it, maybe; hungrier than a coyote on a five day fast? There's two sides to a pancake? A hot tamale? Grinning like a possum eating hornets? Tough enough to eat a glass sandwich? Slower than molasses in January?
  13. As far as Roman meals go, wasn't it their policy to eat pretty much like modern day Cajuns? In other words, no matter what we have in recipes left over from then, I think a Roman policy was if it breathes, eat it. I tried two recipes from a food history, and found them to be so overladen with luxury ingredients as to be akin to a modern fusion kitchen with an excess of exotica. So it seems to me that they more than likely ate any songbird unlucky enough to get caught, or raised. Was there not once a huge to-do about a Senator who debased himself so far as to raise a particularly prized eel in
  14. Little Miss Foodie, anyone whose pulse doesn't spike looking at that grilled bun, burger, and melty cheese stretched across has just got to turn in their burger card! Jackal10 that's a very tasty looking meatloaf. Maybe we've been going at moist all wrong. I've been keeping my meatloaf moist for a long time by using quick grits in my meat mix, as well as sausage, as mine are usually game meats-requiring that extra fat. But maybe (as far as oven baked) a bain marie would turn out what I'd like. And done in a water smoker, same principle, more smoke flavor!! As good as the Marlene burger looks
  15. Normally our DPS are pretty good with the outside folks. The only thing that makes them ornery is our massive problem with meth lab scum. You really lucked out this year, Daniel. This is our wettest year in over 10 years--Tsunami after-effects, I guess. Glad you liked our state. Good thing you had that better pork chop sandwich before you went to Pork Chop John's. They were all sold about two years ago and the food is now Sysco versions of what it once was. Indian Tacos are my favorite. My all-time favorites are the Green Chile Popovers[what they are historically called by the Az N/As] at the
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