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  1. Yeah, but Seth, how much are you willing to pay for a memory?
  2. Aw, well go ahead on, my dear. The Native American is nothing if not adaptable. Just witness what we managed to do with horses.
  3. You would have to reading another thread, but how about Boluses and Rumen Contents
  4. Mabelline

    I need new salads

    Thank you, ma'am. I am a bread salad groupy.
  5. I reckon the name came from the Northern fur traders who taught it to the natives. But it's now referred to as bannock, particularly by the Confederation Nation. Sorry. I meant to include nativeway.com as a source of N.A. recipes. There's also a native site on yahoo. Scope em out. They are good.
  6. Mabelline

    I need new salads

    You can certainly do the med-style bread salad. You cube up good bread, let it dry, then soak it in cold water about 10 minutes, squeeze the water out--not soggy, still recognizible. You mix it with sliced up tomatoes, onions, greens with flavor, olives, and a vinaigrette. Good stuff. You'll get like me, and start searching out different breads to use for it. Don't overlook the preserved section of your market. Plain ole pickles, sweet, dill, or sour, olives, capers, antipasto mixes, all kinds of stuff can be salads.
  7. I don't know if honey would go with beef. Ditto nuts and berries. Native Americans (including this one) would more likely go with plain salt, pepper, and root vegetables to roast alongside. Although carrots aren't native to the u.s., potatoes, carrots, turnips, etc. would be much more N.A. in approach. If you are wondering why it seems so much like plain old American pot roast, surprise...there's a lot more N.A. in the 'common' American dishes than you would think. You could make it a native presentation with your sidedishes, though. Some corn pudding or cornbread, steamed fresh vegetables, bannock with grapes or blueberries, maple syrup for a sweetener, as honey bees are an import.
  8. dingo, you asked a ways back how long to safely consume homecanned stuff, and just going on my experience, if you are new to canning, eat that stuff within 6-12 months. It takes a while to get used to the laws according to Ball about canning. Watch out for your stuff like green beans (no acid), any signs of weird growths on the lid (bad seal) and be sure to thoroughly parse out the subject before starting. On a separate note, when I was about 5, the Army Corps of Engineers came around to all the farms in the area where I lived, and talked the goodwives out of their oldest home canned foods. My father found out that the canned goods were taken to Utah and set up in one of the fake villages where they carried out A-Bomb tests. 'course we never knew if the food made it, but my mom always maintained her MIL's canning would take more than an A-Bomb to go bad.
  9. fifi, I have noticed the new Armour glass, and it sucks. If they only knew how many generations of avocado trees that will never be on their account, I'm sure I could perhaps make them go back. Many many moons ago, when the planets were young, my mom would take one end of the bread can off, recover with tinfoil, and steam in a pan of water, halfway up the can. On the top of baked beans is excellent. And the cream cheese, yep, especially with crushed pineapple mixed in.
  10. We still have it in the stores here! Higher than the lawyer's fees for keeping Paris Hilton out of trouble, but it's good. Another thing. Upthread fifi talked about that dried beef in a glass. Armour is what's available here, and the best price is around 5$ a jar. I find that absolutely disgusting. I now make SOS with Buddig sliced meats, but it's just not the same.
  11. How do you all get to view the videos? I know it's been going on a while, but I have to admit my eyetime of FNW is negligible anymore. Have they a show that previews contenders? Got to admit I have been cynical of this because of my deep resentment of the current food programming.
  12. Oh, that's cool, I thought maybe for a minute you were gonna use one of those totally proper "Southern Church Lady" moments and leave out a necessary step. Sorry. I know you wouldn't but there's recipes in Texas that are still not complete. I know of one lady in Millsap, Tx, who went to her reward with the secret of her hummingbird cake.
  13. The ultimate 'scamster restauranteur's' dream: Water and Oxygen.
  14. Oh, okay, you used it in with the makings while it simmered down?
  15. That looks like pure mushroom love. Andie, one picture had a bottle of everclear next to the basin...I know you can't do alcohol, so I was just nosing about what you used it with--I assumed not the mushrooms, or it'd be in the description.
  16. Oh, yeah , the emergency enchilada sauce. You can make a work boot into a real decent meal with a can of red or green.
  17. I can't add anything because everybody has mentioned my pantry. But if I don't have Herdez green salsa and Rotel, I start to get antsy. I do keep mandarin orange segments, though, just because I like them with meats or poultry a lot of times. And affirmative on the coconut milk; Montana is sadly lacking in coconut palms.Goya beans, very good.
  18. Help! We're Running Out Of Names at 22 Do I Have Too Many Places Brasserio Do I Care Anymore If You'll Drop Your Plastic
  19. Mabelline


    Also, js, although you are young and new to this stuff, do as andie suggests, and pick up one or two containers as you are able. Tend them well--no lab experiments involving yeasts or things likely to explode, and they will outlast your first marriage (sorry). off topic aside--the legis. is trying to get us a med. school. Bout time.
  20. I will gladly trade some pit cooked weanling porky for some of youall's seafoods?!!
  21. Wait! Wait...what about we disect the real name? Caviar--salty fish product. Banana---sleazy phallic symbol. Is this what they were getting at? Is the joke to subtle for us? Or did The Donald lend some of his "BrainTrust" to Mr. Chodorow for this? Is it a secret reality show?
  22. "Jesus' Away In A Garde Manger Mexican-Israeli Snax" Oh man!!
  23. I did not imply that Victor had written an article. I meant that he probably is in a better position to write an unbiased and constructive article than that quoted. I never said he attacked anything. Going by the title of the thread, I figure I am not being too critical to be weary of the same ol', same ol'. How about finding 10 Articles With A Positive Message? I doubt it can easily be done, because if someone non -native isn't critisizing, wait till another issue, and we'll accomplish it ourselves.
  24. Okay...better explain again; the Criollo I am referring to is the Argentine national horse. Just a joke, folks. I guess I need to up my meds again.
  25. I asked Dearest Marital Unit this, and he said anything animal protein. So I would have to extend an invitation for whatever I could grill,fry, braise, smoke, roast or barbeque. But beware that it might be game meats. My SO's brothers from the firehouse complain if he doesn't bring meat in about every week to 10 days and even send meat for me to cook. Although a dedicated carnivore, I really don't eat that much of a meat dish. So it has to be no waste of storage where meat's concerned. Actually, my own favorite for myself would be stuffed artichokes.
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