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    Steven Shaw

    I just read the terrible news. I am deeply sad and will miss him, although we never met in person. We did have a bit of correspondence though which I now cherish in retrospect. I have been here for a long time; I believe this was the first website about food that I read regularly - and I always enjoyed the reading. We are all indebted to him and remember him fondly. That is a fine monument.
  2. You are brave! (I might be, too.)
  3. This looks great - wish I were a few thousand miles closer! It seems you are doing fine, and I think you really deserve to. But I have one little question (it may seem stupid to anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry): "To serve you better we charge a 18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more..." Before I start trying to find explanations, all surely wrong, I'll wait in suspense for the answer. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for, well, a lot! Please don't disappear entirely. We miss you.
  5. Once was enough for me.
  6. I am not sure whether it is wise to forgo diacritics on the menu. (
  7. This sounds very interesting, but I confess I can't figure it out.
  8. croissant = kwa-sawn(t) Let's put a touch of an "r" in there (krwa), and omit the final "t". This, of course, is nit-picking.
  9. I have more than once given cookbooks to friends or acquaintances who were extremely bad cooks. The effect was minimal.
  10. I would never deride anyone who cannot pronounce things correctly. I will, however, commend people who do; and revile false correctors.
  11. As this thread is about accuracy with an occasional dash of pedantry (I am referring to myself, of course), I am constrained to state: haricots verts Billecart-Salmon
  12. Thanks for pointing out a mistake I have been guilty of making! Now that I understand the derivation as well, it won't happen again.
  13. An English friend of mine who really should know told me "skawn" is the more posh pronunciation.
  14. Bot-rye-tiss sounds right to me. Meel-foi - as a somewhat ugly approximation.
  15. Very good! Although I cannot aver that the x in Aloxe and in Freixinet should be pronounced identically; I actually have serious doubts.
  16. Fillets = fillets; filets = filays? Just a suggestion (and naturally for the sake of argument).
  17. Thanks for the delicious report! I am particular intrigued by the juice menu, something rather few restaurants offer, I believe.
  18. Pepper crushed in a mortar instead of freshly ground. Works for everything pasta.
  19. If he manages to make the ashes fall where they do not alter the taste of the food, I fail to see the problem.
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