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  1. "Per Se" is operated by someone else. (Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.)
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soused_herring I believe the season has started in the Netherlands!
  3. This is a bit off-topic, but learning that the Cheval Blanc has a new chef reminded me of the inexorable passage of time. I had a one-week cooking course there in 1986 with Fernand Mischler, and his father was still alive, too. (In case you were wondering, I enjoyed myself hugely - and learned a lot as well.)
  4. I fail to understand this. I make mayonnaise with egg yolks, uncooked, of course? There is another (better?) way?
  5. cmling

    Maison Pic

    EUR 320 for three courses (not counting the amuse-bouche or possible petits fours)? I am astonished.
  6. Just for clarity: Weißer Burgunder is pinot blanc, Spätburgunder is pinot noir. Although it is hard for me, I won't go into the diacritics.
  7. This is not an answer, but I am happy you asked this question! I myself have wondered what the advantage of thicker cutting boards could be.
  8. Very interesting indeed! I salute you both.
  9. If by "tasting wine course" you mean wine pairings suggested by the sommelier, my experience is diametrically opposite. But in all other respects, I agree!
  10. cmling

    Smoked Salmon

    Works fine in a quiche, too.
  11. This is not very helpful, I admit, but I would hesitate to make a mousse au chocolat with gelatine.
  12. I recall reading (perhaps here?) that someone who had the temerity to order something other than a steak at Peter Luger's was admonished by the waiter: "And you go to Hawaii to ski?"
  13. Thank you, Food Snob! Fascinating reading.
  14. It's a question of personal preference, that's all. I certainly would never try to convert anyone to my opinion on this subject. By the way, Sauce Béarnaise comes from Béarn, not Bern(e).
  15. Thanks for your extremely interesting reviews! I really enjoy them.
  16. Sounds fascinating, thanks for your reports! I suppose the prices or more or less what one expects at this level in Germany? (Around EUR 300/person with halfway decent wine.)
  17. If anyone tries to look this up, I suggest the spelling "Törtchen Törtchen".
  18. AA Gill (should one take him seriously?) on the subject: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_...icle5701012.ece
  19. Friends of mine were at Jean-Claude Bourgeuil's "Im Schiffchen" just a week or so ago and thought it was very good, but not truly great. But it's probably the best you can do in Düsseldorf. http://www.im-schiffchen.com/
  20. Steirereck had two stars back in the days when there was no Michelin for Austria. But Vienna and Salzburg were included in the "Main European Cities" guide (or something similar). The Obauers' breakfasts are legendary.
  21. Don't let me dissuade you from a visit to the Bräunerhof! I didn't want to imply that their pastries are sub-par, and I think the atmosphere is pretty much unique. But if it's pastries first and foremost, I suggest Demel or Landtmann. Both have "atmosphere", too, but expect lots and lots of tourists (not a bad thing per se, of course). As to fine dining, I have heard that Steirereck is firing on all cylinders again, but haven't been there for a long time. I have had some excellent meals at the "Le Ciel" restaurant in the Grand Hotel over the past few months. Highly recommended. If this link works, it should give you an idea what to expect. They are very much into unusual herbs and spices. http://www.leciel.at/index.php?idp=4〈=2
  22. Just a quick note concerning Vienna: The Restaurant in the Palais Coburg has closed. Österreicher im MAK is not fancy at all, but excellent value for money. The Café Bräunerhof (I think that is what you meant?) is not so great for pastries, but has a wonderful atmosphere - a type of café that is dying out.
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