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  1. Felipe Rojas-Lombardi's THe Art of South American Cooking is a terrific book from 1991. There are several copies available on Bookfinder.com.
  2. I just came from the fall Friends of the Library sale with 23 nice finds including McClane 's Encyclopedia of Fish, Sophie Grigson's Gourmet Ingredients, L'Atelier of Alain Ducasse and one I've never seen, Art and Cook published by Allan Ben. There have been at least a few others since last post, but call it 25. We are so close to 150,000.
  3. I don't have that one, but if you google "Incredible Datenut Cake", the very first hit is on Cooks.com and it is fabulous. I usually serve it with an orange custard lightened with whipped cream. And the cake recipe doubles beautifully.
  4. Marilyn Tausend, who happens to live in Seattle, has written several well-received books on Mexican cooking. Two are gorgeous coffee table books, but with terrific authentic recipes. One is Savoring Mexico, a Williams-Sonoma collection and the other part of the "Beautiful" series published by Collins. They are both available used.
  5. I just received a nice box from Jessica's Biscuit with all kinds of books including just about all of the new baking and/or dessert books. Among them: The Art of the Dessert and Panna Cotta. I also made a special trip to pick up a book FWED said was a must have. It is Chocolate by Jan Hedh, translated from the Swedish and republished by Barnes and Noble Bargain books. See if they have one at your local B&N. It's a steal at $9.98 and they said it probably won't have a second printing. So, please add 18 for me.
  6. This has been a fabulous week with a total of 63 (yes, sixty-three) new and used cookbooks. Some are from my trip to NYC and just arrived by media mail, a couple were from Jessica's Biscuit and 25 are from members only night at the Friends of the Library sale. They include everything from 3 gorgeous copies of Jacques Pepins Art of Cooking and La Technique, Olney's Simple French Food, Chez Panisse Desserts and The Browns' America Cooks to two piristine Fine Cooking Annuals and on to Nancy Silverton's latest, A Twist of the Wrist. I'm so happy.
  7. The 2 for 1 annual is a good deal if you haven't subscribed to either year or bought them at the newstand. I do this every other year for both me and mamster. We now have the full set through 2005 and will make use of this offer next year when it will be "pay for 2007 and get 2006 free". Since nothing in the magazines is time sensative, this works fine for us.
  8. I got two copies of The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink edited by Andrew F. Smith, one for me and one for mamster. It is too heavy to read in bed.
  9. Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook should at least be given a look. Terrific pictures.
  10. Just 2 today. The Lee Brothers Southern Cooking and Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas.
  11. Whole Foods has a very nice one. Ask for a sample.
  12. A bunch more from Jessica's Biscuit. I'd love to know how many books their best customers buy. I may be way behind many other collectors, but I try. New include Artisan Patisserie for the Home Baker, Cheese, Glorious Cheese and Chez Jacques with a signed book plate. Several titles were back ordered, so for now, add 7 and I'll post more when they arrive.
  13. I made a hopeful trip there today and it was still closed. I drove home and left a voice mail for Peter. I've never done this for any other restaurant. Let's plan a "welcome back, Green Leaf" event and fill the place.
  14. My edition is from 1952 and says "New and Enlarged" on the cover along with a subtitle that says "More than 3,400,000 now in use". This book was published under many names, but almost always "edited by Ruth Berolzheimer". Sometimes a local newspaper bought the contents to print under their name. During World War 2, there were editions with rationing info. The value varies depending on condition, edition and attribution and whether it has the thumb-indexing. There are dozens of other books and pamphlets with Ruth Berolzheimer listed as editor or as Director of the Culinary Arts Institute. Books were published at least into the 1980s. Mine says Garden City Publishing Co. If you need a recipe for Water Toast, this is your book.
  15. I've decided to bite my tongue, but PM me if you want to know the book. I'd like to hear what you all have to say, but don't buy it. I'm sure you can sit and read it at B&N. And please add 6 more for me including Bite Size by Francois Payard, Baking Boot Camp by The CIA and Darra Goldstein, 2 by Marco Pierre White, and Breakfast Lunch Tea. Maggie, it will be great to have us back where we belong.
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