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  1. Lebanese Taverna is always a good call in my book. Some people say the Woodley location has fallen off, however having lived here for just two years, I guess I don't have any way to compare. I like the shawarma a lot. Plus they have free parking.
  2. Although I mentioned Palena as a possibility in a previous post, I think my friend may be too casually attired for her to feel comfortable there (no jest, no jab - just the truth). We've done Indique to death. She doesn't like Bardeo. I don't love Thai so Spices and Jandara wouldn't be high on my list. Forget pasta and sushi. Austin Grill is a distinct possibility because my friend loves their margaritas (food is apparently secondary!). I'm giving you a ton to work with, I realize. Has anyone been to Bourbon? I'd like to check out the spectacle that is Suck's - I mean Buck's - but the attire problem pops up again. Are there other places I'm overlooking?
  3. JennyUptown


    skchai - I just love the way your son is trying to get his sister to look at the camera.
  4. I'm contemplating finally trying Palena's bar menu. I'll be the one wearing pale pink Pumas. JUST KIDDING.
  5. If you could you be more specific, the group will have a much easier time making suggestions. What works in terms of location (DC? VA? MD?)? What types of ethnic foods are of interest? By mid-range, what would your desired entree price range be (we all have our own definition of "reasonable")?
  6. Sietsema (Wash Post) has been using "haunting" a lot lately. Haunting?
  7. Totally guessing here, but is this you talking about the bad experience at Zaytinya, Swankalicious? Tom's chat - scroll down
  8. Pizza *is* done well in the area, I will admit. My personal favorites... Salerno's in Old Forge. They serve smallish rectangular slices, good cheese, served in a bar that used to be the 1990s drug trafficking hub of Northeastern PA - the back room is more family-friendly ... Arcaro's on the Taylor/West Scranton border, for something different. Thin crust with a soupy sort of sauce-cheese mixture. I tell people it's an acquired taste - once you're into it, you will crave the taste forever. PM me if you'd like me to try to help you figure out where you were and how to eat their pizza again. Alternately, you could just go to Scranton's Italian Festival during Labor Day Weekend - pretty much every good pizza joint in the area represents around Courthouse Square. You could make your rounds saying "no, not that one...let's keep looking."
  9. I am fortunate to live in DC (Tom Sietsema suck-up - I have learned so much about the process of food writing through his columns and more importantly, his chats) where the Post does a great job. I still read the NYT online, religiously - makes me miss the density of eating options in the five boroughs though. My hometown paper? Don't laugh now...it's the Scranton Times. When I most recently visited their web site, I almost fell off my chair when I learned that they do in fact employ a food editor (I tried to find out if he were also handling sports on the side or something, but no dice). Although the area has a number of good to very good restaurants, like in NJ, they skew toward Italian-American food, and there isn't a ton of turnover for whatever reason. It would be difficult to write a weekly restaurant review after the initial 4-5 months getting up to speed on existing good restaurants. The paper puts out a weekly entertainment/nightlife supplement that features "reviews" however they tend to fall into the "nicey-nice" category, most likely because only advertisers in the guide. "Hmm, I would how THAT happened. What a coincidence!" I can almost hear people say. The reviewers surely only visit once to get that "I had the pasta with cream sauce" experience.
  10. My turn to say "my bad" and in a big way. In my previous post, I said Blue Moon was bad, but what I meant was Dos Locos (where the best thing we tasted - in all seriousness - was the corn dog). Apologies for the screw-up. I could have saved you the trauma...
  11. Certainly this is not as *interesting* as a Dandy dinner on the Potomac, but it's worth noting that my own office holiday party (Friday) featured two fondue fountains. As people got drunker (and I, nursing the flu, stayed more or less sober), two colleagues and I got the drunkest of the bunch to skip the skewers and stick their heads under the fondue fountain. I did it just to see if they'd go along with it. There are photos.
  12. On Thursday, a friend and I had drinks at Zaytinya (love that Lemonos Maxiumus!), but there was a looooonng wait for a table and the bar was a zoo so we thought we'd try a new place, La Tasca. From the "just ok" comments I've heard, I'm glad that it was closed for a private event. Instead we went to one of my new favorites, Matchbox. I love that prosciutto white pizza with a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Although the pizzas have seemed super-salty to me (and I love salt - as indicated by my choices which have included both the meat lover option and the aforementioned prosciutto) in the past, on Thursday, it was PERFECT. My friends and I are making a regular date of this spot.
  13. Ah...if only. Feeling as I do right now, there was no alcohol consumed at this quick meal. The restaurant was much less crowded than usual tonight. Between the weather and the fact that it's Sunday, I suppose. Stuck to the basics tonight and enjoyed the spices. The heat (my paneer makhani seemed to have some extra fire tonight - good stuff) helped me breathe a little. And we skipped dessert in favor of something home-cooked. I'm about to bake a chocolate chip banana bread while we watch the Survivor finale. PS Thanks for the response just the same, Rocks .
  14. I'm heading to Indique tonight for my first post-flu meal. Thinking of trying their desserts - although I've had dinner there seemingly a million times, I've never had dessert. Any recommendations?
  15. I live near Trattoria Liliana and it's good, albeit with a tiny menu. And like its neighbor to the north (Hi, Carol!), they frown upon substitutions although they're much nicer about it. I have sampled ravioli with veal, swiss chard and cheese, chicken with cinnamon and gnocchi with pesto - all good. More options would result in more frequent visits from my neighborhood friends. FYI - Trattoria Liliana is smoke free and cell phone free. They have a sign on the door reminding you of these policies.
  16. Jaymes, although a lot of what's been said about the food at Tavern on the Green is true, I completely understand your position. It's the thought that counts sometimes. I also agree with the advice - simple food, special wine (IF it's covered; some gift certificates don't cover alcohol, tax or gratuity so your daughter should check first and plan accordingly). My parents love visiting NYC even now that I don't live there (hmm...) and a lot of their friends who aren't as in-tune with New York's fine dining scene want to check out TOTG. My parents love food, but they aren't foodies by any stretch of the imagination, so TOTG suits them fine. They like the over-the-top atmosphere which, to them, screams MANHATTAN. Although I disagree, who am I to spoil their fun?
  17. After my meal there in October, I wholeheartedly agree, Rocks. I too suffered through the pork chop (same dull knife and all). A college roommate took me there for a birthday dinner so it felt wrong to complain to the waitstaff. It's such a shame too...the space is gorgeous and the location, very close to my office, is so convenient for socializing or entertaining clients. But I know better. I have to confess that our appetizer (cheese fondue served with bread and a kielbasa-like sausage) and dessert (again, fondue - this time chocolate served with sliced fruit, cookies, tiny rice krispie treats and peanut butter cookie dough for dipping) were pretty good. But those entrees and the service make me say "I probably won't."
  18. Agreed - this is sore spot with me too. Kuna is great, although I was there last week and their already-small menu had shrunk further. It was a Wednesday night so perhaps that's why there were no specials? We were offered a selection of seven or eight appetizers (risotto pancake ALL THE WAY!), several salads, five or six pasta and just two entrees. One was a fish, and the other was flank steak which I selected in an effort to keep my day's worth of carbs low. It was good, but not fantastic; not as flavorful as I had hoped (priced at $15.95). The rest of my party feasted on the always-excellent penne with spicey vodka sauce. I filched more than a few bites (oops) and was filled with jealousy. And protein, lots of protein. 2 Amys is good for pizza, deep-fried risotto balls and perhaps a salad, but not Italian entrees. I don't think they even offer any. A lot of people like Faccia e Luna. I don't. On the other hand, Paolo's in Georgetown, another mini-chain, suits me from time to time. They serve a delicious spread with warm breadsticks and the pastas, IMHO, are decent. Not everyone will agree with me there though. Maybe I should just be glad that my favorite Italian spots in DC are expensive ones. Anything to reduce my carb intake!
  19. My company has a list of area restaurants including which ones deliver. It's all crap, IMHO. On a list of about thirty restaurants, only four or five deliver. Worse, they've bulked up the list by including everything from McDonald's and Subway to DC Coast and Tosca. None of these places offer up something you want to eat for lunch every day (barring a much higher metabolism OR a much bigger budget). So sad. It's things like this that force me to acknowledge some of DC's food voids. How I miss my NYC lunches like Two Boots for pizza by the slice...Devon & Blakely's 5-7 soup choices per day...cheap corner deli sandwiches with a big kosher pickle... flatbread pizza from Fresco on the Go... *sigh*
  20. Family Affair Restaurant - Taylor (near Scranton), PA. Each visit home, my parents and I generally go out for breakfast once. If it's to "Family", we always remember how bad the coffee is after we sit down and order breakfast (which is otherwise decent). The restaurant is owned by long-time family friends and for years, we've tried to think of a nice way to communicate that the coffee (both reg and decaf) is so weak that you could probably read your newspaper through it if you put the coffee in a glass.
  21. Thanks for the suggestions - keep 'em coming! To be honest, I'm not fond of Ella's. Didn't love the pizza, especially compared to those at Matchbox. I've been to Potbelly a lot - it's definitely the most cost-effective option. How I wish for a cheap curry joint (and no, that food court vegetarian places does not count!).
  22. Is there a good tres leches in DC that any of you would recommend? I had some at an out of town Cuban spot recently and have been dreaming of it ever since...
  23. ...wonder why the "oil" won't heat up to the appropriate temperature for deep frying a turkey. It was water, used for the displacement test and it would only heat up to 200 degrees or so instead of 350 as oil would. It helps to dump the water and replace with oil. Fortunately, this was my cousin's experience, not mine, because dinner was delayed almost three hours while he, a dim bulb, fussed and tried to remedy the problem.
  24. I can't seem to find the menu online...which is a shame. A few friends and I are thinking of stopping by tonight, but we want to be sure there are choices we can order without wanting to make substitutions!
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