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  1. <jealous!!> Just two blocks from where I used to live in NYC. DC definitely does not have a pierogi joint.
  2. Thanks for your comments, laniloa and WoodleyGrrl, but recheck my post. I said I'd go back for the bar, just not the food.
  3. Glover Park, right by Austin Grill. I think it used to be called Mon Cheri or similar...?
  4. Another disappointment tonight: Bourbon. I feel bad saying it (not to mention slightly nauseated), but que sera sera. Headed to Bourbon at the suggestion of a friend. We sat at the bar and said friend realized that she went to school with the bartender. Their reminiscing warmed up what I found to be initially chilly service. The two bartenders had been so wrapped up in their own conversation so as to give us little attention when we first sad down. Anyway...my friend was on antibiotics so she passed on an alcoholic bevvy; I had a glass of Liar's Dice Zinfandel ($8). It was served colder than I'd hoped for but once it warmed up I found it to be a nice berry-tasting wine. Still, while I waited for it to warm up, I regretted not trying out a beer (about eight on tap and 15 or so by the bottle). The menu is largely comprised of sandwiches (probably 8-10 of them) including the standard burger, a veggie burger, a grilled mushroom option, catfish, crab cakes, and an ostrich burger. The least expensive was $7 or 8 and I think prices on the sandwiches topped out at $11 or $12. There were three entrees - a tuna steak, a beef tenderloin and...a strip steak I believe (priced at $18+). All sandwiches and entrees come with a side of bourbon baked beans. There are a few starters (including chicken wings), most with a bourbon angle, in the $4-6 price range. Our first impression of the burgers...holy buns! Seriously, the thing was at LEAST five inches long even though the burger itself was average to below-average size. We both ordered their signature bourbon sauce on the side - good thing because it would have been too much. Mine, with cheddar cheese and bacon, was cooked more than I had requested (medium) but still juicy. But there were flavors in there I couldn't place. Even after removing the bacon, the thing was so damn salty (this from a salt lover). The accompanying side of beans - so tiny - was very tasty though. No desserts were listed on the menu or offered by the bartenders though I did see a cake stand with something (!) in it behind the bar. Other comments - decor is pretty nice. It's definitely no dive bar in looks although the first floor room was pretty smoky to me. But the music was all over the place. One minute we heard Louie Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World." Then a Parliament song. Then...well, you get the picture. It bugged us. Would I go back? Yes, but probably just for beer. I really wanted to like this place so I'm bummed, but what can you do?
  5. My man makes no excuses. He just eats. Those Tandycakes from Tastycake (PA in the house!!) are among his favorites. I'll buy a box that contains six or so two-cake packets. Within two or three days, they're gone and I haven't had one! I'm learning to hide a few for my own.
  6. Suggestions: * your body weight in bottled water * four copies of whatever weird seasonal world-music CDs they're pushing at the moment * some kind of coffee equipment plus mugs and coffee as a gift for a coffee-drinker in your life These are not unique, I realize. Maybe regift?
  7. What dishes did you try? Here's a link to Rice's menu
  8. One downside to having someone (e.g., a boyfriend) around a lot: he often eats the leftovers before I can get to them!!
  9. I have struggled with the cooking-for-one thing for any number of reasons. First and foremost: foods go bad quickly. Doesn't matter if it's bread or rolls (keeping them in the fridge prolongs their life, but diminishes flavor and texture, of course), milk, fruit, etc. It all rots quicker than I can eat it. I have a package of tarragon turning black in my fridge all because I needed some fresh herb for one dish. I hate to waste things like that. Next is the effort. If it's just me eating dinner, I can have the same damn thing almost every day and not complain. Mostly this is because I get plenty of variety otherwise via meals in restaurants with friends (e.g., half the week). Lately I have been making more of an effort to cook, spurred partly by a boyfriend who loves to cook and makes fun of my bachelorette pantry (but is seemingly very impressed when I make the slightest effort in the kitchen), partly by a desire to save money, and partly by a sense that I'm missing out by not learning to enjoy the process.
  10. I haven't heard it discussed much and it was just suggested as the site of a coworker's birthday lunch. NOT that I can really influence things, but it would be nice to know: 1. is it any good? 2. what, if any, specific dishes are good? 3. prices? Gracias!
  11. Where'd you end up, out of curiosity, smayman?
  12. These are great suggestions - thanks! If you have addresses (approximate or exact), they would be most appreciated. Please keep in mind that I orient myself according to White Flint Mall and Rockville Pike. Otherwise, not a clue.
  13. I saw it! My boyfriend and I (chain-haters each) were hysterically laughing.
  14. The screw fruit looked like...well, screw-shaped. But in a wormy way.
  15. Interesting background info, Tim. Thanks for sharing! Jaymes - congratulations on the future family addition. Great story.
  16. I've read plenty about dining options in Rockville, but of course now that I'm spending some time in the area, I find myself drawing a blank each trip. I know good food is out there, but... I only saw one place that I rang a bell - Addie's right on the pike - and would love recommendations for future time spent furnishing my SO's new condo. Anything - cheap eats? good spots for quick lunches? something more extravagant for a nice dinner? favorite watering holes? He has a lot of purchases to make so I expect to be able to try a few new places - happily!
  17. I was in an Asian food store today in Rockville, MD and came across...screw fruit. Can anyone please enlighten me?
  18. Man oh man...I finally had the miniburgers on Friday night/ Wow, they are good! Everything about them - the meat, the bun, etc. - but the topper? Perfectly seasoned crisp onion straws. The prosciutto white pizza has become my favorite - I think I may have to get that for an occasional work lunch.
  19. NYE seems like a "great" night for disappointments and the like. My boyfriend and I stayed in (more because of his apartment move-from-hell than a decision not to go out) and it was lovely. He brought the champagne; I made a decent (for me) simple meal. We got silly drunk and had more than a few laughs while we fielded "Happy New Year!" calls from friends and family. Sorry to hear about Zaytinya being a letdown. You should try it again on a regular night.
  20. Lucky me, lucky me! I'm heading to Zaytinya in about an hour. Will skip the Adana Kebab "Tike" (I'm going with two people who are not lamb fans; of the two lamb dishes described in my most recent Z post, the hunkar begendi wins by a landslide) and Puff Boregi. One friend is a vegetarian so I'll probably explore that aspect of the menu more than I have in past trips. The other will hear me pushing the shish taouk for sure. Lemonos Maximus for me. Maybe two...
  21. What's the protocol re: working in the kitchen while sick?
  22. Wait...$500 (or thereabouts) for a party of 30? How did you pull that off?
  23. So sorry to hear about your scary experience, morela. I've had two AM incidents in two years so I can relate. First, my purse was stolen. Second, the wheels were stolen OFF MY CAR while I was parked at my boyfriend's house (he is moving in two days - hallelujah). Interestingly enough, during my 6+ years in Manhattan, I was never a victim of a crime.
  24. I'm curious to hear about your dinner. How'd it go? I walked past Rice on Sunday afternoon, saw some lunch action going on. It looks cool - now I wanna know how it tastes.
  25. Cafe Divan = pretty big disappointment (although a reasonably priced one). Maybe we just ordered the wrong stuff. The setting is so nice and we had one good appetizer so we'll probably give it another try. Anyone else been and have recommended dishes?
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