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  1. You can see if Firefly has room - yum.
  2. I wish my office (just above the Metro Center stop) were a few minutes' walk closer to Breadline. In lieu of that, what else can I eat for lunch? I'm thinking take-out, not sit down, and budget-friendly. I'm sick of High Noon soup (good, just not every day) and Cosi sandwiches don't do it for me. Capital Q is OK once in awhile. Today I tried pork dumplings from Sushi AOI. They were tasty with spicy wasabi wrappers, however there are only four to an order ($5) so I'll be hungry SOON. If you have suggestions, please speak up. I'm hoping for a real find, but will take anything you've got at this point.
  3. Degrees (the bar that goes with Fahrenheit) would be lovely for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail, but Fahrenheit has been almost universally panned. Degrees has a swank atmosphere, creative (and expensive) cocktails and knowledgeable bartenders. I like it a lot for special occasions or on someone else's dime!
  4. I *finally* had the Zaytinya experience that makes everyone (but me - up til this point) rave. The difference? Going in armed with suggested dishes. I had eaten at Zaytinya twice previously, with groups both times. I am by no means a shrinking violet, however as I was not being very familiar with this type of cuisine, I didn't feel comfortable chiming in over the "votes" of my more opinionated fellow diners. Big mistake! After a lemonos maximus (great drink and Jorge is a cool dude), we ate (in order of loved to just liked): - Hunkar Begendi This seems to be the accepted winner of the huge menu. This dish of wonderfully tender lamb with eggplant and cheese took was perfect and when the meat was gone, we used the wonderful warm bread to sop up the rest of the eggplant and cheese. - Shish Taouk Incredibly flavorful chicken. So moist and tasty. I wish we had ordered two so I didn't have to share. - Patates Tiganites These potatoes reminded me of a dish at Jaleo. Different shapes and seasonings, but the concept struck me as familiar. Enjoyable and the fried potatoes were not at all greasy. As we ate them, I thought "these would be great at 3 am after a night of drinking." - Adana Kebab "Tike" If you like seek kebab at an Indian spot, you'll probably go for this. It's was enjoyably spicy, but the meat was quite dry. The accompanying sauce was delicious. - Puff Boregi If there was a klunker in the bunch (IMHO), this was it. I think part of the problem was our expectations - we envisioned smaller pastries, perhaps like a traditional spanikopita, filled with cheese. Instead, the puff boregi were long-ish fried tubes...of air. The cheese was in the pastry shell itself and although the flavor was OK, this selection was nowhere near as wonderful as the other dishes. For dessert, how could we say no to the Turkish coffee chocolate? If I had eaten it without reviewing eGullet message boards, I would have left it at a simple "awesome cake!" Instead, I knew to pay attention to the various elements...candied orange peel, fleur de sel, cardamom espuma. AMAZING. Thanks to all of you eGulleteers for sharing your experiences and helping me enjoy a fantastic meal.
  5. I'll be returning to Zaytinya tonight and am looking forward to trying some of the suggested dishes (especially the hunkar begendi and Turkish coffee chocolate cake!). Has anyone ever tried the pork and orange rind sausage with bean stew? What other meat dishes would you suggest? Happy eating!
  6. Were my prayers answered? The entertainment guide appears to have returned to its past format (or very close to it).
  7. I'm in favor of the ban for the aforementioned reasons (smoke stinking up my hair and clothes) plus what it does to my poor asthmatic lungs.
  8. The old Greenwood space. Upper Connecticut Ave (sorry no exact address handy).
  9. Rants? Raves? I'd love to hear 'em
  10. Very interested to hear thoughts on this spot. Who's been? What's good/bad about the place?
  11. I have to say how much I am disliking the new entertainment guide. The only real improvement IMHO is the reduction of the disconnect between the EG and the Food section. Otherwise, the whole thing feels slapdash and poorly conceived. There are oversights galore on the navigation (e.g., when you are on a search results page, you can't click to the next set of results without scrolling back up to the top of the page) and the layout, other than section main pages, is horrible. Although users have made comments - such as when restaurants or bars have been closed for more than a year - old entries have not been removed. Reviews of restaurants such as Bacchus/Bethesda no longer make sense - the link to the DC branch that used to be there is no longer. Anyone else feeling my pain?
  12. My worst meals were in Colorado Springs. All of 'em.
  13. I would be thrilled to have a new worthy destination in WP. Lebanese Taverna has its detractors, but I'm still a fan. But some of those other spots are really the pits, just taking up great real estate.
  14. Rice? Sake Club in Woodley Park? I hold out more hope for the former than the latter.
  15. LEOPARDHEAD! Ha, ha. I know him well and he does make a killer drink, served with plenty of snark. In an amusing way. Their appetizers are quite nice too...interesting take on bruschetta. Blue Moon, IMHO, is a nightmare. I would never, ever go there again. On the other hand, the food at Dogfish Head Brewery on Rehoboth Avenue was better than expected. Oh, and that fish & chips joint on Rehoboth Avenue, beach block, isn't to be missed. Charming and cheap (plus, who doesn't need deep fried sausage every once in awhile).
  16. Is Nectar's menu online anywhere?
  17. I think it's another La Tasca opening there. Cheesecake...what a nightmare (except if you are actually desperate for cheesecake). My parents would eat there frequently if I'd allow it. My friend and I thought about checking out Tasca tonight before the Wizards game, but we're going to Matchbox (yum! went there for my work birthday lunch) instead.
  18. It was packed last night and the food was pretty good. Definitely a great value. After the whole reservation stress, things worked out really well. They seated members of the party (8 of us because of the rain instead of 10) as they arrived. We took most of the communal table up front. It's a nice table, however for a group that knows each other and want to talk, it's not ideal for two reasons. First, it's wide across so you have to shout a little. Second, they have two rather large candleabra in the middle of the table making it difficult to see the person across from you. Our service was friendly and competent. The food, great almost across the board. A few people started with the baked Manouri cheese and although the presentation was odd (in a foil wrapper - intended to look homemade, perhaps?), the flavor was delicious. Other highlights included the pork loin with Asian mustard and seared turkey steak. A friend had the scallops w/ angel hair and agreed that it was an odd dish. Not terrible, but kind of like they felt like they needed some pasta on the menu. The real klunker? The vegetable plate. I'm not a Big Food person and agree that portion sizes should be normalized, but this was ridiculous: two stalks of broccoli, two carrots, a few fried onions and a scoop of rice. Granted, it was one of the cheapest dishes at $12, but it looked truly meager. On the other hand, the wasabi meatloaf (yum) was HUGE. For dessert I had the banana cream pie which I liked although it tasted very much like an icebox pie I could have made myself at home. Tasty, but nothing transcendant. We drank a nice inexpensive Syrah and the group escaped without putting a dent in our wallets - $30 per person.
  19. My gang is heading to Logan Tavern tonight. I'm excited, but man...their reservation policy is a pain. * No reservations after 7 pm * They only accept reservations for parties of six or more (mine is 10 people so we're in luck) * The reservation will only be held for fifteen minutes (reasonable) * They won't seat you until your entire party is present (this drives me crazy)
  20. I generally stick to basic lamb or chicken dishes (I don't eat seafood), but I'm learning to like my veggies too. Would appreciate recommendations, for sure! I frequent the usual suspects like Indique (yum!) and Heritage India (yum, but the service...!!). Didn't think much of Delhi Dhaba or the one on the West End of M Street (not Amma...Aroma, perhaps?).
  21. I *wish* Baluchi's would come to DC. That is on my list of things I miss most about living in NYC, no doubt. I can't speak for its authenticity, but for variety, value, customer service AND the fact that their locations deliver...I miss it so much. DC has some great Indian offerings, however it's Baluchi's I crave.
  22. Hi Erin, Thanks for your response. We're staying in Hartford and having meetings in Storrs so somewhere in between the two would work (as long as it's easy to get to - we don't have any prior knowledge of the area!). Price isn't a critical issue. Cuisine...let's see, steakhouses work. Italian or American also. I love Indian but my colleague does not so skip that. Thanks again, J
  23. My colleague and I will be in Hartford and Storrs on business Thursday. Would appreciate any quality local eats (read: no TGIFridays!!). Thanks in advance.
  24. How about where NOT to go for burgers? I'd throw Cafe Deluxe out for that category. Even though I've given them multiple changes to prove me wrong, they just don't understand "Medium." The meat itself is bland; the bun undistinguished.
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