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Steamers in Northern NJ

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Mya arenaria will not be on my menu any day soon... I think it goes back to my childhood.

I KNOW those are siphons but we used to call them "piss clams" as a Piney down the shore. The darkened appendages just give me flashbacks to those days when we thought they were the part that "peed" on you :unsure: when you picked the clams up. So I can't imagine the pleasure or taste of anything that resembles that, entering my mouth with any level of enthusiasm. Sorry! LOL. :blink:

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Not sure that this qualifies as Northern New Jersey, but they have steamers at Bud's Hut on Route 1 N in Avenel.

I got them today, and they were fairly large, and not all that good, but maybe it was just a less than stellar batch.

I like them small and sweet.

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Despite all these recommendations, I recommend simply steaming them yourself. You know what you've got. First, scrub, then let them soak about 1/2 an hour to an hour in water with a little bread crumb in it. They'll be irritated by the bread crumb and cleanse themselves and remove a lot of the sand that is in the long neck. stick them in a pan with boiling water. The minute they open, take them out. Dip them in butter and lemon and there's no need to leave the comfort of your yard, or take a beer out of your hand!

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I was just searching the web for information about Joe & Tess. It's been a couple of years since we've been there.

Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday, and now I have to break the news to her that we can't go there as she wanted.

Now the last minute quest begins for a lobster dinner for four tomorrow night. I'm trying NOT to do the legal seafood, McCormick, etc.

Joe and Tess would have been perfect <s>

Oh, and as an aside, it was Josh's 17th birthday (and passing drivers test) celebration a week or so ago. Chalk one up for another great meal at Harvest restaurant in Bergen County.

I forgot to mention that YummyDumpling brought over an extra one of Picnic's lobster rolls onf Friday for Lauren to eat pre-birthday... whet her appetite for more lobster. Thanks Yummy, and of course Christine!

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well it's not exactly a seafood hut, but El Cid has the twin lobster special(that actually gives you three) and as I recall(although it's been a few years) they were quite good.

Don't know if they have steamers(just to be in keeping with the thread).

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