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  1. We frequently have them on the menu at Picnic, just call ahead and ask, we'll order them in if they are not on that night!
  2. Status update! Looks like a definate July 1 opening. Thanks for all the great suggestions! Keep 'em coming! Cheers, Christine
  3. Hi all! After five years of loving Picnic, my lease was up and I decided to keep the catering but to open a fine dining restaurant in Radburn, Fair Lawn. We are scheduled to open early June, and over the years, I've read this board and the constant issue is that nobody is terribly happy with Bergen restaurants. I will not, as yet, have a liquor license, but feel free to tell me what you would like to see. Regards, Christine
  4. For anybody interested, Picnic's team will be guest chef on Wed. June 17th at Uptown, Montclair, for a four course Italian wine pairing dinner. I'm planning on cooking up some scallops, a pasta with porcini, truffles and cream sauce, classic Steak Florentine and more. $45 includes wine. www.uptownmontclair.com
  5. But....how was the Lalande?
  6. Frequently on sale at Bottle King for $12ish, I think Simi makes a nice inexpensive chard. But, like the rest of you... Give me a 1986 Cos d'estournel anytime! Having one next weekend! YAH
  7. Picnic has had a few reader bests, and we don't advertise, period.
  8. For all our dear friends that come in to Picnic: I just wanted to let you know that dear Aunt Joan, who faithfully volunteered her time working the front counter and greating all with a smile died suddenly last week. Picnic will never be the same....
  9. Joel's on Chestnut is great.
  10. if you're looking for a good burger and beer outside, the Dutch House in Fair Lawn put a great porch out front last year. Pork Store meat in the burgers, and ice cold beer. What could beat it on a hot night?
  11. Well, I can see that about Rutts. When I was in high school, nothing was better than Johnny and Hanges, in Paterson. After the move, not so swell. I have a personal favorite, with Riverview East, in Elmwood Park, but that's just me.
  12. how can one go to Jersey and not eat Rutt's Hut?
  13. How about Blue Hill in Westchester? Is that what it is called? Highlawn has such great views! I believe Saddle River Inn (and I had a GREAT meal there very recently) will close down for weddings. Or, wedding-ish parties.
  14. Yepper! Tix are still available and Sara Moulton and I have come up with a swell menu; a mix of comfort food in honor of the baby, and some really nifty new stuff. Hope people can come, and I can't wait to see you guys! Hi Christine! Wondering if tickets are still available. Couldn't get there last year but hoping to this year. Sounds like much fun. WTF ←
  15. Hi guys! Two things! 1) Picnic will be three next week! Thanks for all your support, we're making over the hump! 2) March 18 we are doing a benefit again for baby Kaley Smith who is still hanging in there! It will be a dinner again, and as soon as I have my celebrity chef locked in I will post more, but if you are around, and would like to come, tickets are $100 and made payable to Kaley Smith Fund, United Way of Bergen County! Thanks, Christine
  16. Ha! Now I know who you are! Yes, indeedy you should. We're doing four bridal tastings this week!
  17. Great! Glad you like the Ridgewood Women's Club. Other ideas in the area for brides looking to bring in their own caterers: Englewood Women's Club (if under 100) Upper Montclair Women's Club - terrific but closed all summer since they have no air conditioning Englewood Field Club - If you know somebody. They allow you to bring in your own. Bishop House - Saddle River - If you are NOT doing sit down! Hope those help!
  18. Let me know when your going and I'm in....
  19. thanks for the info! I'll definately check it out!
  20. Glad to hear that CC's is still there. I was worried. Bourbon, good to hear the kinks are out. I'll give it another go. Never crowded, now when I drive by so I was worried about that too. Thanks for the updates, all!
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