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  1. Can you mail order that please
  2. Hell, the pot is older or as old as I am. Maybe just buy a second hand one to replace it.
  3. You should see their NYC Union Square store- its ALWAYS a zoo. But worth it. For the extra buck I buy a canvas bottle holder and would shove my way off the N or R at Prince Street. Worth the trouble since I worked in USquare and easily drinkable. Especially for NoLita prices
  4. I don't. I try to be mindful and eat well balanced meals. However I have a female friend who swears by fit pal that allows her 2660 calories daily. To be that is obscene! How do you guys what what you eat? I never considered calories but try to eat well rounded meals. And I am totally guilty of skipping breakfast!
  5. Between my husband and I, he has the better knife skills, I have more creativity.
  6. Yes, I concur. I thought they were outrageously expensive for what you got. A one time tasting was enough for me and my wallet. I'll still buy them. They are cheaper than going to a pub, ordering a platter, beers and tipping. They also taste pretty good the next day.
  7. My husband does a version of this with chicken thighs and garlic cloves. It's even better the next day!
  8. Awe I love McFats. I'm particularly excited that mighty wings are back.mwhen I want to eat poorly those greasy wings are good!
  9. Always use Barilla no idea why, perhaps copying my mom and what I grew up,with other than fresh pasta.
  10. Oooh Franci you gave a recipe for that chicken soup?
  11. Those lamb chops- wow! Amazing!
  12. The moment I get even a hint of sponge stink I throw it out, no second chances. It is a sponge. I am hardly cheap nor am I one to throw money all over, but this is a bacteria happy sponge and it isn't getting some second chance when I can easy toss an replace it. My inlaws always leave ours in the sink to happily absorb all sorts of crap and I happily throw them away. ETA- I'm fat fingering this on my iPad but to me a sponge is the same as a paper plate. It's dirty and easily replaced.
  13. Nancy, what size is your Cusinart? I just got a six cup one and am intimated by it.
  14. Um do you need an assistant? I can send photos and am highly organized when it comes to making reservations. Plus I like to drink. Those oysters looked awesome.
  15. You have to use butter. The more, the better.
  16. You're absolutely right! In case you don't know about it, there's a short course on knife skills in the eGullet Culinary Institute that you may find useful. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/25958-basic-knife-skills/ Thanks! I know, logistically how to use knives.,it seems unnatural to me. Plus I tend to shake when I shouldn't likely due to anemia.
  17. I don't think remodeling a kitchen is cheap but you've gotten good ideas. I would recommend Pergo flooring if you have a solid warranty. My parents just remodeled their kitchen and didn't change their cabinets or fridge and still spent 50k.
  18. My Italian mom and my aunt, both amazing cooks. My husbands who seems to amazingly put together a phenomenal meal sans recipe. Definitely not me., I'm the one everyone calls to find out the best place to eat and makes reservations for them.
  19. Knife skills. Every time I use one, I cut myself badly. I have a brand new Henkel set that I should not be avoiding.
  20. Meredith380

    Chicken Parmesan

    I searched, and unless I'm not fully utilizing the function (in which case, I'm sorry) I haven't found a thread dedicated to chicken (or eggplant or shrimp...) parm. I was lucky enough to converse privately to get a lot of good recipes but figured others may want to share or may benefit from this post. I have my sauce/gravy recipe down and am willing to share that as well. I'm also a novice cook. I hate dealing with raw meat and am never sure exactly at what point chicken goes from being moist to becoming dust. I'd also like to experiment with panko. Any suggestions? Any one else out there a parm-novice?
  21. How do you eat so much in the middle of the day and not have to nap?! It looks so amazing! But it's more than I est in a day, forget a meal.
  22. Yummy!! Sausage seems like a perfect idea in the ravioli filling!
  23. Can I come to yours for Christmas Eve? I adore KIng Crab- where did you get them from? That along with a fondue appetizer would make a nice cozy meal for my husband and I. I'm sick of making lasagna!
  24. This is what I do.Me, too. To finish the peel the best way is to add fresh butter, salt and pepper, then fold the peel over making a nice butter sandwich. The peel should be warm enough still to let the butter melt just a bit. Then eat -- sometimes with the fingers if the "sandwich" is big enough and there are no guests at the table.This is only theoretical, these days, sadly. But it's what I used to do and if I were younger, again, and not prone to packing on the pudgy pounds these days, I'd still do it. This is exactly what I do with the always on purpose leftover skins once my husband goes to bed. Delicious.
  25. My dads idea? Is to fill the minimum with homeless people. I almost smacked him.
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