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  1. *BUMP* Update! We went last month to Picnic the Restaurant in Fairlawn NJ (their new digs!) We were not disappointed! (Here is their new menu link!) http://www.picnictherestaurant.com/menu.htm We went with my inlaws but it was still enjoyable. -grin- We were served a delicious seafood appetizer/amuse bouche of Shrimp, Salmon & Oysters My MIL ordered: Café salad, spring greens, spicy pralines, aged Gouda, berries, sherry vinaigrette... Jeff & I shared these appetizers with the table: Smoked salmon napoleon with apples, goat cheese and cucumber caper dressing ALSO Seared foie gras with cabernet poached pears, blackberries and fig balsamic reduction. The foie gras was made perfectly here, after tasting a HORRIBLE burnt foie gras on the Grand Princess the previous month, this was a delicious treat. For the main course my MIL got - Some absolutely delicious "old school" trout almondine that was so flaky & soft & delicious I had to have a 2nd forkful of hers... my father in law got a hanger steak type dish with a side of garlic mashed potatoes & hubby got Roasted half Long Island duck with blackberry pan jus with a side of garlic roasted asparagus. I picked a forkful from hubbys too. We all shared 2 desserts being so full & both desserts were heaven! Thank you to Christine, Annabel Schlair & Javi & the rest of the staff for making this a memorable & delicious evening. P. S. At the next table was the Mayor of Paramus so we were in good company with not just the staff but with fellow customers-KUDOS on having great food & fine staff!
  2. Hi everyone! Long time no see/talk. We're coming up to NJ for the weekend and we're taking a friend out in the Queens area in NY and I'm trying to find a good deli (not spring deli and no schlocky place) the only "MUST" is for me, I need matzoh ball soup (unadulterated - I hate when they add scallions or weird stuff to it!) and chopped chicken liver to die for... other then that, any standard deli fare will work wonderfully. WE were going to schlep our friend to Noah's Ark in Teaneck but it IS Saturday so they are closed. Manhattan is OUT, before anyone suggests it. Please help! You can also email me at anonymouze@aol.com (no spam please) and if you miss me and wondered how things are... you can pop me a note in facebook too
  3. New York has or had the best Reuben's but that being said... Harold's Deli both the location in Edison area and Parsippany are out of this world awesome. The sandwiches are taller than a building, oy, ok I exaggerate... but you could plotz from the sheer size of them! We usually share 1 sandwich and take half home and eat it for 1 or 2 more meals together, if that gives you an idea. You can google them and see incredibly large sandwiches, desserts and more. Do NOT eat before you go and I strongly advise fasting at least 18 hours before you go there so you can try one of every good thing on the menu with or without sharing it.
  4. My Deepest Condolences to the picnic family and her family. Some people while easy to remember are never replaceable. Also I miss all you folks up there and hope that you'll be down this way in the DC/VA area to visit one day!
  5. I used to live on woodland in River Vale nice home on a quiet street up until 2 years ago! Now I live 10 Miles or less from DC in beautiful VA! I'd start with Picnic (see Christine Nunn) for delivery or pick up/to go she caters too! The Park Steakhouse is pretty good IMHO also The Porter House (both on Kinderkamack) - I liked Pimaan in Emerson and the little irish pub across from CVS in Park Ridge/Montvale wasn't half bad either. For Pizza the pizza place on river vale road (the name escapes me) had great pizza imho! and there's good places in Old Tappan nearby as well as Pearl River too. Feel free to send me a private note or see any/all of my listings or recommedations from when I used to live in Rivervale on here. You'll love the town! We did... and god how I miss it even though this town is great
  6. For what it's worth, this is exactly how we were served bread in Spain, everywhere we went. Might be an authenticity issue.Did you really stiff the waitress 5% because you didn't like the food (which is not the servers fault), and for delivering good service but not being "smiley?" ← I said : I did a 15% being overall disappointed with the food, the service etc. She was inattentive if I need be more precise. I like having my soda filled while I'm eating, fresh soft bread (not stale hard bread), well paced meal and if you mention that the bread is very hard... having to clear our own plates. Anyhow, when I was a young "server" I would apologize even if it wasn't my fault and then find something better or offer another item if something was wrong with the food. If my service was very good I give 20%, stellar (keeping glasses filled, asking about every 10 min throughout the meal if we need anything) etc.. 25% if they do everything that might be needed without asking, like dropping by with either bread, extra napkins, refilling beverages, smiling, asking if we need anything else if something looks low or our plates are empty and not letting our plates sit empty in front of us for over 15 minutes... I guess I'm a dining snob.
  7. We went here Saturday as well and hubby and I ordered 8 dishes to share most were not memorable (Jaleo Cry City) we liked the Bethesda one far better when we went 2 years back. The Risotto was over-cooked (I like a bit harder than al-dente, but hubby does NOT) the quail was virtually tasteless, the cute little chorizo's in slivered potato chip were a distraction but 2 were over-cooked alot of the food was over or underseasoned, I love salt so hubby was bothered more than me. We got bread you could break your teeth on so I asked our waitress for anything but not end pieces next time she refilled our basket. There was no butter with the bread, there was olive oil on the table but no herbs/cracked pepper for it.... The waitress while efficient was not "smiley/bubbly" by any means and I usually tip 20-25% but I did a 15% being overall disappointed with the food, the service etc. The atmosphere was nice and the inside was nicely laid out. But we won't be returning. We only had ONE worse experience this month and that was at JR Stockyards in McLean and we won't even get INTO how horribly wrong that was - just take my word at don't bother going there... the service sucked the food for a table of 5 was right for 3 out of the 5 people 2 of us had to get things fixed and changed more than once... my meat was over-done and I asked for medium rare bordering on rare! It was "crispy" lol! The only highlight after the maitre d' laughed about it (which peeved me off even more) was that eventually the offered to remove my aunt's grossly undercooked then cooked too many times...meat off the bill. On the flipside Ruth Chris has a$89. summer special til August well worth it!
  8. Just an update they opened another one on Catoctin CR in Leesburg.
  9. They opened in the last 2 weeks a great supermaket close to everything! We went last week to Fresh World Supermarket here in Reston while they had a little sale, eggs were .79 a dozen, banana's .19 a pound and milk 1.99 a gallon! Though we didn't partake of those things we filled up our cart halfway for under $50.00 and their prices are reasonable and their seafood and Char Siu Bao and other goodies are inexpensive and delicious too! They had lots of nice samples some hot stuff some cold throughout the store and I sampled 2 items (I'm not usually the sampling type unless I'm very hungry or it looks real good!) I ended up buying the pork and vegetable dumplings and we got a fantastic low salt soy sauce by Lee Kum Kee. I love their Hoisin sauce so it wasn't hard to try this product that's new to me. Fresh World Supermarket is within 15 minutes of Tyson's Corner/Fairfax and it's located in the Tall Oaks Village Center off Wiehle Ave Reston VA Don't go there on a Saturday I need to shop TOO!
  10. Tonight we dined at the Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg it's 30-45 minutes from Tyson's Corner where 7 meets the highway. 203 Harrison Street SE, Market Station, Leesburg, VA 20175 (703) 771 9300 www.tuskies.com We started with delicious bread with a nice sea-salt rub on it. The amuse bouche was soup shots... I'm not keen on veggies I took a sip passed to hubby and regretted that, so I was an "indian giver" and took it back for a second sip. We shared appetzers I got the Hudson Valley Foie Gras with peaches and other garnishments over toast points. Hubby got the Crabcake with avocado cream and corn and tomatoes. It had a tiny bit of shell in it he said, but I wasn't so "lucky" but all in all we both agreed both appetizers were tasty. Our waitress was a perky gal with dark hair very sweet and extremely great in suggestions/helpful hints. For hubby's main course he got the Tuna Ahi rare over potatoes and mixed roasted veggies. I got the duck with a cherry sauce but I was torn about getting the "meat and meat" appetizer of brisket and short ribs... our waitress asked Chef if he could add it and she came out and asked me if I would like a small sampling added - for $8.00 more it was MORE than worth it, hubby helped himself to it too! It crumbled on the fork deliciously and with the sauce she brought out it made it even more perfect. We declined desserts because we were about to explode. All told with an amuse bouche (on the house) 2 appetizers and 2 main courses and half a dozen drinks the bill with a well deserved tip and tax came to under $125.00 for two. I will definitely be returning here, the service was 4 stars the food was 4 1/2 stars (would have been 5 if the bit of crab shell wasn't in the crabcake) the atmosphere was 3 1/2 stars the back room we were in was pretty with stained glass panes and a lovely wall mural and well lit, but the room with the bar was dark and not very inviting, maybe they can add accent lighting or something?! If you're living anywhere between Arlington/Alexandria and Chantilly and points North or East of those you may definitely want to consider it. It is left immediately after the Route 7 split in Leesburg.
  11. Just wanted to let you all know about Angeethi it's across from Tortilla Factory and We went there today for lunch and they had shrimp, goat, chicken 4 ways, chaat bar (always) tons of free lassi and other drinks, rice pudding and gulab jamun desserts, rice 2 ways and 3 types of breads all for under $30. w/tip for 2! It was a fine way to break a diet IMHO! Happy holidays to y'all and you really need to get over here especially on a Saturday they have made-to-order omelets and other goodies too
  12. We're heading out for a month to Israel and would love links and/or addresses of restaurants you strongly recommend as NOT to miss! My first stop will be an oldie but goodie from my teens when I lived in Israel... Batya in Tel Aviv, I'm sure it is as good, if not better than I remember it. I'm looking for no-holds-barred restaurants that have a great view and good (preferably great) food and has a bit of variety. A tasting menu is a plus. I'm not particularly into one kind of food so the more types/choices the better. If it helps I'm not into "greens" (I'm on an anti-vegan kick) and not into mussels/clams/oysters "stuff in the shell" but I love conch, scallops, crabmeat, lobster, lemon sole and the like! I have the hotel, the flight, the car and the money... now where to go?! Thanks everyone for any and all help you can send my way in advance.
  13. There are 2 H marts (or super h) in this area (I live in Reston!) H Mart, 8103 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA (703) 573-6300. and Super H Mart, 10780 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030 (800) 427-9870 I hope this helps you a bit as I miss NJ and the H marts up there...
  14. GAH! Enough... he has 75 "TEENS" not foodies or gourmands. The reason I mentioned philips is the food is plenty and if you're a hungry teen you don't care what it is...really! My niece who is 17 likes it there and I saw lots of teens there last time I was there commenting on that they liked the view of the river and the food so with 75 teens there aren't many smallish storefronts you can take them to with a buffet of food. Maybe Cici's in Rockville but again he didn't want pizza-fare. Philip's is nothing to write home about but for hungry teens they won't complain there is enough variety for all of them and plenty of food. My niece loves indian food and other high-quality stuff mind you but she didn't puke up chunks or complain about Philip's either - so there is my two cents worth.
  15. When my 17 yr old niece visits she likes 3 places not high cuisine but teen food... Malibu Steak House it's in Falls Church VA (I believe it's reasonably close to the train but you should check) Philip's Seafood House - it's in DC and accessible by Metro with a short walk to Jefferson Memorial from there and the other sites as well! Cici's Pizza they are a chain with all you can eat pizza and salad bar and dessert very inexpensive there is one in Fairfax Rockville in MD about 6 or less blocks from the Metro there. If you google them you'll find that theyll have low prices for the food you get.
  16. Okay, I can't suggest as far out as chantilly but you may want to try : Malibu Steak House in Fairfax it is a Churrascaria (You can see my posting on Donrockwell.com about it) so I don't have to reiterate it here. Also more out this way you may want to try Fiore Di Luna in Great Falls or Tavern on the Lake by Lake Anne in Reston VA also Reston Town Square has some real nice choices as well. If you want to venture farther out I can recommend some places in Tyson's corner/Falls Church area or further north in Leesburg I like Red Hot & Blue which is a BBQ joint with tasty grub! In Sterling I like Sweetwater Tavern fantastic service, good beer if you like beer, I don't! LOL and superb bread to die for... haven't had desserts but I hear that they are delicious as well! Goodluck. PM/EM me if you want more ideas or suggestions in Southern Loudoun Co or Northern Fairfax Co in Virginia though I've only been here <1 YR.
  17. I hope y'all didn't miss me TOO much! I heard that Chef Gary will be working out of Wyckoff soon? Is this part of the SOB family? Also I want to try to go to SOB for supper if there is time if not we head home and eat highway grub... will I need a reservation for Saturday night? (Probably so but I gotta ask!) Long LONG drive back to Northern Virginia aka NOVA aka "DC suburbia". I hope Mike F and Chef Gary and the SOB crew are doing great and I really hope I have time to have a good meal up here... y'all take care ya hear?!
  18. There are 2 Rita franchises owned by Joe. I went to the one opened in Ashburn VA about 2 miles in from Route 7 the next big plaza after Ashbrook common on the same street that feeds off of Route 7. Rita's Ice is a great chain of Ices IMHO and I went to this one the day after it opened; the owner was very warm and endearing and I had forgotten that the Ices were "real". I was in my picky mood so I had ordered a cherry ices forgetting that it had pieces of real cherry in it which I gently scraped off my spoon or picked out while enjoying the flavor of the soft delicious red ices! YUM! Next time I'll get a slush so I won't have so much to pick at. I strongly recommend going here and saying "HI Joe" to the owner/manager and getting a delicious Ice or Slush or Gelati or... well you get the idea!
  19. Goodluck and welcome! I'd be sure to go to at least 1 chinatown restaurant to get a flavor of that area. Maybe Full Kee, Tony Chang's or New Big Wong... Also I took my inlaws to Philip's Seafood it overlooks the water and is fast/cheap/hit n miss tasty seafood and other foods...good for parking & brunch. ($5.00 cash for parking and you can walk most anywhere from there or walk a short bit to Jefferson Memorial or buses/shuttles!) Also I'd make sure to go to Zatinya and Jaleo for their Tapas and Mezes dishes. Lastly any Michael Richard place such as Citronelle? or Central? something like that... I think there are a few but he always gets raves from foodies and the like. Most of the real good restaurants are in Northwest DC just be careful around DC in the evening you don't want to end up in the worst areas. Goodluck and if you need a quickie tour of DC email me privately! I moved here in August but give a kick butt "van tour" of DC in under 90 minutes. DC I know, Virginia - shrug - I'm a bit mobility impaired so I like to drive to the sites and walk only if I have to but car-based photography and views work for me quite well.
  20. I am glad that you posted about your experience so others may learn (be warned?) ... this being said ARE there any good/great Italian restaurants in the Mclean, Vienna or Tyson's Corner area? The only one I've found so far that I like is Fiore De Luna in Great Falls and I hear that the new owners took it over about 7 wks ago so I haven't tried it under the new ownership yet. Friends of ours are getting married shortly and I would like to take them to a "non-red sauce" Italian restaurant that is good and local and NOT in DC. (No Not Maggiano's either please!) Something with a nice garlic or cream sauce with a variety of toppings/sauces or choices would be wonderful. Just say NO to marinara. If you know any places that is semi-romantic please let me know. Prefer Vienna or points north in VA no Alexandria. Thanks everyone.
  21. You can go to the Marina area in DC right over the bridge about 1/4 mi from the Jefferson Memorial they should surely have it. If not ask one of the fish vendors there they will usually get it for you if you ask and their prices are very inexpensive. Also if you go to Phillips Seafood up the street, walking distance - they always have Crawfish in the copper kettles there, they can pack it to go for you or maybe they have some for sale there that are fresh/fresh-frozen. Also you can probably check Wegmans they always have had delicious seafood selections IMHO!
  22. Anyone have a "guide" or a way to find out what wines you'd like based upon your tastes - I know of the old "spoon of sugar" etc... any links? ideas? I like some Rieslings but I really don't like dry wines at all I like off dry. Every supermarket in this state sells wine (some sell LOTS of variety) but there is a "Wine specialty store" at least in every other town. My preference is something with a light fruit taste not TOO strong or too "thick" tasting with either chocolate or vanilla or woody undertones would be best. We bought one from Trader Joe's and it wasn't half bad the other day... something moon or moon something. I've heard that 8 is good but unsure if i'd like it. We rarely drink wine but I'd love to have a nice glass once a month or on that special occasion.
  23. I second this motion. That place is great! I could never do it, though, I'd die driving home on those dark winding roads... it's not like there's Metro out there. Good news: I don't have a car nor do I drink and drive I'm Irish, so I can just talk to myself and run around a field or something... ← *edited a tiny bit! Anyhow me and my clan of friends/family etc... went to the Old Irish Brogue in Great Falls on Georgetown Road on Friday night, our overly sweet/enthusiastic waitress Martha helped us through a tiring evening. We all shared or ordered the salmon w/caper appetizer, the "typical dip" of artichoke and crab some chili and some chicken gumbo it came with some delicious brown bread but not enough so I asked for another bit... we got 3 more slices. (I think I should have asked for a LOAF more - lol-) There were 6 adults 1 very well behaved child and an infant who got fidgety and tired after about 20 minutes (we think she was getting a cold.) so we made up a diverse group of eaters. I ordered the Lobster Thermador and though I hadn't ordered lobster in a restaurant venue in over 20+ years I thought I'd take a chance. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised it was quite tasty! Hubby go the sausage special w/mash of course... he wasn't thrilled but he said he'd order it again - I mean sausage is sausage right? My friends mom ordered the salad w/salmon and loved everything except the cheese (she doesn't like cheese on her salad she feels they don't go together) my friend and her husband swapped dishes each not liking what they ordered - their plates were cleaned when they were done. He ordered the home made pot pie type thing with meat and other savory stuff... I have no idea what she ordered but it was on the far end of the table and gone. The father ordered a nice steak medium rare (I think it was a bit too "tough" in the middle for him so his wife munched at the last few bites and left a small piece about 3 bites worth) it came a bit late because the computer button didn't push well Martha the waitress said. All in all it was pretty good and we will be returning. Right now the snow is coming down like crazy so I have to go shop for something to eat TODAY fast! They do have a website just type in the keywords old irish brogue great falls and I'm sure you'll find it. Have a great 2007.
  24. Congratulations! Christine you folks at picnic always go the extra mile and 17K is quite impressive. Not only are you the folks with the best of warm food you can add the folks with the best hearts to the menu too! Maybe one day I can convince your staff to deliver down to Reston VA! It's only a four hour drive. Happy 2007 and I am sure I am speaking for others as well when I say "Thank you." for your kind and generous charitable event. On a personal note to those who are new here Christine Nunn is the chef/owner/do-it-all at Picnic Catering in Emerson she has a storefront that you can buy delicious meals from when you cruise down Kinderkamack. Her place is sorely missed by me since I've moved down to Virginia. Y'all should check it out!
  25. Any suggestions as to where to go when you're new to the area and not cooking? We are looking to dine somewhere in Northern Fairfax/Southern Loudoun county. (No areas SOUTH of Falls Church (or in alexandria/arlington) please!) I saw "That's Amore's" site as I mentioned in a previous posting and they list a Thanksgiving thing but not what dishes they will have. I'd appreciate any help you all can spare without making us go into D.C. or out of this region. Thanks!
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