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  1. Can you mail order that please
  2. Hell, the pot is older or as old as I am. Maybe just buy a second hand one to replace it.
  3. You should see their NYC Union Square store- its ALWAYS a zoo. But worth it. For the extra buck I buy a canvas bottle holder and would shove my way off the N or R at Prince Street. Worth the trouble since I worked in USquare and easily drinkable. Especially for NoLita prices
  4. I don't. I try to be mindful and eat well balanced meals. However I have a female friend who swears by fit pal that allows her 2660 calories daily. To be that is obscene! How do you guys what what you eat? I never considered calories but try to eat well rounded meals. And I am totally guilty of skipping breakfast!
  5. Between my husband and I, he has the better knife skills, I have more creativity.
  6. Yes, I concur. I thought they were outrageously expensive for what you got. A one time tasting was enough for me and my wallet. I'll still buy them. They are cheaper than going to a pub, ordering a platter, beers and tipping. They also taste pretty good the next day.
  7. My husband does a version of this with chicken thighs and garlic cloves. It's even better the next day!
  8. Awe I love McFats. I'm particularly excited that mighty wings are back.mwhen I want to eat poorly those greasy wings are good!
  9. Always use Barilla no idea why, perhaps copying my mom and what I grew up,with other than fresh pasta.
  10. Oooh Franci you gave a recipe for that chicken soup?
  11. Those lamb chops- wow! Amazing!
  12. The moment I get even a hint of sponge stink I throw it out, no second chances. It is a sponge. I am hardly cheap nor am I one to throw money all over, but this is a bacteria happy sponge and it isn't getting some second chance when I can easy toss an replace it. My inlaws always leave ours in the sink to happily absorb all sorts of crap and I happily throw them away. ETA- I'm fat fingering this on my iPad but to me a sponge is the same as a paper plate. It's dirty and easily replaced.
  13. Nancy, what size is your Cusinart? I just got a six cup one and am intimated by it.
  14. Um do you need an assistant? I can send photos and am highly organized when it comes to making reservations. Plus I like to drink. Those oysters looked awesome.
  15. You have to use butter. The more, the better.
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