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  1. Thanks worshipf and Katie. I just saw your posts tonight. They both sound great! My lobstah-lovin' friend signed up for eGullet today so she'll be able to respond herself soon enough.
  2. Thanks! From what I can tell, you have them on Fridays for dinner? She needs to order in advance, right?
  3. Hey folks, I know of several places to get fresh lobster rolls by the shore but a friend asked me where she could go to find them closer to home. She lives in Newark, works in Piscataway, and I am in Colonia. I saw that The Barge in Perth Amboy has "lobster salad" on their lunch menu but I think that is a green salad with lobster meat on top. She called and asked if they have a lobster roll, and they said they would make one for her. She picked it up, and she said it was awful. She has asked that it be cold, with mayo. It was still hot, with way too much (hot) mayo, and served on a hard roll. She didn't like it at all. Anyone have any suggestions where we can go that is nearby? I know of places with lobsters (e.g. all the Portuguese restaurants) but they don't have authentic lobster rolls. Help!
  4. Randi

    David Drake

    Thanks, Curlz. I'm in mourning. I had no idea - a friend told me today. I knew I'd get the scoop here, and I did. Would be nice if he reopened. But I'm thinking it could be years till the economy can support a place like his. I wonder how Nicholas is doing. I did go there on Thanksgiving (guess I need to post the pics!) Yikes, I feel like I am cheating on dD. I need to make the hike to Alice's.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I wanted to stay close to the theater and we almost ended up at Spain Inn (not far at all) but we went to Longhorn. Yeah. I know. But it didn't suck!
  6. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Piscataway? I am going to see a play at Circle Players and meeting some friends for dinner beforehand. I was thinking of Al Dente but it might be too pricey for some. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. I've been there for lunch several times and it is always amazing. I do think the lunch prices are too high, so I don't go as often as I'd like. I will say that they had a corn chowder that was perfection - at any price. Same with their cupcakes with brown butter icing. *swoon*
  8. Randi

    David Drake

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I need to get back there sometime soon.
  9. Randi

    David Drake

    ...Anxiously awaiting your report. Hope it was wonderful!
  10. Randi

    David Drake

    Sadly, I haven't been there since September. Looking forward to hearing about your experience. I hope you love it!
  11. Randi

    David Drake

    In all the times I've been there (and there have been many!) I've only ever sat in the room to the right, the one Jeffrey described. My favorite table there is the one in the far right corner as you enter the room. Not sure why - I just like it best! It's a square table that seats 4.
  12. noooooooooooo! I am very bummed. I loved Front Street!
  13. Randi

    Orlando Gems?

    Thanks, everyone. We went to the Ravenous Pig on Thursday and everyone raved about it. There were 22 of us, so that's a lot of people to please. I'll post food pics when I get home to NJ next week.
  14. Looks lovely and sounds incredible! I've added it to my list of 'must try's
  15. I've posted pics from our meal in the Cafe Matisse thread here.
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