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  1. Hi All, Will be taking a trip to Seattle in August with my husband-- we love sushi (more traditional, not so much Japanese-fusion style) and are looking for a place for a dinner out. Also wondering what everyone's fave Chinatown spots are-- for lunch, dim sum, dinner, fancy or hole-in-the wall. Thanks in advance! Lucy
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has any good recpies/methods for making a delicious passover-friendly starch, and a veggie dish. Anything you've made before and your family/friends have loved? I'm responsible for making a veggie side dish and a starch (2 dishes) for 8ppl for seder-- any ideas? Thanks! Lucy
  3. Just made for lunch: 2 gefilte fish with horseradish raw carrots raw radishes I was really in the mood for gefilte fish after the Jewish holidays....I can supplement this with a salad or soup from the cafe at work. Lucy
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