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  1. Picnic is around the corner from me. Christine makes great stuff; I have been there many times for lunch.
  2. I eat well, I really do. And as people of the world go, I should consider myself very fortunate to have had the food experiences that I have had in my life. I've tried many foods in my life including pig's ears, stomach, bear claw, Qi she(white snake), brains and many more things less exotic, but even more delicious. I have tremendous affection for my friend Alanz. He thinks that it is because he is witty or perhaps enjoyable to be around. While that may be true, that isn't it. It's because he gave me one of the singly most satisfying experiences when he slipped me the tongue. I was reminded of that experience when he asked me yesterday was I in the mood for a little tongue. Who could ever turn that down? So we went to where he had de-virginized me a few years ago. Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock(894 Prospect St). When we went the first time, we ordered sides including kasha varnishke to which I was an immediate convert. But then he scared me a little by asking if I wanted to try the tongue. Not really being enamored of the thought, but trusting him, I agreed with some trepidation. It arrived, a sandwich, the meat heated, half tongue, half pastrami, on rye. He encouraged me to put on some of the coleslaw from the pickle bar, and some of the Russian dressing. I took a bite. I was in love. It is a love that has endured. And everytime, now that he says, would I like a little tongue, that first experience comes back to me and I respond eagerly, "Let's Go!"
  3. I'll chck tomorrow if I recall. It's near my school. If it's the place I'm thinking of, I found it completely unremarkable-sandwich, breakfast, chocolat chaud,etc. Nothing worth describing that I recall.
  4. Went here tonight. Or perhaps more accurately this afternoon, around 5:00. Good time to go. When we left around 5:45 or so, the family "take-it-home for dinner" crowd was kicking up and a line was forming. That enabled me to see where there could be potential problems, although things seemed to be ok at the time. The staff appeared to still be getting it together. They could use a roving person attending to problems that arise;everyone was stacked behind the counter. We had a pork sandwich, a brisket sandwich and half a rack of ribs. We also had four sides-the baked beans, the coleslaw, the collard greens and the macaroni and cheese. They were out of the chicken; someone at a nearby table had some so they must have just run out. The brisket was a nice mix of moist pieces and crispier ends. However the meat was somewhat overseasoned, although still good. The pork was ok but not outstanding. Ribs were moist and well seasoned, with more smoke than the prior occasion I had had them. Macaroni was gluey and missing something-pepper, seasoning, something would have helped. Collard greens were unremarkable. Baked beans and coleslaw were both nice, the beans having a little bit of a kick to them, and some ends mixed in. All in all, as we have said, some things to work out, but certainly potential.
  5. Several things this all suggests to me- 1. The number of people again confirms our desire for good BBQ in the area. So I thank Mike and Gary for taking the risk and stepping up to try to fill the void. 2. I think that this may be, as has been noted, adjustment pains-remember this is still only a couple of weeks old. That said, it can be a problem if you get a bad rep from the start for chaos. I think that is the concern of Lima Bean and Picnic Chef, and really is meant to be thoughtful help to the crew there. Obviously there needs to be an adjustment, if it hasn't already been made. If people try the food of a place and don't like it, that's one thing. But you don't want to be losing people because of problems in process that could be worked out.
  6. Yes that's what I was afraid of. Thanks Larry; try the moist one, it is good.
  7. I didn't find any difficulty with a wait. I went for lunch and for dinner. It was a late dinner so there may have been fewer people on line;everyone may have been downstairs with the music. I found it a fun place. Positives? The brisket: rub was great and meat was juicy;best meat that I tried there. Kreusz's sausage was spicy and delicious. Beef ribs were tasty and pork ribs were good. I agree about the sides; best was the coleslaw. My friend scarfed down the sweet potato bourbon mash; my other friend liked the corn pudding. Negatives? It is more expensive than Texas although one would expect that. But four dollars for an ice tea? Meat served was very greasy, particularly when I went for dinner But generally I think worth trying for the brisket and sausage, particularly if you can wade your way through the fat. I didn't try the lean slice and that might be less greasy/fatty but I was hesitant about it being too dry. So I will try the lean next.
  8. Sorry I missed you guys; I wasn't able to get there until about 3. I didn't actually get any of the pulled pork or the pickles, but I had the brisket, the ribs, the chicken. They were uniformly moist, and the side sauces were good. Got to speak to Mike and want to thank him and Chef Gary. Nice food; you should do well.
  9. dumpling


    What the tag line says... What do you guys think of Aquavit now? Worth a visit? If so what do you recommend?
  10. Ok, first time there, so I haven't tried the breadth of dishes but all that we tried was quite nice, especially the shrimp which alone would induce me back. There was a really nice hand on the way the lemongrass was done in that dish. There was no one else there, Christine. Jason, didn't test out the Pho; normally would have, but the sweat of the 102 degrees dripping down our brows discouraged us. Looking back at the old thread, which I had not seen, seems that it may be a case of "hit or miss"; some good, some less so. I'll go back and keep an eye on it and comment more as I found it worth the exploration and I have a Jones for traditional Vietnamese.
  11. Took in a very nice Vietnamese restaurant today. Always a lovely thing to discover a new place! Rather by accident. Headed out to Sabor in Hawthorne for lunch with AlanZ and his son Josh. Well not clear from their website, but turns out they were not open for lunch. Thelunch menu listed on their website applies to their other location in Edgewater. Anyway, we were turned away and contemplating our options on the way back through Ridgewood when we motored past a sign I saw flashing by, "vietnamese food". We turned around and came back to investigate. Turns out to be a little house with a vietnamese restaurant, "TC's Little Taste of Saigon". Haven't seen anything on it here but then recalled I remember reading a passing thing on it opening in Ridgewood. We arrived around 1:30; there was no one there. It was quite cute, very clean and neat. One nice lady with limited English covering the tables, and pictures put up in the anteroom of some of their dishes. Not having been there before we took a stab at leaving ourselves in her hands. She suggested grilled pork and spring rolls over rice vermicelli, and a grilled shrimp with curry and lemongrass. Then we added an order of barbecued spare ribs. We also had a cold coffee with condensed milk and a lemonade. All in all, a very pleasant experience. Our servers suggestions were quite good. The vermicelli had beansprouts and mint running through it, and was nicer then most other versions I have had. The pork was served in slices over the top and the spring rolls, also cut up in pieces strewn over the top. The final topping was a little chopped peanuts. When mixed with sirracha, fish sauce and/ or a little soy, quite a nice combo. The spareribs were meaty, and cooked well, the glaze slightly sweet. The most unique dish was the grilled shrimp. I thought it was going to be served in a curry sauce. While they had been dipped in curry there was no real "sauce" sauce. The shrimp were dotted with little bits of charred lemongrass that were pretty intense when you gnawed on them. Very nice dish, our favorite. This reminds me of early days of China 46 as in where are the people when they should be there? The location doesn't necessarily lend itself to foot traffic. TC's Little Taste of Saigon 419 Goffle Road Ridgewood, NJ O7450 201 445 5509
  12. Hey gonna go up today I think. Does he have a beef rib up yet on the menu, does anyone know?
  13. Bangkok Garden in Hackensack. We went there last night for dinner and they had a soft shell crab special. You could have it three possible ways, including batter fried with a garlic sauce on it with some lovely spinach. Tasty.
  14. You know I have had some disagreements with opinions Menton has expressed in the past(or more exactly he has disagreed with mine) but in this, I am in complete agreement, and offer my full support for his opinion. Harvest is grossly underappreciated here. It is a truely lovely place. Took a friend there on Friday for dinner. Had just a wonderful pan fried snapper and great grilled hanger steak, as well as half a chilled lobster with drawn butter. Nice romantic place to take a date. <s> Unhurried, and the waiter was very respectful of our desire to sit and talk at our own pace. Friends of mine had been there also about two weeks ago for a birthday. They also think it is lovely, and they tried many of the currrent desserts as well. For special occasions and some really nice food, you should give it a try. Hey you know it has to be good when Menton and I both agree. <giggle>
  15. and they have tapas of gambas al ajillo(shrimp withgarlic) and clams
  16. well it's not exactly a seafood hut, but El Cid has the twin lobster special(that actually gives you three) and as I recall(although it's been a few years) they were quite good. Don't know if they have steamers(just to be in keeping with the thread).
  17. Hey I see that Fink Maybe hop on my motorcycle and come up and see you..what's your best stuff up there now? Jane
  18. Hey all, I'm going to be in Reno for a few days next month. Does anyone know of good places for dim sum and/or lobster in the area? I read that there was one dim sum restaurant called the One on North Virginia St. and an all you can eat lobster buffet at the Boomtown. Comments? Opinion? Thanks much Dumpling
  19. Yeah we all fell for it - must be hard up for barbecue we poor little Bergen County folk.
  20. What Jason said. And just to make a small observation about the nature of Dim Sum Dynasty, at least in so far as I have observed it, is that their attention in general to things is quite good. So I would not discount them because of this.
  21. Yeah and I'd like to come too if you have any space left. Alan might be able to come too.
  22. Thanks Jason. So cool-want the turning spatchcocked chickens to be my screen saver<s>
  23. it's open. i believe it changed hands a while back, but it is not closed. i don't think kailish is exceptional in any way, and i'd hesitate sending someone there, especially if they have to pass wondee's and tandoori chef on the way. ← I would check and make sure on the cheese shop. I like Kailash. Haven't been to Tandoori Chef so can't say. Wondees is certianly good and have been there many times, but isn't Indian. Just listing potential Indian alternatives.
  24. Just an addendum to others: You might try the Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock for the smoked fish if that isn't too far afield for you. They're really good for everything so I imagine they would be good for this. Cheese Shop in Ridgewood is closed last time I checked. Bhoj in Elmwood Park is nice for a buffet Indian lunch. There is Kailash in Ridgewood(Thai and Indian).
  25. Sorry rooftop. Somehow I missed the fact you guys were going up. I'm thinking of taking my ride up there this weekend maybe with a couple of other bikers. Sounds like a nice ride to take with a good dinner at the end.
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