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  1. The Manor in West Orange serves a delicious brunch on Sunday. How does lobster benedict sound?
  2. In my opinion if you want great food and a beautiful restaurant with great service try the operations owned by the Knowles Family: The Manor, Highlawn Pavilion and Pleasantdale Chateau. In addition to great food Highlawn Pavilion you will have a panoramic view of New York. Pleasantdale Chateau is a Normandy style Chateau and is absolutely gorgeous. And they will work with you on a menu.
  3. I am traveling to Portland in July and am would like some restaurant recommendations for Portland preferrable something new, trendy, fine dining etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Highlawn Pavilion in Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange has outdoor seating and a spectacular view of Manhattan.
  5. Julio was located on Ashland Ave (behind the old Edison plant on Main St)in West Orange for 20+ years. He closed in January, 2006 and moved to the Northfield Ave. location and just opened this location in July.
  6. Julio's has several items that are very good on their menu such as their chopped salad, Julio's salad, Shrimp Francese and Abbigal, Chicken and Veal Parm., Chicken Savoy and Francese. If you stick with these items, you will have a good dinner. We have been going to Julio's for many years. Julio is very friendly and accommodating and we enjoy going for a casual dinner.
  7. Highlawn Pavilion has great steamers and an authentic clam bake every Wed. night in the lounge. Delicious!!
  8. Some of the best soft shell crabs are being served at Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange. They are stuffed with shrimp and are absolutely delicious!!!
  9. Julio's is going to open in June.
  10. One of my favorite restaurants is Highlawn Pavilion. The food and service are outstanding and the view is breathtaking. If the weather is warm enough, have a drink outside on the patio and enjoy the spectacular view of Manhattan. Have a great time.
  11. Highlawn Pavilion where we can view Manhattan enjoy Mitchell's great food
  12. Won't it be dark at dinner? Well I sure hope that it will be dark at dinner. That makes the entire NY skyline stand out beautifully. And when it is cold outside the skyline actually twinkles. It is beautiful.
  13. Why don't you get them a gift certificate for Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange. They will enjoy the food as well as the beautiful view.
  14. When I lived in Fort Lee, Callahan's was such a great place to go for a great hot dog. Has anyone ever been to the Hot Grill in Clifton????
  15. Highlawn is fortunate to have Mitchell Altholz in the kitchen. We love dining either for lunch or dinner and sitting in the dining room or just sitting at the bar. Some of our favorite dinner selections are: Diver Sea Scallops and Prawns with Risotto and Saffron Sauce Chicken stuffed with Vegetable Mousse, Baby Spinach and Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Black Truffle Sauce Roasted Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Apricots in a Armagnac Sauce Rack of Lamb with Porcini Crust and Thyme Sauce Highlawn is also open for lunch, the food is delicious and with very reasonable prices. And of course they have excellent desserts, especially chocolate ones!
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