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Denver Restaurant Recommendations

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No one has mentioned Opus in downtown Littleton. It's one of my favorite places in the city (I worked there for a couple weeks before the pressure of having two jobs got to me, so maybe I'm biased...). Every meal I've had there has been consistently good and the staff is outstanding.

I have to second any mention of Deluxe, but you'll definitely need to call ahead. If you're in the Littleton area in the morning, check out Toast. It's one of the best breakfast places in the metro area. For breakfast in LoDo, I recommend The Corner Office. It's a little expensive, but the food is always good. Check them out at night too for some interesting cocktails. Going back to Littleton, there's a small Japanese restaurant called Kai that almost no one has heard of, let alone been to, run by an adorable Asian lady and her husband, the chef. The service is wonderful, the food fantastic (although the tempura can be a bit bland, I usually get the teriyaki or yakisoba). It's just off of Broadway on Littleton Boulevard going west.

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