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Charcuteries in Paris

John Talbott

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John Talbott

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Visiting Paris next week and would love some ideas of the best butchers, traiteurs and charcutieries (sp?) to visit. 

Thank you in advance!

I have a book that lists the best charcuteries in Paris as

Ville de Rodez, 22 rue vielle du Temple.

Specialties include: saucisse seche, boudin aux chataignes

Gilles Verot, 3 notre dame des Champs, 6th.

Fromage du tete, boudin noir.

Vignon, 14 rue Marbeuf.

Jambon d' york, terrines de gibier.

Joel Meurdesoif, 8 rue Albert-bayet

Jambon a l' os, boudin, saucisse

Charcuterie de la pompe, 129 avenue Victor Hugo

Lapin en gelee, chaud-froid de volaille

For Boudin they list Charcuterie Charles, 10 rue dauphine.


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Just don't take pictures!

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