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  1. Thanks! I've now officially moved and am officially employed. It was actually easier than I thought. The worst part was filling out the hotel's online anal probe application.
  2. I'm flying out to Vegas this week to do some job prospecting. I've mostly worked in smaller restaurants, so this is unfamiliar territory to say the least. What things could I do to help increase my chances of talking to someone personally about a position and reduce some of the bureaucratic drag of HR departments? What else should I consider? Thanks
  3. I recently ate at Drouant and I must say I was rather disappointed. The best part by far was the seafood starter, with a beautiful scallop carpaccio and some delicious sardines. Unfortunately it declined sharply from there. I ordered the venison and it was rather dry and uninteresting and the sauce was burnt. Finally the chocolate four-ways dessert was all heavy, dark chocolate. I would have hoped for some contrast to lighten it up or add some more interesting flavors. I wouldn't have been so harshly critical if their food and prices were more proportionate, but these were definatley Michelin-
  4. I ate at PG last week. We took photos unabashedly and without a protest from the staff (however I think they knew we were all industry people and not just doing it to be tacky). We all ordered the menu degustation, and I must disagree with what has been posted earlier. I thought it was very well worth the price and the food was very provocative and interesting. We paid about 450 eur/person including a generous gratuity on top of the auto-grat and each of us left feeling very pleased with our experience. I found the restaurant to be very comfortable and the staff very attentive. I particularly
  5. I cannot speak knowledgeably of Ferrandi, but I did attend LCB Paris, finishing in August with a Diplome de Cuisine. This was one of the greater disapointments of my food-service career. The administration is terrible and not interested in improving. The stages were handled hastily and with total disinterest for the needs or goals of the students. Thus nearly everyone broke their contracts. As a result we have a bad reputation in Paris. There were very few people in my class with any experience. It is filled with career changers and aristocracy who have never operated a mop. It is quickly bec
  6. I certainly don't epect to make what I made in the States and I'm perfectly fine with that. I am here for the experience above all. This being said, Paris is not a cheap place and I'd like to be able to afford the experience! Thank you for taking your time to ask around.
  7. Very soon I will be negotiating a salary with my new employer. I have never worked in France before, so this is all new to me. What would you expect a cook with a culinary diploma and moderate experience to earn in a small Parisian restaurant? Thank you
  8. Also are there any of these that specialize in charcuterie? merci
  9. I've heard there are a number of small bistro and restaurants in Paris with chefs from starred restaurants. What are some of the best examples?
  10. To any that are familiar with Parisian culinary schools, I ask what are your opinions of these two schools, their programs and their graduates. How do their programs in cuisine and pastry compete? If you were a young wannabe coming to Paris to learn to cook or bake which would you choose and why? I notice Lenotre offers some shorter courses for those already immersed in the workplace. These seem rather appealing. Thank you
  11. Merci a tous! This should be sufficient to keep us busy and quite well fed for the duration of his visit.
  12. lesanglierrouge


    So then it's a big no-no to rince the rice before hand right?
  13. A former co-worker of mine is coming to visit me in Paris during my break from culinary school. We would like to spend this time eating and learning as much as possible given the available funds. We've pretty much ruled out Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoy and the like as being out of our budgets. Also I'm not quite as interested in paying an extra 200eur a head to dine under hand-painted ceilings with fine silver and china-we're here for the food. So in a couple price ranges, where should two cooks go for under 200eur/person? And then say 100? Do you believe the second openings of the grea
  14. Thank you for all of your replies. This info is very helpful. If I may beg one more question, where could I go online to find discussions on NY and the different neighborhoods therein (I think this discussion would be well beyond the scope of a culinary discussion board). Thanks again.
  15. I am planning to relocate to New York and I've started looking at apartments. This has made me very curious how much I could realistically expect to earn as a recent culinary graduate with a moderate amount of experience. I would be looking to work as a line cook or possibly even chef de partie in an independent, upscale restaurant. I don't expect to live like royalty, but I also don't want eight rommates! Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.
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