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The importance of travel

Fat Guy

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French pastries aren't better because they are made in France. They can only be better because they were made by a more skilled craftsman.

We've got some of Frances best pastry chefs living and working here in the States.

Something to do with the water, flour , butter and the fact that there are more French in France than elsewhere.

Where are these best French pastry chefs? In New york? There not in LA. I've been to NY, ate my way around lots of times.

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Someone will have to do a better job explaining to me how the taco in my hand from my Mexican freind (who's a cook too) is any different then a taco they got from another Mexican that was standing in Mexico when he made the taco. How's one more authentic then the other? Then you need to explain that to the rest of the millions of people in America next to me that don't get it either. Convince us.

Travel and taste?

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